Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm looking forward to....

Being a part time stay-at-home-mommy!

A week or so ago Stacey, my cute and so fun cousin, came into town from San Francisco and planned a "Ropelato Girls Picnic" so she could see everyone. I wasn't planning on going because I had to work, Ivy had Preschool that day, and not to mention I don't have a car on Thursdays. But my wonderful dad surprised me and came to work (it was his day off) and covered for me so I could go to the park for 1 1/2 hours. It was so fun to spend time with the girls and see how fast the little ones are growing.

Aunt Erin and her girls Hayley & Mallory and Stacey standing behind them.

Becky (my cousins wife) and Stacey and Sarah

Aunt Darinda, Jasmine, Kaitlyn, Stacey, Sarah and Gramma

Stacey and Sarah, Me and Mya, Erin and Brittney

Me and Mya (isn't she so cute, I just wanna kidnap her)
Gramma and Mya

Me and Brittney, she thought I was pretty funny...
also notice the belly doubles as a seat, now there's a perk to the big thing.
Then this week I was headed out to my mom's house on my day off to cut some wood, a way overdue project (like 8 months ago this should've been done) and hopefully get the pieces painted and stained, but she told me that Grampa (my grampa) wanted to have a day at Dinosaur Park with the grand kids and great grands before Stacey left. How could I turn it down, even though I really did need to get my other things done. So, off we went to Dinosaur Park. Again, it was so much fun just hanging out, letting the kiddos play, and do something for fun.

Here's the cute little girls all ready to head inside to Dinosaur Park...
well, except Hayley for some reason she didn't want in the picture.

Grampa brought KFC for lunch...yummy!

First we dug for the bones, or fossils, or whatever we were doing.

Stacey and I watching the girls play on the playground.

ROAR, what a dinosaur!

Grampa having some fun with the hatching dino.
For sure, "World Most Dangerous Creature"....
girls are just that, oh and so are grampa's

Mom pushing a few girls in the stroller,
they were all tuckered out and I'm sure slept on the drive home.

I'm totally gonna expect things like this to occur everyday when I do get to stay home...but realistically I know that it doesn't work like that, but....I can't help but look so forward to it anyhow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm freaking are Joe and Ivy

Let me just tell you about my wonderful day.
I got out of bed about 8:15 to tell Joe good-bye, then I popped some frozen waffles in the toaster, and hurried to strip the bed of the sheets before my waffles burned. (I made it right in time) I ate breakfast then decided I had better start my day productive so that I don't get caught up being lazy which usually happens.
I started a load of laundry, then went to clean out my closet again....I'd went through Ivy's clothes a few weeks ago, and mine a week or so ago, but knew that there were still somethings in there to get rid of. I was right. I weeded out a few more things, and quite a few pairs of shoes...I'm still sad about getting rid of the shoes, but I can't keep everything. So then I decided it was time to move Ivy's toys in the closet and get them out of her room (it's overflowing with stuff lining every single wall). I made room and put the toy shelf in my closet, which made me have to rearrange quite a bit of other things, then while I was doing that I ended up moving her books in there too (I have shelves that they fit perfectly on). Her room looked so much better, bigger. Then I decided I'd do her drawers, because they are disastrous, I let her put her own jammies and panties and socks and anything else in there. AH, her room is awesome; still crowded but much much better!
(Oh and on a side note, part of the motivation behind me being determined to do something productive, Joe had cleaned up the house and yard while I was at work on Saturday, which was a big chore because I just feel like we have no space for anything so all the gifts from the baby shower were just out in the living room, but he made room for everything in the tops of the closets and other great places that are just too high for me to reach so I don't put anything up there) Anyways, I did a couple more loads of laundry and went through some more things from our bedroom and got that tidied up a bit. When Daniel dropped off Ivy he needed a box from my garage, so we opened that, then I found my next project: sort through Ivy's old clothing and get things that I can give away and things I wanna keep. I brought in bag after bag after bag and a few boxes. Ivy and I sorted through all that stuff and got new bags labeled. It made me really think that I do want another girl, the clothes are just so cute, but knowing me I'd end up just wanting to buy new things cuz the style has changed just enough that I'd "need" the new. I finally finished all that around 3:45, sat down and put in "Made of Honor". 15 minutes into the show the front door opened and in walked Joe.
He called a guy who had some desks/tables listed on KSL that he'd spoke to the night before about trading something that we have for the tables that he has. The guy asked where we lived so he could decide if he'd deliver them, when Joe told him which street we lived on he said that he did too; turns out he lives 2 houses away. Since I'm the best neighbor, I of course knew this....yah right. I don't know anyone I live by, well I know a few but not much about them, I'm not friendly. So we were able to walk over and get the 2 tables and he came and looked at some things to trade. So little Mr. Motivated Joe pulled out the kitchen table and all my crap that was on it; I tried to help but started having strong Braxton hicks contactions (I get those everytime I work with out taking a break for very long) so I sat and watched him move all my stamps, papers, and other scrapbooking tools. The floor in there was absolutely disgusting, there were a few dead flys, moths, and I think even a hornet. I cleaned the floor and Joe set up the tables. Then we had to make room in the garage for the kitchen table, so while we w ere out there I figured we might as well get my other craft things that I want in the house. Joe brought it all in for me and told me to get to work....after much work: Joe had the entire garage organized and cleaned out (which was awfully messy and my much dreaded task), I had all my crafts supplies separated, and Ivy made a big huge mess in the living room with stickers and paper. We were all exhausted! But my goodness it looks amazing. I'm so excited!! I still need to organize all my things in my "crafting nook" but just to have it all in there and have a spot for it is awesome. Ivy was so excited about her bedroom being organized and sharing the closet with me. As for Joe, I'm sure he's not excited but....he sure did make me happy.

