Sunday, July 3, 2011


i have been a slacker.
i'm working on getting back to blogging...but for now i'm working on some personal things. i've started another blog where i am putting my focus for the time being. the things i write in there are very personal. from my heart. i expose myself 100% and don't plan on holding back. i don't feel it's appropriate for this blog...don't know why exactly, this blog has been about me, it's not just my family blog but it is mine...however the other one is more raw. i don't want to be judged. i need to let some things out. it's a healing blog for me. so until i feel better, i'll be living around there. i'll come back to here someday. and likely, well hopefully, i'll be on here to get caught up and post some cute pics that i have.

cheers to the journey of life.