Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sneak Peak

Today Mom and I had a photo session with Little Man. I really want to get his pics taken professionally but with money being limited I decided to try them on my own, and I need them done for his birth announcement.

I must concede that we did pretty well. I'm very happy with how they turned out, and bonus, Lover Boy was very impressed too.


Am I lucky or what, isn't he the cutest little guy ever?!


I was tagged a few weeks ago to list 6 quirks...I've procrastinated because I like to think that I'm 100% normal and don't have a quirk. lol!!

1. I'm a multi-tasker! Well that's what I like to call it anyways. I get really motivated to do something, so I start it, but then I'm easily distracted or lose interest so then I move on to another task. I have a million unfinished projects: painting the trim in Little Princess's room and hallway (Lover boy even wiped ugly marks on it to get me to do it sooner, but...), scrapbooking, cleaning the "craft area", organizing my room, craft projects, Little Man's bedding and curtains, etc. I'm really bad at finishing what I start:(

2. I am very specific in things that I want. For example my wedding dress, I knew exactly how I wanted it in my head. Since I knew in my head I knew that I wouldn't be able to find it somewhere so we were planning on having it made...luckily I found a perfect one for a very reasonable price when trying on different style to see how I wanted the waist line. Little Man's bedding....I saw a piece of scrapbook paper and wanted it to be a blanket, so of course I couldn't find that blanket that I saw in my head anywhere so I have to make it (hence, why it isn't finished yet). I end up making or altering all of my decor for my house because of my "quirk". If I want a new pair of shoes, I somehow get this fabulous picture in my head of the "perfect" shoe yet of course I can't find it anywhere, same goes for clothes. I wish I could just save myself some hassle and frustration sometimes by just being able to walk into a store and see something I love and just buy it without thinking how it could be "better".

3. I just noticed this today, but when the toilet paper is nearly out, you know when you grab some and are about to tear but then there's only a square or 2 left on the roll, I absolutely hate to "waste" (lol) those last few squares, I have to tear them off and use them!

4. I'm very specific on things in my house. Don't touch anything or move it or add to my things. I hate it (ok so this is more of a pet peeve). Funny thing is, Lover Boy is always doing things for me in our house that requires things to be moved, and 9/10 times I prefer the way he has rearranged it, however it still irritates me...maybe I'm secretly jealous because I wish I could've thought of it and want all the credit. Lol, honestly I think I just hit the nail on the head.

5. I am constantly picking up things. I can't stand for there to be anything out (I got this from my mom, we've just noticed). Like on Christmas, as soon as a gift was opened I ran to get a garbage bag to put the paper in and had to pick it up after each opening...it's kinda silly, and I would like to be able to just enjoy the moment, but that is how I enjoy the moment...WHEN IT"S CLEAN:) (Ironically, my house is always cluttered, but...I'm not a perfectionist or anal about cleaning, I just like to keep the obvious done)

6. Before I go to bed (unless I'm completely exhausted) I have to lay on my right side for about 5 minutes then switch to my left with my leg extended and my arms positioned just right. It's the same every night.

Wish Me LUCK!!...maybe determination is better than luck

So last year I followed my friends blog that she started for a group....biggest loser. It was so awesome to SEE her progress. She posted pics and kept up on her blog so that you saw her struggles but then how she'd overcome them too. It was a very inspirational weight loss blog. So I just stumbled on their blog for this year http://biggestloser2009.blogspot.com/ and decided that I wanted to join them this year. So here we go.

My plan is to tighten up and tone up...my only hang up is when I truly focus on things sometimes it works in the reverse for me but hopefully this time I'll have so much motivation that I'll actually be able to do it:)

My personal goals:
(well since I haven't measured myself officially I won't be so specific right now, but that will come later)
I don't have a desired weight, because I'm fine with my current weight and it's just a number to me that I can easily lie on when someone asks....so no specific # in mind...maybe later too.
I'd like to lose my belly flab (the joy of the leftovers from having a baby)
Tone my legs and arms
Get rid of that awful back fat:(
hmmm....maybe that's it, just tone up!!

My plan:
Eat 5 a day (fruits and veggies)
eat only 1 dessert, no second helpings (because I love desserts I always like to have another serving)
Exercise 5 days a week of at least 45 minutes (walking, pilates, weights)

Cheers to a New Year and a Happy Life and hopefully Goodbye to some unwanted inches.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Bitter Sweet

Can I just say I HATE having to share my child. She's mine, mine, mine!! Ok so I guess I do know that it takes 2 to create that masterpiece, but....ugh! It's hard to share, especially when you are as selfish as I am.
Before I get too carried away though I must compliment Little Princess's Daddy. He really is an awesome dad. He takes her 2 week nights and has her sleep over, then every other weekend. He's never not showed up. Occasionally he might be late, but he always shows up and takes her. She loves her daddy. I'm sure if I gave her the chance to choose who she'd rather spend time with, she'd choose her daddy...which could hurt my feelings, however I look at it as such a blessing. He and his little family is so good to her and they love her otherwise she wouldn't get so excited to go there.
Well, it being Christmas morning and waking up again(our agreement is that she spend Christmas Eve with her Daddy and his family and then Christmas Day with ME!) without Little Princess does make me a bit sad. However we celebrated Christmas yesterday because Lover Boy had to work today, so it really is ok. It's just knowing that today really is Christmas.
Christmas eve is spent at my parents house eating dinner and exchanging gifts among the kids. Last night Uncle Justin asked (along with everyone else) where Little Princess was. "With her Daddy". Uncle Justin then asked if he could buy out her daddy's custody and what the price would be. I too feel that way sometimes. Rotating holidays, weekends, nights during the weeks it seems she misses out on so much. But I quickly remind myself that it's probably more important that she be with her daddy and spending time with him and his family than always with me.
It is hard though. I miss her so much when we have family get togethers that she's not able to participate in, I love watching her play with her cousins. Usually her daddy and I can work things out so that she can enjoy both families, but every now and then things fall on the same day and we have to choose. We let Little Princess choose, which she usually chooses to go with her daddy...and really I'm not offended in the slightest because she is so close to her cousins on his side and her sweet little step brother just adores her and so who wouldn't want to spend time with a bunch of kids your own age?!
Now that is the bitter...On to the sweet.
For very selfish reasons, it is nice because sometimes a Mommy just needs a break and rather than having to go through the hassle of hiring a babysitter, I know that on those nights Little Princess will be gone and with someone who I completely trust to care for her. I am able to get a lot of things done; ie Christmas Shopping and other tasks that are much easier to complete with out a child.
Little Princess and I were talking the other day about all her family. She has 2 daddy's, 2 mommy's, 2 brothers, countless gramma's and pappa's and bunches of uncles, aunts, and cousins. I told her how I only have 1 daddy and 1 mommy. That did confuse her a bit, she said that her daddy was my 2nd daddy, I told her no, he is only yours and Alan's (his step son) daddy. Then Little Princess offered Lover Boy to be my 2nd daddy. I tried to explain to her that he isn't my other daddy...wow that conversation was much harder that I imagined to explain to a 3yr old how she can have 2 daddy's and I can't. Phew, we survived it though.
Well Divorce truly is a bitter sweet. So much good can come from it; but regardless how much good comes it is still the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, and every now and then we are faced with the ugliness of it.
I'm not meaning to have a pity party for me. I'm not saying in any way that my divorce was so awful and hard to get through (I know that it was much better than most divorces), but even though it went through without lawyers and too much hate and bitterness it still doesn't make it easy. The ripples of the divorce will continue to affect me the rest of my life, Little Princesses life, her daddy's life, probably Lover Boy's life....and all the people who care for us.
I have found a happiness with Lover Boy that I only imagined before...maybe I'm more realistic and mature this go around?! I love my life and wouldn't ever want to change it. Little Princess's Daddy (in my perspective) has found someone whom he loves and she loves him back and they are very very happy. We are living out our "Happily Ever Afters", just not following the story book lines, but really who does?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Tough Lesson To Learn