Time to relax, oh no wait.....I can't relax when it's 7:30 p.m. and Ivy is covered in dirt from head to toe. We needed to get her in the bath and do our little nightime routine. So I was in the bathroom bathing Ivy and I'd pulled up my shirt (I was adjusting my pants) to where my entire belly was exposed. Ivy smiled really big and said "Oh Mom, I love your belly." LOL. I just laughed and said "Yes, Ivy isn't it beautiful?" "Yes" she replied. She was so serious and sincere it just made my heart smile. I love that kid!!

I had a great day...weekend....I'm just loving my life.

I'll post pictures after I get the finishing touches on organizing my things....should've taken before pics so you could see what an improvement it is, but those of you who have been to my house it'll be completely obvious how much better it is:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and PURSES! OH MY!

I woke in a sweat. My breath was labored....I had just had a nightmare. This wasn't any old nightmare though. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I layed awake for another half hour or more thinking about it and letting my mind go wild. Finally when sleep took over again, I had a very similar dream it was awful. I woke myself up that time, thought more about it and then feared going back to sleep and letting the "monster" take over my dreams again!

This monster wasn't your typical nightmare demon. No, in fact it is my obsession, my love....My nightmares were about purses!! I know that you are probably thinking that this must be some kind of joke now at this point, but honest to goodness I really had the most awful nights sleep in a long long time due to the disturbance of my dreams. I will not bore you with the details, most likely they won't make sense anyways as dreams seldom do; but just know that I was seriously having nightmares about purses.

I think I might have issues.......

Monday, September 15, 2008

SURPRISE, not really, wait yes really!!

Weeks ago, my friend Emily invited me to go shopping because there was this awesome baby sale...However every time I'd ask what store or where, she never had answers. Well as time got closer I realized I totally could NOT go shopping. I don't have money so for me to go shopping would be pointless, in my world there is no such thing as 'window shopping'. Joe was adamant about me going. At first I figured it was just because I don't go out all the time like I used to, so I just explained that I didn't really want to because I wouldn't have fun shopping if I didn't have money...what was the point? After he kept pushing the issue, I realized that he wanted me out of the house...I got a little excited because he'd been talking about a piano and dishwasher lately so I suspected that maybe he'd gotten me one and wanted to have it in the house for when I returned. So I said I'd go...but then I kept going back and forth, I didn't want to go. Finally the time for the sale came up and I really really didn't want to go. I had to explain it to Joe that it was like me telling an alcoholic to go to the bar, smell the alcohol watch other drink it, but don't taste it or drink any. Freaking near impossible, right? He kept pushing, but finally I convinced him that there was really no way I was going to go. I'd either say that Ivy or myself got sick and wasn't going to make it. (I get in these moods lately where I really don't want to go out, not even just for lunch or for anything...I just want to stay home, alone. I guess I was in one of those moments). So then as his last resort, he told me that my friends had planned a surprise baby shower for me. I felt very guilty for being selfish and not wanting to go out with my it was a good thing that he told me to prep me and get me in a good mood for the next day so that I wouldn't be in a "dreadful" mood.
We got to my mom's house to 'pick up a friend who was going to go shopping with us' but there wasn't any cars, so at that point I figured that we must be the first ones to get there and everyone would show up friends do tend to always be late so this made sense to me. We walked down the hallway to sit in the living room and "SURPRISE" there was a room full, full, of people. It was a surprise! I had expected only a small group of my friends to be there, not my gramma's, aunts, cousins, co-workers, out-of-town friends, mom's friends. It was so awesome! I really was surprised without being totally thrown off guard and risk embarrasement. My friends are great, and of course so is my mom for helping them and supplying a place to have it. I got so many wonderful gifts...I had the big things from Ivy so now I think I'm totally set and ready to have this baby. We got plenty of clothes, jammies, blankets and necessities. The nice thing is too, we got a good variety of sizes so it'll last the first year...Remember this Trichelle, you have plenty to get you through the first year!
I had a blast and am so glad that so many people came out to support me. It was really one of the best surprises ever!

My little girl isn't so little anymore...

Dum dum da dum...Dum dum da dum...dum dum da dum dum da dum dum da dum.....
Ivy has just informed me that today she was asked to marry Noah. He's her friend at Daycare. She was very giddy and so excited...I thought I was entitled to at least 18 years. I asked her if I could tell Joe, to which she eagerly said "Yes, tell him like this, 'Joooee come here'". Joe immediately asked Ivy his full name so he could be on guard and maybe throw a few punches at this kid for taking our little Ivy. She got heartbroken and begged Joe not to.
It was so funny though, she said that he is her boyfriend and that he did try to kiss her, but she didn't kiss him. The whole time she's telling me everything she's so excited and laughing, such a silly girly laugh...maybe the way she will when she's older, much much older. I started to sing "Ivy and Noah sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." She didn't want me to stop when it was over and asked "again?...again?"
It is funny to me that it starts at such a young age. I'd better start teaching her that boys have cooties and they like to eat dirt and pick their noses...hopefully that'll prevent her from getting so excited over her little boyfriend Noah.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Fat: having too much flabby tissue
Broad: Slang.
a.Usually Offensive. a woman.
b.a promiscuous woman.

I left laughing so hard, Ivy couldn't figure out what was so funny. I nearly had tears rolling down my cheeks. He said "Fat Broad" I tried to explain to Ivy. However, to a 3 year old those words together have no meaning. "He called me a 'Fat Broad' " I continued to try to explain.

I had shown my ID and the man looked at me and said "There is NO way in hell you are this 'Fat Broad'". It was me, it is me...I just renewed my license last September, exactly 1 year ago. That's really not that long ago. He then made me recite my address, license number, birthday, full name, and mother's maiden name (no, that is not on a driver's license). What a difference from what I've been getting lately (the comments on how large I am with the pregnancy). Then he said "$hi#, most girls get fat when they get pregnant, but you get skinny." Compliment/Insult in one! I'll just focus on the silver lining of that comment...after all I did laugh pretty hard.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Got Milk?

Cuz I do!! Yes, it is disgusting. I've still got 9 weeks left and I'm already lactating. In the words of the famous Marilyn Manson "We're all stars now, in the freak show". Or at least I am...yuck!! It sure is crazy the transformations that my body is experiencing that make me feel weird.

Just figured that you would all love to hear what is going on underneath my shirts while you could be talking to me... LOL!! Now you will think of that when we do converse.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Inspiration from my Angel

I was getting Ivy dressed the other night for bed and hurrying to clean up before we climbed in bed. Ivy leaned over (out of nowhere) and says, "Mommy, Heavenly Father was crying when you were." I had to stop for a second to process what she'd said. I had no idea where that sweet comment came from because it's been weeks since I'd cried, so I asked her to repeat what she'd said. I think she thought that I was mad or something because she wouldn't say it again. But after I asked her a few more times, she told me "you know the time when you were sad? Heavenly Father was sad too, seeing you cry makes him cry Mommy." What a little sweet heart, huh? She knows more than she realizes. What truth she said, and now that it's been a few days I realize that it is what I needed to hear, even though I've felt really good the last few weeks maybe it's to help prevent another out break....gotta love these little angels.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Roughing it!

One tent, 2 blankets, an out house, cooking over the fire and outdoor grill. Yes, I did it. I went camping. I haven't been in quite a few years...about 6 I think. So be proud of me huh?! However did I mention that we had a huge air mattress, the outhouse had a flushing toilet, and Dad did all the cooking over the fire? Maybe my "roughing it" was so rough?! LOL. However I will still consider it "roughing it".

We went up to Bear Lake for Labor Day weekend with my family. We had so much fun. Ivy loved it. I suggested to Joe that next summer we just spend every weekend camping, then we wouldn't have to think of anything to entertain ourselves. Ivy can just play in the dirt and I'll just sit and relax, while he does whatever he wants. Sounded like a good idea to me.

It was fun watching Ivy play with the sand toys in the dirt, making us all such yummy food to eat. She also enjoyed sitting with Papa reading stories and following Grammy around everywhere. She really does love to be my mom's little side kick and as long as grammy can feed her and get her dressed and basically just do everything for her, she's in heaven!

We had a good time on the boat. Joe kneeboarded for his first time. I couldn't do anything water sport wise, so I just enjoyed watching everyone else have a good time. The water was freezing, so it's ok that I couldn't do much.

Oh- yah, well I did stay in the tent the entire weekend, even when it started to rain. I was tempted to sneak in the trailer to sleep but was determined to stay in the tent. Our things got a little wet, but the blankets were only wet on Joe's side; which had it been mine he'd have switched them so that my side was dry. He's very considerate like that.

Anyways, it was a very fun weekend and I'm glad we were able to go.