Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day with Gramma at the Treehouse

Today we thought we'd take advantage of the last "free day at the zoo" for this season. I picked up Little Princess from her daddy's house and the snow was coming down pretty good. As the minutes passed, more snow kept coming. By the time we got to my mom's house it was pretty slick. We'd pulled out of the driveway and then at the stop sign that we should've turned right to get on the freeway, I decided that perhaps I wasn't up for driving in the snow, and better yet walking through it at the zoo. I turned left instead and suggested the Treehouse for that day. I'm sure glad we did that. It was nice and warm and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Little Man was content to just stay in one place and play. He loved the little town with the cars and trains, however Little Princess knew that there was so much more to see so she didn't want to stay in one place for too long. Next we moved onto the farm area. Again, Little Man just wanted to sit and play with the tractors. The favorite area was hands down the classroom. Little Princess loved playing "teacher" and Little Man made a wonderful student. Before too long, the classroom was full with little minds ready to "learn". It was so cute to watch them all. I really enjoy watching my children play and their completely different personalities shine. Little Princess is a social butterfly. She loves to make new friends everywhere we go and loves to be all over the place. Little Man is more reserved, he's definitely a momma's boy (I LOVE IT) He's shy, but getting a little bit better, he won't scream if you look at him anymore however he will nuzzle his face into my shoulder but also give you a sly little smile. There is nothing more in this world I'd rather be doing than spending time with my kids. I try to teach them, however they teach me so much more. They are my life, my joy! I'm incredibly thankful to my husband for allowing me to stay home with them. Having me work would definitely make our life easier financially speaking, however he is so good to understand my desire to be home with our children that he works with me to lower our standard of living so that I can. I love him and appreciate his efforts!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's time

It's time for an intervention. Who loves me and cares enough for me to step forward and intervene?

Anything my hand touches, I lose. In December I had this problem with money. My cousin gave me some cash that I put in my pocket...throughout the night I kept checking to make sure it didn't move. Then when I got home to put the cash in a "safe" place, my pockets were empty. I searched the Jeep. Not there. I searched my pockets and found a hole. I retraced my steps coming from the car into the house and around the house...Nothing! Searched the Jeep again. Nothing. Joe searched the Jeep. I called my parents (we had been at their house) and they hadn't seen anything yet, my sweet mom dug through the bags of garbage (oh did I mention it was the family Christmas party with all the extended family) and she found nothing. The next day my mom thought she'd compensate for my loss and gave me some cash plus a little extra. She tucked it in my pocket while I was sitting in the drivers seat so I couldn't lose it. However the pocket she put it in was a small one that I have lost things out of before so I switched pockets. Immediately upon arriving home, it was gone. I frantically searched the car, it had to be there! Nope! By this point I couldn't hold back my frustrations any longer. I cried.

The next day my mom came over and searched my vehicles again. She found the $60 from my cousin deep under one of the seats (where I really did look a bazillion times), but not the $100. Heck, at least she found something. I told her that I did stop at my grandpa's to get a paper from him right after she'd given me the $100. She was on her way to his house after leaving my house, and .....SHE FOUND THE $100. YAY for moms!