This year we have been visited by elves. They have been looking in our windows and watching the kids. They report back to Santa at what they've seen. If the child is good and retains their spot on the "nice" list, the elves bring a special treat that is put in a designated stocking for prizes from the elves. Lover boy and I are the only ones who can talk to the elves and visit with them. Each night we report the happenings of the day, maybe when the elves weren't here something major happened.
It has been so much fun to wake up each morning and check the stockings. Little Princess finds so much joy in it and gets so excited to look in hers and Little Mans (since he's too little to check his own stocking). They have both been so good and received a gift each day.
Yesterday we went to visit our friend who had just had a baby. We had so much fun riding the Front Runner to Salt Lake and then jumping over to the Trax to take us up to University Hospital. When we got there we hadn't been there for more than 5 minutes when Little Princess started to whine about being thirsty. I reminded her that we would definitely get a drink and some lunch after we spent some time with the little miracle that was just sent to this earth. She continued to fuss and I not knowing how to quite deal with it, just ignored her. I continued to visit with my friend and admire the beautiful baby in her arms. Little Princess started to get louder and louder and more whiny. Soon she was on the floor spinning and kicking her legs. This is very unlike Little Princess. I started to get furious at her rude behavior. I reminded her that the elves might be watching (usually that reminder does the trick) she didn't even flinch at that threat. I couldn't put up with it any longer, we were leaving.
Now granted, it was about her nap time, but I still feel that she is old enough that she can keep herself calm for a minute. She certainly is mature enough to understand when she is being rude. As soon as we were in the hallway I explained to her that her behavior was completely rude and unacceptable. She apologized and informed me that she was about to die because of her thirst. LOL. So what could a good mother do besides rush to the hospital cafeteria to prevent Little Princess from dying?! So, that's what we did.
The cafeteria was quite small and very packed with people. Little Princess started to wander all over causing people carrying their trays to nearly trip over her. I told her she needed to stand by me in line and wait patiently so others could make their way around without dumping trays or tripping over her. Then in the snottiest voice imaginable came her response "Mom, I'm JUST trying to find me a drink." I lost it. Where did this beautiful Little Princess get such sass and snottiness?
After lunch, she returned to her sweet little self. She was so good riding the Trax and I was full of joy watching her play as we waited for nearly an hour for the Front Runner. She did amazingly well the entire ride home. She immediately fell asleep once we got in our car. When we got home I decided I'd let her sleep even though it was about 5:30 p.m. in hopes that she could just sleep through the night and feel better in the morning.
Lover Boy and I started watching "The NeverEnding Story" about 8:00, and in walked Little Princess. She was so sweet and cuddly. Lover Boy got her some dinner and then he told her that I'd informed him about her behavior early that day. She got shy and bashful, then he asked her if she thought the elves would bring her a gift. She said she thought they still would. Lover Boy and I stepped outside to report to the elves.
I told Lover Boy that she was being so good now, and for most of the day she had been. I then asked his opinion. He asked if I wanted his honest opinion, I knew what he thought after he said that much. My heart was crushed, because I knew she'd be so sad. He told me that I can't always give in. Of course she's cute and sweet now, she usually is, but I need to teach her that some behaviors are not ok, and being rude to a good friend is absolutely not acceptable behavior, regardless of her being tired. He was right.
As soon as we came in Little Princess asked what the elves said about her behavior for the day. I informed her that they had followed us on the train and applauded her behavior and for staying by Mommy all day, but they also watched through the windows at the hospital and were so shocked to see her throw such a tantrum, and especially in front of two little baby's that could learn from her. They were very disappointed at that behavior but would have to check with Santa to see if she would get a gift in the morning or not.
Morning came, and I was exhausted (I'd just spent 2 hours up with the baby) when Little Princess came down at 6:30 a.m. to see if it was wake up time. I informed her that not yet and that I still needed some sleep. She went to the stairs and sat on them. Lover Boy decided he'd get up with her and let me sleep in. (What a guy!) They came up stairs and Lover Boy asked Little Princess if she'd gotten anything from the elves, she ran to the bathroom and came back with the gift she'd gotten the day earlier, Lover Boy informed her that was from the other day and asked again if she'd gotten anything. She slowly walked to her stocking on the chair and turned it upside down and said "No, see it's empty today." They then had a little chat about why it was empty. Lover Boy said she understood why it was empty but she didn't cry or get angry.
I felt so sad when she told me the elves didn't leave her a gift last night, in her sad little voice. I asked her why and we had a little talk about it again. She did understand very well. She's very mature and it's easy to talk to her about things. She told me she was sorry for being rude and hurting my and my friends feelings and teaching the little baby's to whine and that she'd remember not to do it again. (I know that I can't expect it to never happen again, after all she is only 3)
I'm pretty sure this was a harder lesson for me to learn than it was for Little Princess. But I'm glad Lover Boy encouraged us both to learn from the experience. Some of the hard things are great blessing for us to learn from. Little Princess and I have both learned from our day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A sad, sad day

(sniff, sniff) (deep breath, sigh, more sniffing)
Within the last 24 hours I've been bombarded with bad news from 2 of my truly closest friends. (Actually, if you are my friend you are considered a truly close friend...when I make friends, I get very close to them and they become an important part of my life, so when I say 2 of my truly closest it isn't meant to make any of my other friends feel that they are not, because if it was them I was refering to, I'd say the same....)
Totally differnt types of bad news...both of which have bright silver linings in one way or another, but still a little gray on the inside.
One friend is having problems in her life that I hope to never experience, yet through it all she's staying positive and saying how excited she is to move on with her life and that she knows God has something great in store for her. She's being so positive and handling this mishap so well, someone for me to totally look up to and admire, although I always have because she's always been such a good example to me. She's always taken care of me and acted like my big sister. I love her dearly and wish her all the happiness that she deserves.
My other dear friend just sent me a text message informing me that her husband did get the job that he'd applied for and that they will be moving to Arizona as soon as they are able to sell their home. Ugh...
Now I guess I'll survive. It's not like we spend every day together. But just knowing that we can't stop by her house or just take the kids to lunch anymore just sucks.
Let me reminisce about our friendship...
The first time I met/saw Krissie was the first day of 8th grade, we had science together in good ol' Mr. Heslop's class. She's the type of girl you instantly notice; she's beautiful, outgoing personality, and so fun. I didn't like her though...but that's just because I was jealous. We were wearing the same shorts, they were striped and I thought I looked so cute (and in 8th grade looks are highly important) until I saw her in them. Now hopefully she wont hate me for saying this on here, but she has a cute butt and so of course the shorts looked much cuter than on my "no butt" bottom.
By 9th grade we were acquaintences and kinda friends. Although I never had another class with her in Jr. High, we did share all the same friends. I remember I hung out with her the last day of school in 9th grade and we actually had conversation at the little taco place on 12th and Washington. Then in 10th grade we had crafts class together: that's were our friendship became more than just slight friends, she became my best friend. We became inseperable. We could laugh so hard and be the biggest retards, remember skipping down the hallway with our hoodies cinched up tight and our arms flapping out like spaghetti noodles....LOL. Oh and then once we ate an entire Marie Calendar's pie to our little selves, yummy Lemon Crunch Pie, I wish they still made that delicious bit of heaven. We spent countless nights without sleep while we just talked and talked and laughed and cried. We did cause a bit of havoc too...which we will both remember in our own heads....LOL.
We drifted a little bit after high school. Life just changed course for us, I still considered her my best friend, but one that I seldom hung out with. But when we would get together it was as if no time had passed. Then as life went on we reconnected right before she moved to Alabama with her husband for the Army, I was sad that she'd left then but I knew she'd be gone only about 1 year. A few months after she'd moved I got a phone call announcing some very happy news: she was finally pregnant, she'd been trying for quite some time and it was a very stressful time for her. I was so excited for her, then about 3 months later I found out that I was pregnant. She was due in March and I in June. Turns out we both had sweet little girls.
I've had so much fun raising our girls together, Ivy loves Sotera. These 2 girls are so cute together and both are so smart and advanced for their ages that it really is good that they can play together occassionally.
When I found out I was pregnant in March I of course blurted the news to a very few friends that I lived with and then decided I wouldn't tell another friend til I knew what on earth I was going to do, but when I saw Krissie I had to tell her. She shared my pain but also was the first person to show me true excitement and happiness in the situation. Then 2 months later we went to lunch with our little princesses and Krissie told me that God must want us to be friends for a long time because he keeps sending us children together. I was so excited, again we were able to be prego together. A few months later, even better news came; she too was having a boy.
Now we are just waiting for this little baby boy of hers to make his debut; and then she informs me of the great news that Chad got the job (which it really is good news for their family, it's a good job and one that he will do well at I'm sure). I'm so bummed. I was completely excited to start having regular playdates with the kiddos and spend more time together now that I'm not working and we have a bit more similar life and schedule.:(
I had to call her when I got the disturbing text and she's assured me that she will be visiting quite frequently and that's for sure because she's already had the talk with her husband when the possibility of a move came up.
I love you Krissie and am really excited for this new adventure you and your family will go on, but just know that I will really miss you and am so sad that you are leaving. I love you.

Now here's some pics...the only ones I have on my computer. Brief background for them, when I found out Daniel wanted a divorce my family was taking a vacation to Disneyland at Christmas time. Daniel told me on Dec 12 that he was done, our marriage was a failure. My dad suggested that I ask Krissie to go with me. I was taking a flight a day after the rest of the family and staying in a different hotel, so I surely didn't want to go all alone. Luckily Krissie has a very kind and understanding husband who allowed her (which such little notice) at such a busy time of year to come and spend time with a friend who needed her. Thank you Chad!! I had a blast and still always talk about that trip.

How stinking cute is that? Holding hands. Awww!

Our beautiful little princesses.

And 2 years later still such cute little friends.

And to my other friend, I love you and know that much goodness is laying ahead of you in the path that your life is heading on now.
I've been so blessed with the friends that I have in my life. Each one is very special and unique in the way that they have helped me. I admire all of my friends and look up to each and every one. They have taught me much and influenced me for the good. If I ever have a struggle I know that I can count on my friends to help me through. They are such awesome support and comfort. My family is of course my best of friends too. When I refer to my friends, my family is included, and often when I refer to family, my friends could all be counted right there with them. Thanks to everyone who has been my friend along my journey of life. I'm truly blessed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh what a night.....

So an update on how Little Man survived last night in his big boy crib.

Around 6:30 p.m. he was ready for his dinner feeding. I decided it might be better to bathe him first to help soothe him and get him ready for bedtime after eating. (Yes, we do go to bed this early in my home, especially when Little Princess is with her daddy) So we bathed quickly and started feeding him by 6:45. He of course fell asleep while finishing his dinner. SO.....I laid him in his crib, surrounded him with rolled blankets and pillows to make him feel as though he were still being held. His sweet eyes cracked open to look at me, I kissed his forehead, said my "I love you's" and with that headed out of his room. He squirmed for a second, then I didn't hear another sound so I went downstairs. Lover Boy got the baby monitor and took one up to Little Man's bed and got it all working. Not a sound...
11:30 p.m. came around and a little cry on the baby monitor woke me, time to eat. Same routine as above.
3:14 a.m. and a much heartier cry broke out on the monitor, again it was time to eat.
3:44 a.m. a little fuss, I ran upstairs and by the time I made it to Little Man, he was back to sleep.
3:52 a.m. another little fuss, (you'd think I'd just lay and listen for a minute after learning from 8 minutes earlier) I ran upstairs again as good as I could that early in the morning...asleep again. Next time I will just listen for a minute.
6:20 a.m. I went to wake up the sleeping babe so we could take his daddy to work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can't hardly believe it

Lover boy took today off from his job to work at home on a website he's creating for a business. This morning he told me to get upstairs and do something and he'd watch the Little Man for a while. I've been trying to get the stinking bedspread made for Little Man, but since he just loves me so much and needs to be held constantly by me I've yet to get it finished...or even close so that's what I decided to work on. Pretty soon Lover boy was upstairs cleaning Little Mans carpets so that we could finally move the crib in the house. He informed me that Little Man had fallen asleep while doing tummy time. I love watching my baby sleep so I sneaked down stairs to take a peek. Sure enough he was cuddled on his tummy sleeping away. I went back upstairs and continued sewing. After a while I heard Little Man crying, so I rushed downstairs to get him...he was on his back. He'd rolled over!! Can you believe it? He's only 6 weeks old. My Little Princess never rolled over, well maybe once or twice or a few more times but I know for sure she was much older. This is all new to me. Now I'm going to have to be much safer with where I lay him down, no more on the counter while I'm fixing his bottle:(.
It was quite an exciting day though. Such a big boy!
So while he's being a big boy, I'm attempting at having him sleep upstairs tonight. YIKES!! Normally, he sleeps right outside my bedroom door in his car seat. For some reason he and the Little Princess (when she was an infant) only sleep well in their car seats. Tonight though I laid him in his big boy crib, he fussed for a minute I think because he's afraid of the dark, so I turned on the closet light for his comfort and he just started sucking the life out of his binky, closed his eyes, and went right to sleep. Lover boy put the the baby monitor up there and tested it out for me; everythings a go! Let's see if I get any sleep or if I'm up all night running up there to check on him. Could be a big step for us though.
Can I just say that I have a very very easy baby. Both have been so good and easy. ONCE AGAIN WHAT A BLESSED GIRL I AM!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

An early visit from you know who....

I had just settled into bed with a good movie playing, "The Holiday". It was early (7:30 p.m.), but the kids had crashed and Lover Boy and I decided to take advantage of that and head to bed too. Just then he got up and said we had a visitor. He saw taillights out our bedroom window so he peaked and saw some people. We were both surprised at why specific people would be at our house.
Then there was a loud knock on the back door. I ran to open it and was greeted with a "HOHOHO!" When I tried to invite this person in, they denied and said to grab some shoes and Lover Boy. We were both very curious at this point.
When we made it up the stairs to head outside, a few "elves" were at the back door on their way into the house with arms full of food and diapers! Tears filled my eyes. How on earth am I so lucky and fortunate to always be taken care of.

I forced the tears back, swallowed the lump in my throat and just wanted to be happy smiling. Load after load was carried into our kitchen. After "Santa" and his "Elves" left, Lover Boy and I stood there in complete amazement for at least 5 minutes...no exaggeration. Lover Boy asked why these wonderful people would do such a thing for us. The only explanation I could come up with is LOVE. Love is what Christmas is truly all about. How blessed we are to be so loved!!
We left everything right where it was so that Little Princess could see this amazing blessing when she woke up. So when I woke her up this morning I told her to run upstairs and look in the kitchen. She got so excited and had to ask what for. Of course I told her she just would have to find out for herself. So she went upstairs full of excitement and as soon as she reached the kitchen she stared to giggle. I asked her what she thought. First thing she said was that the diapers were for the baby. Her face a wide smile that reached from ear to ear. Then Lover Boy and I asked her who brought this to us. She smiled and said "Santa did".
All day she has been referring to it as her Christmas gift from Santa. Even a little 3 year old was so excited for this heap of food.
Thank you so much for removing a little stress from our lives and replacing it with so much excitement and love.

Lover boy sure does love me

Once again let me tell you what a lucky girl I am. Lover boy is so good to me and our family. Last month our finances were a bit short, with me not working and having the baby and his family visiting and the time that was taken from work to spend with them we just came up short. We were short our house payment.
When I realized this I did what I do best...panicked. He assured me that he would have the money by the first, which was 26 hours away. Sure enough within 12 hours of the promise I received a phone call from him at work asking me to pick him up right then because he had someone coming to look at some items that he'd posted for sale that morning. The man that came bought everything, equaling out the exact amount that we needed.
The things that he sold are his passions. Things I would never have thought that he'd sale. I was quite emotional the rest of the evening. When I asked him if he was sad and regretted it, he said yes he was extremely sad to not have those things anymore, but that he in no way regretted it because our family is far more important than the material things. That sent me into tears immediately.
If you know my previous situation when I was married, it was quite different (and of course that's just my side of the story). Ex husband is a great man, I still love him as a person, however we just had different expectations out of life, marriage, and one another.
I have never expected to be treated so well by someone. That act of giving up what he loves so much for me means more to me than so many other things. As I sit here reflecting on this, I realized that this wasn't the first time he's given up something important to him for me. He did the same thing about 9 months ago when we'd first met. I again was in a financial bind when my brakes went out on my car and of course I needed to fix those. He saw that I was worried how I was going to pay for that and he sold his laptop that night and handed me the money.
He takes such good care of us and now I know I really don't have to worry...he finds a way always to help us. The most wonderful thing though that I appreciate so much too, is that he takes it upon himself to find a solution. He doesn't suggest asking my parents or someone else to help when he knows that there is another possible way.
Thank you Lover Boy!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Crazy 8's Tag: 8 questions, 8 answers, 8 tags (don't forget to leave them a comment that they've been tagged)

8 favorite TV shows:

1- I don't have a TV, but i have liked...Grey's Anatomy
2- Sex and the City
3- Brothers and Sisters
4- Lost
5- The OC
6- Prison Break
7- So you think you can Dance
8- Wheel of Fortune

Here's 8 movies I love:

1- Serendipity
2- Grease
3- Dirty Dancing
4- Pretty Woman
5- Bad Boys
6- The Guardian
7- The Family Stone
8- Failure to Launch

8 favorite restaurants:

1- Windy's Sukiyaki
2- Some yummy sushi bar in sl, it starts with an M
3- Texas Roadhouse
4- Red Iguana
5- La Ferrovia
6- The Lion House
7- Joe's Crab Shack
8- Thai restaurant in SL

8 things that happened yesterday:

1- Took Joe to work
3- Cut Fabric
4- Took Ivy to my Parents
5- Took a Nap with Zaden
6- Picked up Joe
7- Had "Thanksgiving Dinner" at my parent's house
8- Built a ginger bread house

8 things I look forward to:

1- Breakfast
2- Visits from my mom, or anyone.
3- Seeing Joe
4- Christmas...so fun with kids
5- Our Cruise
6- Nights where I get sleep
7- Being able to decorate the baby's room and then re-do Ivy's room
8- Going back to Ikea

8 things I love about Fall:

1- Sweater
2- Colors- leaves
3- Rain
4- Halloween
5- Snuggling and Cuddling
6- Sitting in the bathroom to get warm...that's where my heaters are the best:)
7- Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt
8- Hats and gloves

8 Things on my wish list:

1- Dishwasher
2- Piano
3- Bedroom Set
4- Landscape our yard
5- Nice vacation to somewhere warm
6- Winning Lottery ticket (guaranteed the first time I purchase)
7- my gym membership renewed
8- New flooring in my Kitchen

8 friends I tag: (only if you want too)

1- Amanda
2- Krissie
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Tagged Again :)

tag: christmas edition of gettig to know your friends.

welcome to the christmas edition of getting to know your friends. okay, here's what you're supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!! just copy this entire post and paste into a new post. change all the answers so that they apply to you. then send this to a whole bunch of people you know......'tis the season to be NICE!

1. wrapping paper or gift bags? I love wrapped gifts. So much fun to tear the paper off...but often find myself placing gifts in a bag.
2. real tree or artificial? artificial, i would love a real one though!
3. when do you put up the tree? The weekend of Thanksgiving or the week right after..
4. when do you take the tree down? I'm not consistent at when i take it down...but it's up a good chunk of January.
5. do you like eggnog? I love it, I have a glass every day.
6. favorite gift received as a child? I liked all my gifts I think, I don;t know which is my favorite
7. do you have a nativity scene? I have a few.
8. hardest person to buy for? Joe, I'm having a very hard time finding that "Perfect" something!
9. easiest person to buy for? Ivy and my mom
10. mail or email christmas cards? mail!
11. worst christmas gift you ever received? I can't think of anything that I haven't liked...
12. favorite christmas movie? I'm guilty of loving Elf...even though Ivy watches it far too much.
13. when do you start shopping for christmas? When the child starts listing what she wants...when I have money to actually get those things.
14. have you ever recycled a christmas present? I'm guilty.
15. favorite thing to eat at christmas? I like everything...Pies, caramel covered pretzels
16. clear lights or colored on the tree ? clear on my tree
17. favorite christmas song? I like a lot of christmas songs, but I love Silent Night and O' Holy Night
18. travel at christmas or stay home? I stay in town but travel to my parents and grandparents.
19. can you name all of santa's reindeer's? yes!
20. angel on the tree top or a star? Angel
21. open the presents christmas eve or morning? jammies are on Christmas Eve, rest is in the morning.
22. most annoying thing about this time of year? I love this time of year...but I really don't like all the traffic...I live in a bad place for this time of year.
23. favorite ornament theme or color? My tree kinda has lots of odds and ends, but it's mostly red, green, and yellow
24. favorite for christmas dinner? Turkey dinner:)
25. what do you want for christmas this year? I want so many things, But as long as I get something that someone spent some time thinking about, not what ever was the first thing someone saw.
26. who are you going to tag for this christmas ?? everone who wants to!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

sleepless in the basement

My cute friend had a baby back in June. She has since tried to remind me of the sleepless nights...which I said oh, they can't be worse than now, being pregnant you don't sleep either. Boy oh boy was I wrong. You might wake up all night with aches and not being comfortable...but you can still sneak in a few hours of sleep.
Little man surely doesn't sleep very well! Actually I really think he does better than the little princess did, but we spend the nights wandering through the basement trying to keep the crying to a minimum so daddy and little princess can sleep. In the past 72 hours I've gotten 8 hours of sleep. ugh!! and 4 of those hours are because lover boy stayed home from work so that I could take an uninterrupted nap. Thank you mr. And sorry to you dear friend for not listening or blowing off the warnings you gave me. You were right.
But I remind myself that it's worth it...and that soon enough it'll hopefully be over. We have fun when it's not the middle of the night. He's so precious and would never trade him for a million nights worth of 10 hours of sleep.
Besides, when you aren't able to go to sleep you can get a very nice relaxing hot shower...find new ways to do hair, makeup, etc...give yourself a nice pedicure...take a drive around the city and look at the lights and laugh at how many people already have out their christmas lights...find some new music on the net...at least that's how I try to keep sanity (I love my sleep and get very grouchy when it's disturbed).
Normally I'd be off to bed to a pleasant slumber, but I'm signing off to get myself prepped for this sleepless night. I think it's a pedicure night....yah, that sounds good.:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cuddles, Butterflies, Full Hearts

(There are pics that I'm tryingto upload, but I'm retarded so it isn't working for me, stay tuned)

While being pregnant with little man I feared he wouldn't let me cuddle him. He was so active and always moving, completely opposite of the little princess, that I expected him to come out and always be moving. Maybe when he grows a bit and can actually move on his own he will, but for now he is such a little cuddler. I love it. Some people have said how awful...not that he likes to cuddle but that the only way for him to sleep is in my (or daddy's) arms. I didn't want to come home from the hospital when I probably could've, I asked lover boy to let me stay as long as possible. Again, I know a few of you who think that's insanity, that it's much better to be at your own home recovering...but with my personality I knew it'd be better to stay at the hospital. Sure enough when we got home I kicked back into "Trichelle" gear and every little thing out of place started to irritate me. Luckily (I thought) lover boy was home to take the little man and help out. I still totally over did it and paid for it the next day. When I figured out little man sleeps and doesn't cry in my arms I decided to totally take advantage of it. It is such a blessing. It makes me rest when he wants to, which is almost all day you know. I am still able to get quite a bit done because he is okay in his little vibrating chair for a little bit but then I only have x amount of time to get things done. I still sit and go crazy that there is garbage out, dishes undone, toys on the floor, or whatever and poor little princess has to put up with me asking her to do it all...but I'm working on being not so obsessed. I'm really enjoying the moments to lay down with little man in one arm and little princess laying on the other side. We try to savor the moment while it's here.

Another thing...I really am such a lucky lucky person. After husband #1, I feared that I'd never find someone who'd love me like that again. I know that he did, just something happened for a second that made him think otherwise. I knew that there were/are other people out there who could love me and make me happy, but with husband #1 I just felt like it was something totally different. Can't really explain it...because at the same time I knew something was missing from our relationship too. Maybe I feared that if I didn't have it with him, I wouldn't ever be able to find it with anyone...Rambling, rambling...
Anyways along came Mr. lover boy. I remember the first second I saw him, I was immediately physically attracted to him and honestly within days was terrified of him. I don't tend to like guys, really like them, so quickly. Usually we have to become or be really good friends for a while first. The other guys are just cute and fun but I know it's just for a minute. My attention span isn't too long. But Mr. lover boy, just knew how to sweep me off my feet. Only God knows how, because it surely wasn't his way with words (he's quite blunt and always likes to remind me that at least he's honest), couldn't have been the unique dates we had (we usually just did dinner and hanging out at his house), but goodness oh goodness there was something. He's been so wonderful to me and little princess since the beginning. We both adore him. I get the butterflies in my tummy everytime I see his number calling or a text message from him. I get the overwhelming feeling of anxiety when I first see him. I haven't had those feelings since like, highschool. I still get them everyday and I love it. He takes such good care of our little family, especially for how quickly he's had to, he sure didn't have much warning or familiarity with what he was taking on, but he's done incredibly well and I consider myself very lucky to have him.

And while I'm in the counting my blessing mode...Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us along our journey. From my parents who guided me and gave me courage when I first told them about husband #1 wanting out of our marriage to the friends who've held my hand and watched me fall plenty times and bend down to pick me up to little princess who cries when I cry and holds me not having a clue what on earth is going on to the girls I worked with who I could talk very openly to and not be criticized or judged to those very thoughtful people who've brought in meals to me and spared me from worrying about my least favorite thing, making dinner. Thanks for everything!!

See, I am a lucky girl!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tag Time

Well my friend Tagged me and here are the rules:

1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload 4th picture in the 4th folder
3. Post (explain?)
4. Tag your friends

Luckily this is a good picture. Most of my pictures (well a good chunk) are goof off pictures that I've let little princess take or something like that. This is little princess's birthday cake from this year. We did a Hawaiian themed party with her friends the day before and then Sunday night had a little party with the family at Gramma and Grampa's house. Gramma found this cake for little princess and couldn't resist getting it. Ariel is little princess's absolute favorite (at the time especially) and it kinda fit her theme from her other party. I was thrilled to see Ariel.

And those hairy arms belong to papa. They are not mine...although sometimes I think my arms will soon look like that.

Now I tag: Mom, Natalie, and Krissie.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We made it home from the hospital this afternoon. I had asked lover boy to please not rush me out of the hospital, if I felt like I was completely ready to go home then I would, but otherwise to please understand that I might just feel like staying. He was really good and never complained or anything so we stayed the extra day. I'm sure he would've rather come home and slept in our bed and had our fridge to raid, but didn't mention one word about it; it was all about me...which I of course love.
You know, as most parents who have a child I'm sure will admit, we face a fear about loving the second child as much as the first. I really was concerned about this, especially being in the situation that I found myself. When I first became pregnant, it was of course a total and complete shock. I wasn't sure where lover boy and I were going, if anywhere even. I resented being pregnant quite a few times. I started to worry that this little being inside of me would sense it and tried to convince myself to be happy. When I didn't think about the opinions of others or worry about what situation looked like from the outside and just took it one day at a time I started to feel excitement. Then I felt guilty and worried about little princess. How this would all affect her...I was on an emotional roller coaster. I love little princess more than anything and felt that, regardless of what others said about not worrying because you will love all your children, either I would have to share my love for her with the baby or that I would just love her more. But of course when he was laid in my arms the love amount of love that I felt I could give doubled. I instantly felt an amazing power take over me.

I still feel concerned for little princess, she makes these little comments that makes me realize that she too has the same fears that I felt. I hope that I can make it clear to her that I still love her just as much, if not more; and at the same time making it clear to little man that I love him equally.
What a fun time we have had just spending a day in our home as a family

the latest from little princess's mouth

Yesterday while in the hospital I was talking with someone...I think it was my Sister in law, but apparently little princess wanted to tell me something. Usually she'll say "Excuse me mama" and that will get my attention. But when I wasn't acknowledging her she said "Don't you have any ears?"

When we got home today little princess must've realized that things were going to be different. She started to threaten me by telling me that if little man is sleeping in my room then she isn't. And if little man goes with me anywhere then she won't go.... Oh my! So I had to sit her down, have lover boy take the baby, and have a little chat with the little Princess on what it means to have a baby in the house and that we are all now best friends. Luckily it made sense to her (or so she claims) and she said that it is great to have a baby and that she will share mommy and lover boy with little man.

One of the most common things out of little princess's mouth lately is "Of course" and "Of course not" It's so funny because she says it as if we are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

Monday, November 3, 2008

meet little man

Well after being anxious all morning, giving myself a pedicure, sewing some blankets, and tidying up the house a bit I realized that my contractions were quite frequent. I decided to time them. They were consistently between 3 and 7 minutes. I called lover boy to come home from work and try the hospital to see what they thought. We arrived at 12:25 and I was dialated to a 5, when lover boy asked what that meant I told him that meant we were staying at the hospital (I feared being sent home like I was with little princess). Sure enough we stayed and within 3 hours, all the uncomfort and pain and moodiness that I'd experienced were all worth it.
In my arms lay a most precious gift from Heaven. My perfect little boy. I felt quite guilty for letting some ugly words out of my mouth during his entrance into this world (my epidural didn't work) but could only focus on the miracle that a newborn baby is.
Lover boy is quite a happy little daddy, and a good one at that. He was all smiles and it was just as fun watching him as it was watching my new baby.
Being a mom is truly a great calling. I love it and am so excited to be doing it again. We welcome you little man to our lives and home.

Zaden Joseph-Alan Winkler born November 2nd 2008 at 3:42 pm, 7 lbs. 9 oz. 20" long.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quite Anxious...

Last Sunday husband #1 called me and asked me if I'd allow Little Princess to go to Mexico with his mom. (She's in town visiting his gramma til today). They want to keep her for once month and then she'd come home Dec 2 with his sister. I was torn. He told me to not feel pressure that it would be OK to say NO, but....I thought and thought and cried a little at the thought of her leaving me, especially at this time. Finally, I decided to just let her go. The Dr. had told me that I could go at anytime, regardless of being only 37 weeks. So I figured I'd just try to help the little guy along. We went for walks, I ate spicy foods, and a few other tricks I'd heard but won't mention publicly. Nothing worked. I'd get light contractions for about an hour but I've been having those for about a month. Discouraging. I was starting to panic, Little Princess had to meet her little brother before going to Mexico. Or that was my thought on the matter. Luckily husband #1 called Wednesday night and said that some things with her being a minor and purchasing her ticket weren't working out and that she wouldn't be able to go this time to Mexico, but that they are planning a time in the spring. Phew, what a relief. Honestly I wanted to cry out of happiness. I was so relieved. But now, I'm just wanting to still get this little boy out of my belly, off my hips, and into my arms. Lover boy really wanted to have him on Halloween. Missed that one. Then yesterday (Saturday) I woke up with stronger contractions than I've had and was leaking fluid...so we decided to work it out so that I'd work my body to get into labor. I did start having really strong contractions last night. It was a very similar feeling to the night I went into labor with Little Princess. I decided I should get my bag packed and the babies things packed and get ready. Lover boy was getting excited and helping get everything together. We put in a movie and I dealt with the contractions, they weren't very consistent so I didn't even try to time them. By the time we climbed into bed I was a bit disappointed that nothing more had happened. Then around 4 this morning the contractions were stronger and closer together, but still nothing to be too concerned about....As time passes they are getting stronger, but....I'm just getting so anxious. I just want to go up to the hospital and be in labor. Ugh....Soon enough I know, but...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Stinkin' Cute Clown

I woke up in the morning just feeling like crap. I was nauseous and tired. I was considering canceling a very fun day with my friend, her daughter, and Little Princess. But once Little Princess was up, there was no way I could feel like a good mom and cancel because she was so excited to dress up in her costume, which is a very rare thing for her this year. So I dragged my butt upstairs and started to get the items ready for her costume, the entire time thinking that I surely did not want to go out today. Then I saw this:

How could I not get myself ready and plaster on a smile and just enjoy the day?! So that's precisely what I did...and you know what, I did start to feel better once I got moving. Actually it's probably because I was just so cute. Every piece that we'd put on, she'd have to go show Lover boy, she couldn't wait until she was all the way finished. It was so cute of her.

As we were leaving Joe said "Now I see why you like Halloween so much. This is fun!" That really meant a lot to have him acknowledge it. Now maybe we can get him out trick-or-treating with us...cross our fingers.

We had to make a pit stop at my dad's work because his friends had trashed his office and work the night before and there were a lot of balloons, I just thought Little Princess would think it was wonderful...however when we got there it was all cleaned up. But we were still able to get a balloon for Little Princess and her very cute friend. My dad asked her if she was a witch, she responded "No, my mom's a witch!" (I was dressed up as a witch) The guys thought that was pretty funny...It is a costume that suits me perfectly this year, so go figure.

We finally made it to pick up our friends (about an hour late). Then we headed to the zoo. Once we got to the general area of the zoo, there was major traffic and cars lining the streets. I turned up the street and then noticed there were all these cute little creatures, princesses, ghosts, and witches walking up the side walk. I knew we still had a ways to go before getting to the zoo. In my head all I could think was "should've stayed home". Luckily my cute friend wasn't to hyped on the idea of having to park a mile away and walk up hill to the zoo, then wait in line, and fight all these millions of people. She'd heard of a Monster Block Party at the Gallivan Center that started later in the afternoon, so we changed our plans and decided to go eat some lunch first then head to the Monster Block Party. So off to Training table. (and just a side note...I got terribly ill for about 30 secs, well maybe a bit longer cuz I know I didn't walk that fast...but anyways I barely made it to the bathroom before my morning sickness returned. It sure did make me nervous about the rest of the afternoon, but off we went regardless)

We finally made it to the Gallivan center.

Aren't they just so cute...

One lady said the right thing to my cute friend and I as we were trick-or-treating with our little Monsters. She told us that we know how to put the "hot" in pregnancy. Yes, that's right for all those of you who may have a different opinion.

Enough jabbering, because I know most people just like to look at pictures anyways...

look at them waiting so patiently:)

Little Princess had so much fun decorating her pumpkin. Unfortunately for me, this is when the sun and everything else started getting to me. I had to take a seat in the shade and watch. So my poor cute friend had to jump from Clown to 50's girl and help both assemble their works of art. What a good friend she is.

Once she posts I'll steal some more pics because my lens jammed on my camera at this point, and when we dropped off our friends, her hubby had all the leaves raked in a giant pile. How can one resist but to jump in the middle? Unless of course you are Little Princess and worried about getting dirty, or me and just too prego to care about the fun of leaves. My cute friend got some awesome pics though...so stay tuned.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not an Oompa Loompa this week

I had another Dr. visit today. Baby didn't grow, besides a few ounces. So he's not such a giant, only weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz. Everything looked good and healthy. I was advised though to keep my contractions coming. When I feel them come on start walking and let them get stronger. Oh, yes ok, no problem....Right, we'll see how long that works for me. I'm sorta a cry baby.

I'm completely losing my mind about now. Just some more proof:
Today I luckily remembered not to use the bathroom before going to the Dr. (which is a very common mistake for me, I usually had to stand chugging water from the drinking fountain while waiting), however when they asked for my urine sample I must've been so excited to finally empty my bladder that that's just what I did. Didn't realize that I forgot totally about getting a sample for them. Oops.

Anyways baby is good and healthy, and now we just await his arrival.:)

Work, Work Work....I just slave away!

Last night, Wednesday, was my night alone with Lover boy. Little Princess has started sleeping over at her dad's house on one weeknight, so Lover boy and I usually just enjoy each other's company, snuggle up and watch a movie. When I got home I decided that I should at least start some laundry, so I told Lover boy I'd be right down to watch the movie after I gathered up some dirty laundry. I put it in the washing machine and then noticed that I had a load in the dryer to fold. So, I put him off a few more minutes while I ran back upstairs to get the clean things put away. Then I decided I should probably just pick up some things off the floor. This took me less than 30 minutes...I watched the clock. My cute little Lover boy came upstairs looking for me thinking that I had forgotten about him. Then he mentioned something about wouldn't it just be nice if our things were already moved to the basement.

Of course!

And with that my mattress was out of the room, next the clothes were emptied from the closet, shoes, purses, jewelry, tables, everything was one by one making it's way to the basement bedroom.

Next, all the things were taken from the walls.

And then of course, look how hard I was working....I found a hat, which I had to try on...then I had to do some talking on the phone...ok so while I was busy "working", Lover boy is the one who did everything!

But I did have to tell him where to put everything in our "new" room.

I guess that I will finish cleaning out the garbage from the other room, it's the least I can do;).

The Simple Things---Sunday, Oct. 19th

Trying to decide which gum will taste better…spearmint or citrus mint…spearmint it is, yes that’s what I feel like today.

“Oh, that’s so cute” a voice from the soda machine says.

My head turns to the cashier, nothing “cute” there….then I turn to glance through the rest of the store….nothing “cute”. The eyes that belong to that voice are staring right at me. I look down…nappy old cable knit sweater jacket (missing a few buttons), stretched out undershirt sneaking out due to my bulging belly, and pj pants. Once again, nothing “cute” there. My eyes meet his again with the obvious look of question…”what on earth are you referring to sir?”

A nod is sent my direction and the eyes then focus on my belly.

I was completely flattered, a bit embarrassed, and shocked. No guy has referred to my pregnancy in such a positive way. I’m sure I blushed a bit, but said “Oh yah it’s really cute” in a very sarcastic voice.

“No, really it is so cute. I can’t take my eyes from you….there’s just something about an expecting mother….it’s just cute.”

I left with a little skip in my walk and giant smile across my face.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Princess has been tagged!!

Ok, so I've known that I was supposed to do this a while ago, but I just don't have much time on here to blog ever....it's a tug of war fight over this laptop every night between Lover boy and I and since he's so big and strong he of course wins. Just kidding we don't fight over it....anyways that was just a lot of nothing.

5 Facts about Little Princess, somethings you may not know about her....and then again you might.

1. Little Princess cannot watch her pee or poop be flushed in the toilet. It is so funny, she closes her eyes when she jumps down and has to feel around for the flusher. I tried to make her look the other day to teach her it's not so bad, but she started to gag and dry heave. I guess I won't make her look again.

2. She is very mature for her young little age. She says the darndest things as I know most 3 year olds do...but hers are sometimes far beyond her age...Like when she told my mom she was full of crap...or called us out on a fib and said "You know, I really don't think that's even possible". She's always surprising me with how much she really understands.

3. Her favorite Disney Princess is Ariel. She likes Pink, Purple, oh and Blue and Green and Yellow. (she has to say all of the colors). Her favorite food is Spaghetti (no sauce). Her favorite thing to do is read books.

4. Little Princess is a social butterfly. She goes to church with gramma and papa and loves to visit with the members before sacrament starts, and then once it starts she has her favorite people that she must visit their benches a couple of times through out the meeting. She knows that Lynette has gum for her, the Hodson's play with her; and once she knew her friend Bella was out in the hallway so she started whining cuz Papa had threatened her that if she were to whine he'd take her in the hall. (I can't remember if it worked, because they knew what she was doing). But she loves church...for the social part of it!

5. Little Princess is learning to vacuum. She has a list of Responsibilities to accomplish each day. I usually have to help her do each one (which is fine by me, it prevents me from being lazy), but with vacuuming she likes to do it herself. I do have to do a quick run over when she finishes but all in all she really does do a decent job. She loves to be a big girl and help out.

We tag:

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It seems I have been MIA. I have so many notes throughout my purse with things that I've wanted to blog about but just haven't been able to. At work we (actually I'm sure this problem was mostly just me because I do have a very addictive personality I've found out) were informed that the internet was for work purposes only. I can no longer get paid to blog.....weep with me. Then we got our internet bill mixed up and it got shut off. Finally, internet is working again! Wahoo. So bear with me as I make up for some lost time.

So, let's see...well one day I was wearing something that I couldn't wait to get home and remove. I was so uncomfortable all day long. I twisted and turned but I still wasn't comfortable. Do you have a piece of clothing like this? And then you wonder why you even wear it! Well, you may be thinking it's a bra or panties that ruined my day....but no! it was something far worse than an underwire digging into my side or a constant wedgie. I was wearing socks! I HATE SOCKS! I only own like 6 pairs. Really that is it, for this very reason: my feet suffer claustrophobia. I only like to wear socks to workout (so the max time they are on is 1-2 hours). How do I survive the winter months you ask? Well, have you seen the shoes that I wear? They are not sock appropriate. I wear knee highs or nylon stockings (not up to the waist, those are just as bad as socks). Being prego however has forced me to look to my dreaded flat shoes (my balance just isn't as ...."perfect" as it is when not carrying a little "oompa loompa"- i'll explain later) and since it had rained that day I thought I should probably wear socks....I doubt I'll make that mistake again. I'll just deal with the stinky feet next time. Ugh what a day!

Hmmm....I have a few Ivyism's too that I've wanted to put on here as that little girls mouth is always spitting out the funniest things I've ever heard, but I can't find that note right now where I've jotted them down. I'll look for that later....if I can remember.