The next few months I'd lost things here and there, most of which I eventually found. Then Feb 9th I took the kids to Great Grandma's for her birthday. On my way out the door I snagged the camera. However when we got to gramma's house I left the camera in the car because I forgot it while my arms were full of kids and whatever else. As soon as we got in the door, I mentioned how I'd brought my camera but it was in the car and good thing my grampa had his camera. Then we got home, I didn't want to leave the camera in the car incase (heaven forbid) someone might steal it. I put the strap around my neck, grabbed the baby, diaper bag and my purse. While unlocking the door, the camera swung and hit the door. (proof that I was taking it in the house). Once inside we had to rush to get dressed to get Little Princess off to Preschool. Later that night Lover Boy asked me where the camera was so he could get some pictures....hmmm...where did I put it?
I looked in the kitchen, nope, living room, nope, kitchen again, nope, bedroom, nope. hmmmm.....So I searched the kitchen. I opened every cupboard, drawer. Not in any of them. Not in the pantry. Not in the fridge. Not in the freezer. Not in the garbage. In the living room I lifted every cushion off the couches and chairs. Not under there. I moved curtains and checked the window seals. Not there. I moved furniture. I searched that room for over an hour. And considering how small that room is, that's a very thorough search. Onto the bathroom, perhaps it was still around my neck when I used the bathroom earlier that day. Did the same thorough search in there. Nothing. I searched our linen drawers and cupboards. Tore out all the blankets...grrrr...nothing, so I had to re-fold everything. I checked the kids' rooms. Tore through their drawers, bedding, toys, closet....still nothing! After 3-4 hours of panic and frustration I decided that it had to be here somewhere, I was certain I brought it in the house, I decided to rest in my room...But once I was in there I had to pull out everything. I went through every purse (I have a wall of them) and it wasn't hiding in any of those. I cleaned out the underneath of the bed. Nothing under there but dust. Pulled out everything from the closet. NO CAMERA ANYWHERE!! Sleep was all I could do at that point. I wasn't too worried, it was probably in the kid's closet deep in a toy bin that I didn't dig all the way through.
A few days later I was putting on a pair of boots from my closet and my foot wouldn't quite fit in...well that's because my camera was in there. How on earth did it get there? I don't even want to know.

Well today it's happened again! But this time it isn't something small and camouflage like a dollar bill. It isn't even medium sized like my camera. It's my steam mop.
How does one lose her purple steam mop? Only if your name is Trichelle and you've lost your mind somewhere along the way can this happen to you. Again I have searched everywhere. Not as in depth as when I searched for my camera because this thing is big. Not many places it can be hiding....Ugh. really? really? does this have to happen to me again?

All I can say is: Thank you God for understanding that some of us in this universe aren't as talented in the memory department so I thank YOU for attaching my head to my shoulders, my arms to my torso and making my body something that doesn't require assembly each morning. I have a hard enough time getting dressed properly....Once I went to meet some friends at a club, this club has strict dress code and although I had never been I was fully aware (that is why I have never been, I hate dress codes). I walked in, the security looked me head to toe then back up...then glanced down quickly. Shoes are the least of my concern because my shoe wardrobe consists of 50+ pairs of shoes and no more than 5 pairs are flats. I love "dressy" shoes. However when laughter burst from his lips I glanced down, and there I stood: Hair done, make up over-done, nice blouse, designer jeans....and dirty disgusting stained slippers. I forgot to change from my slippers to some shoes. Fortunately he had a sense of humor and when I explained I had just had a baby 7 weeks earlier he sympathized and let me enter. He must be a daddy and understand that the woman can lose her brain....but aren't we supposed to get it back?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chow Down Boy

My Little Man sure can eat. He loves to eat. He will eat anything and everything. There have been a few things that he doesn't like, but honestly I can't even think of what they are. He's such a good eater. He's even started insisting on feeding himself. Momma isn't too ready for that yet, it just makes such a mess! But it is so fun to watch his little legs kick and him get so excited for food. I just love this kid and could "eat" him right up. hahaha.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lovey Dovey Day

I am one of those few people who absolutely loves Valentines Day. I know most people consider it to be a stupid holiday. Who needs a day to celebrate your love? Shouldn't every day be that day? Well, my response to that is: Most Definately!!! However, many of us (and I know I'm not alone) get caught up in the day to day life and sometimes neglect to show our significant other just how much we do love them and appreciate them. I like that there is a day to show this specifically. Now Lover Boy certainly could do without this day, but truth be told, my feelings would be somewhat hurt if he insisted that we not celebrate it. Not that I would take it that he doesn't love me...but he isn't one of those guys who sends flowers or leaves a note here and there; and that is perfectly fine. But a girl does need it once in a while, and once a year works just fine for me!

Lover Boy knows how to show his love to me in so many ways so come Valentines day it makes me heart the happiest that he thinks mostly of the kids. He came home Saturday with
a bouquet of balloons and a game for both children, a monster truck for Little Man and
a stamp set for Little Princess. That alone would've made my Valentine's Day. Hidden were my favorite flowers.
I love all Lilies. Calla Lilies are my very favorite, however the floral shop was out of them, so he got me the Pink Lilies that they had. They were so pretty and I was quite impressed that he remembered which flowers are my favorite. AHHH!

We had such a nice day, however once again let me reiterate how badly I hate sharing my child (yes, I'm very selfish). Little Princess was able to spend the day with her daddy, which I am glad for. She's fortunate to have 2 families who love her and value her. When she came home she was so cute and excited about the balloons. Balloons, they are the best! Little Man loved his monster truck (he loves anything with wheels and this is his first real truck from us, not from the dollar store). He cruised that thing around all day. Little Princess was so excited to use her stamps, however we made her wait one day due to the fact that she was brought home after her bedtime. We all hugged and just enjoyed each other and shared our love.

Lover Boy: I love you insanely!You have taught me so much. Each day I am amazed at the qualities you possess. You are so giving and never ask anything in return. You love me with your whole heart and I KNOW IT! I still feel like we are in the very beginning of our relationship (which we are, know) when the butterflies are in the belly when you walk into the room. I get so excited each day when you call me on your lunch break. I love when I catch you watching me. You are so patient with me, I know I'm not an easy person to live with, to love, to listen to....yet you do without ever complaining. Thank you so much for being my best friend!! Without you I am not whole.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kids Carnival

I joined a group called Kids Club. It's so much fun! There is a daily calendar with lists of activities for your children to do. Most activities are very reasonable cost, if not free. Also by joining you get major discounts to all sorts of places. Our first activity we joined them for was a kids carnival. On the website it listed: bounce houses, mechanical bull ride, Hannah Montana impersonator, Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty, valentine making for the soldiers, reptile encounter.

When we arrived Lover Boy and I were slightly disappointed. There were booths everywhere with all sorts of vendors (that's where they make their money) trying to get you to listen to their sales pitch. After being polite to the first few, we decided that we didn't want to be there all day long, so we weren't going to get roped into the rest of them.

Little Princess made a valentine for the soldiers first. She was so cute and excited to be doing it. Then we hurried to the bounce houses. They had a ton set up everywhere. When we heard that Hannah Montana would be arriving soon, we rushed over to the stage to get a seat because Little Princess is a HUGE fan of hers. As soon as she started singing Little Princess came over and said something along the lines of it not being Hannah Montana, just look at her mom! and listen to that voice. She was right, although from where we were I thought the girl looked like her, but surely didn't sound like her. So we went on to face painting and one more round on the bouncy toys.

We had a good afternoon, and despite my disappointment in all the vendors being there, I did get some great info on other programs.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My boy

My Little Man is growing up far too quickly. I want to cry each time he says another word or walks a bit quicker, out of sadness and joy. He is such a blessing to me and I'm amazed each day watching him.

He is the HAPPIEST baby I know. He is always laughing, and his laugh will make you laugh to where your guts will bust. His laugh sounds so fake and forced but it is how he laughs and in some odd way you know it is his sincere honest to goodness laugh. We were out shopping last night and Little Man had a 3 lb weight in his had that he was lifting (oh-boy I can see it already, he's gonna be a meat-head. lol) then he decided to throw it out the cart at my foot. Luckily I jumped in time and barely missed getting a bruised toe. He laughed and laughed and laughed, at which point how can I avoid laughing? Then I hear a woman (not too close by) laugh and a man join in, was this a coincidence or where they laughing at my boy? Within seconds their heads came popping around the aisle and said "O-my that little boy has the cutest laugh I have ever heard" He really does, it's so deep and LOUD!