But yes, let me tell you about my "oompa loompa". I went to the Dr. on Thursday. Baby boy is continuing to grow, well part of him at least. His head is huge, which isn't much of a shock since my family all has big heads and Little Princess got that trait too so nothing new there. But this little guys belly is ginormous! And now for the best part.....drum roll.....wait, clean up your thoughts this has nothing to do with his man hood....although it is very clear to see that he shouldn't have much to be ashamed of....but anyways back to the drum roll.....he has short little legs. Dr. said "well it looks like you are having an Oompa Loompa." How exciting is that?!Little Princess was referred to as a nigga baby, because her lips were pressed up against the wall and they did look quite large, but once she was born it was obvious that big lips were nothing to be concerned about. Hopefully this "oompa loompa" image I have now in my head will pan out the same. And if not, who cares! I'll love my little oompa loompa and beg him to make me some chocolate.

So my cute friend and her brother have moved out from the basement. They were my renters in case you didn't know. It's been really weird having them gone, but it's been so nice having space to put things. Although we still haven't moved our bedroom down there; to be honest I am a bit sad about doing it. I think I might have a really hard time not being by Little Princess at night. We might have to have sleepover parties or something. It will suck I'm sure for her to have to sleep up stairs all by herself when me, Lover boy, and baby all get to sleep down stairs. But anyways, we've, wait we all know that I like to take credit for things but I guess I should just give credit to Lover boy for this so....Lover boy moved the projector down stairs to one of the rooms and got us a Love Sac down there (thanks to my parents for letting us borrow it and my brother for helping transport it) and he's removed the closet doors and made him a little office nook so the upstairs is now so much nicer....no more stuff cluttered all over from us lounging out while watching a movie or computer parts or any of that. I'm loving it! Hopefully this weekend though we'll be able to get some more things moved down there to help clean out the room we sleep in now, that needs to be transformed into the baby's nursery. I'm sure it'll happen cuz Lover boy is either just a go getter or he's the one with the "nesting" issues, cuz we are getting all sorts of things accomplished around this place.

Well that's all I feel like for now. I've got much more useless info to share, but I'm missing out on watching "Cars" with Little Princess and Lover boy and I think that's a bit more important....Amity, if you are reading this, I will post pics this week of Little Princess's clown costume, but I've just had a surge of creativity and thought of something that might make it cuter. So I'll try it out and then take pics.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Do I have a fault?

I'm terribly good at telling you what your fault is. I think about it and dwell on it and convince myself that I have done nothing in the world to deserve this. I even run through things that I "could have" done wrong, however I remind myself that I am perfect, I have no faults! I'm considerate and loving and put you first (well as much as can be expected considering I'm a mother and have other obligations called a daughter), I work hard for us and try my hardest every day.

Sad to say, and pathetic to admit, but these are the thoughts that I catch myself thinking. I can complain about another person without stopping to look in the mirror for a second.

Now, I know Joe doesn't read this, or I don't think he does anyways, but I'm sorry!! I really do know that I'm not perfect. I wish I were, well maybe, but anyways I appreciate all the things that Joe does for me, which if you know him at all, you know he does pretty much every thing for me. He's really a good guy and I'm really lucky to have him put up with my "perfection".


Have you seen the "Friends" episode where Phoebe gives Monica a massage and Monica goes crazy?!

The one where they said....

Phoebe: Why won't you let me massage you?
Monica: Well, it's... I mean... I would be self-conscious. You're my friend. You'd see me naked.
Phoebe: Monica, we lived together for years. I've seen you naked.
Monica: That's different, we were roommates. And when?
Phoebe: I'm curious about the human body.

Phoebe: That's it, just relax.
Monica: Ah, oh! Oh!
Phoebe: Come on, more.
Monica: Oh god!
Phoebe: Yeah, you like that, don't you.
Monica: Yeah, right there.
Phoebe: You want it there, you take it there, baby.
Monica: Uh, Phoebe?
Phoebe: Yeah, say my name. Say it! ...and now I'm going to cover you back up, and, um, I won't be speaking to you for several weeks.

I thought for just a minute the other day that I would be like Monica. Seriously, I had to bite my lips from a few moans coming out.

Daniel had given me a gift certificate to the spa for Mother's Day. I'd lost it for a minute and finally found it...in the nick of time (my body is aching like crazy). I called the spa to make sure the card hadn't expired and was so excited when I found out they offer a maternity massage. I immediately scheduled my session.

OH MY GOODNESS!! Seriously is was the best hour of my life....in a long time. It felt so good. Apparently I might be stressed or something, don't know why, because I had knots in just about every muscle. The massage therapist couldn't believe it. First he found 3 smaller knots in my shoulder, (for the maternity session you are lying on your side so this is just the first shoulder). Then he went to my arms, did you know you can get knots in that stupid little muscle (now I'm not good with human anatamy so bear with me) between your elbow and wrist. Let me assure you, you can. My thighs and calves were covered in knots, and then he got to my hips and bottom area...holy crap, this is were I wanted to let out some noise. It felt so good to get those knots out!

AHHH, I was so lucky to get this done. Now if I could somehow find a way to get one everyday...well I guess I could settle for every other day, heck I'll be good with once a week. If you have any ideas how I can rig this, LET ME KNOW!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm looking forward to....

Being a part time stay-at-home-mommy!

A week or so ago Stacey, my cute and so fun cousin, came into town from San Francisco and planned a "Ropelato Girls Picnic" so she could see everyone. I wasn't planning on going because I had to work, Ivy had Preschool that day, and not to mention I don't have a car on Thursdays. But my wonderful dad surprised me and came to work (it was his day off) and covered for me so I could go to the park for 1 1/2 hours. It was so fun to spend time with the girls and see how fast the little ones are growing.

Aunt Erin and her girls Hayley & Mallory and Stacey standing behind them.

Becky (my cousins wife) and Stacey and Sarah

Aunt Darinda, Jasmine, Kaitlyn, Stacey, Sarah and Gramma

Stacey and Sarah, Me and Mya, Erin and Brittney

Me and Mya (isn't she so cute, I just wanna kidnap her)
Gramma and Mya

Me and Brittney, she thought I was pretty funny...
also notice the belly doubles as a seat, now there's a perk to the big thing.
Then this week I was headed out to my mom's house on my day off to cut some wood, a way overdue project (like 8 months ago this should've been done) and hopefully get the pieces painted and stained, but she told me that Grampa (my grampa) wanted to have a day at Dinosaur Park with the grand kids and great grands before Stacey left. How could I turn it down, even though I really did need to get my other things done. So, off we went to Dinosaur Park. Again, it was so much fun just hanging out, letting the kiddos play, and do something for fun.

Here's the cute little girls all ready to head inside to Dinosaur Park...
well, except Hayley for some reason she didn't want in the picture.

Grampa brought KFC for lunch...yummy!

First we dug for the bones, or fossils, or whatever we were doing.

Stacey and I watching the girls play on the playground.

ROAR, what a dinosaur!

Grampa having some fun with the hatching dino.
For sure, "World Most Dangerous Creature"....
girls are just that, oh and so are grampa's

Mom pushing a few girls in the stroller,
they were all tuckered out and I'm sure slept on the drive home.

I'm totally gonna expect things like this to occur everyday when I do get to stay home...but realistically I know that it doesn't work like that, but....I can't help but look so forward to it anyhow.