The other day I took him and his big sister on their first excursion to the public library. He was tickled pink. He couldn't hold his laughter in his little belly. He laughed and laughed. Every head turned to us, my panic instantly hit that we were being such a disturbance to everyone else and I immediately hushed him...which hushing him doesn't work, he finds that hilarious. He burst out again, and that time I figured I'd let him laugh, maybe it'd brighten someone's day and if anyone had a problem with it hopefully they'd give me a look or come tell me or tell a worker on me. We never were asked to leave so we stayed and I listened to Little Man laugh for 1 1/2 hours. Pure delight!

Little Man is terribly shy! It is one of my favorite things about him. I don't know why, because the opposite characteristic is what I love about Little Princess. His soft head nuzzles deep into my shoulder and tucks his face away, he will try to peek out but clenches onto that fat on my arm...that must be why God gave me that, must be the reason right?...usually when he gets attention while we are out and if he is not being held (ie in a shopping cart, highchair, or walking) he will start screaming! He doesn't like all the attention he gets. But, without fail he will get attention from nearly everyone who sees him or hears him. He's a beautiful little boy and there is no denying it. His big blue puppy dog eyes with eye lashes cleopatra would've killed for make every girl go crazy.

Little Man idolizes his big sister. He loves to play with his cars and "boy" toys while sister is at pre-school, but as soon as she gets home he wants to play with barbies, babies, ponies, pom-poms and make-up, many of which are his idea to play with, it's not like he just wants to join in. When big sister walks into the room Little Man is in, his face beams the biggest smile followed by his boistrous laugh. His first word, well after daddy, was IVY. He adores her and asks for her as soon as he wakes and all day while she is at school. She loves him too and loves to try to help him walk and stand (which he can now do on his own, but she likes to help).

Little Man loves our dogs. Mostly Molly cuz she'll get up in his face and cover him with kisses (which I do have to hold back, because he'll be dripping with slobber but loving it and keep sticking his face right in the line of fire for more, EWWWWW but he loves it so I hold back for about 30 seconds and then call it quits), when Gunner is around Little Man will chase him all over. One of his first 5 words was dog-gy. I love cute.

If you ever need a boost to your day spend 5 minutes (actually it might take more like 30 for him to warm up to you fully) with Little Man. He's a ray of sunshine!

Love Letter

TO my dear lovely Spring,

Would you be my valentine? Please come just a bit earlier this year. I promise if you come to spend my days outside, to laugh a little more, to eat healthier fresh foods, to attempt at gardening, to lather myself fully in sunscreen, to take care of my yard this year, to play more with my children! Isn't that bribe good?!! If you can't make our date tomorrow I fear I may be grouchy yet again, sit on my lazy bum, and sulk for my loss. I don't like being stood up, not one little bit. Don't make me beg, I hate to sound clingy and needy, but truth be told: I DO NEED YOU! I need bright color in my life. I'm sick of the white snow, the brown mud, and dingy looking cars driving the roads. I need green grass, blue sky, bright sunshine, freshly washed cars, newly painted doors, flowers blooming, bright colored sandals, and highlights in hair. I must soon hear all my chirpy neighbors, few have moved back but not all of the birdie family yet. I'm yearning for that beautiful music each morning as well as the smell of fresh cut grass, kicked up dirt and mostly a warm spring shower.

Please do not delay your response to my request. I'm anxiously awaiting your reply,

MRs. Impatient.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie Fanatic

My Little Man loves his Disney movies. It amazes me how different my two children are. Little Princess did not care for television one bit until she was about 2, now I can't get her to turn the thing off. But Little Man is mesmerized by the music and colors and everything. When he is fussy and doesn't want to be held, doesn't want to play and is rather unsure of what it is he wants, the movies calm him right down. I know I know I shouldn't be sticking my child in front of the TV every time he fusses...but hey, sometimes ya gotta to keep a little bit of sanity.

The other day I was doing some housework and just getting frustrated with Little Man. Lover Boy came to my rescue. They whisked off into the bedroom...after awhile of complete quiet I thought maybe I should peek in and see what they were up to (usually you only do this when it's only children right? well I was just curious when it is Daddy and baby).

This is what I saw:

Another day when Little Man was just doing his thing: