Friday, June 26, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears....but no elephants


We ventured out this year to an awesome day at the zoo!! We didn't make it last year because I was a little bit selfish and didn't want to be out in the heat while prego. Fortunately Little Princess has an awesome daddy who took her plenty of times to make up for me never taking her once.
I must admit, I was a bit disappointed with our Hogle Zoo. NO ELEPHANTS!! That just seems like "ZOO" to me, I guess we'll have to go to the circus now to see the elephants. lol
When I asked Little Princess what her favorite animal is she didn't even hesitate to think about it, the Zebras. Mine too! So we made our way right on over to the Zebras but, once again as with the Elephants, it was an empty pen. I just about had a conniption fit and was threatening to go and demand our money back, what kind of zoo is this? We walked around to the lower part of the Zebra pen and then back and out came the Zebras. YAY!! We were so excited. We tried the Elephants again...Nope, no elephants yet. We tried them a few times throughout the day, but there weren't ever any elephants.:( Our favorite was the monkeys. I'm so terrible with the proper names of animals so I can't remember exactly which ones they were but I think it was the Hollering Monkeys. They were so hilarious. They were yelling and singing to us. Little Man was enthralled by them. We sat a good 10 minutes or more just watching them and listening, it truly was fun. We got sprinkled on a little bit, but it was more refreshing than a nuisance. We had a fabulous day at the zoo...but it might be a while before we make it back. We're gonna give the circus a shot!

Oh and can I add...Have you ever seen a giraffe eat? It is a sight to behold. He chews and chews and chews (you know with the jaw moving in a circular motion) then he swallows, and you can watch as the food goes down his long neck, don't turn away at this point because he isn't finished...that lump of food goes right back up that long neck and the jaw starts going at it again. I don't know if it was more amazing or disgusting...maybe a fine line between the 2.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember when....

Either I remember because of my wonderful (well, not so wonderful as of late) memory, or because my mom has pictures...probably the latter, but I "remember" when I was young and pushing my brothers in the laundry baskets. My mom has pictures of this, and I always think it's funny when I see them and think "ha, the things that entertain children!"
Well, it seems that it still entertains me as a mom. Little Princess asked the other day if I would put little Man in the laundry basket so she could pretend that she was the mommy pushing him in his stroller. As I watched I laughed so hard. 1- because of the memory I have. 2- because she was entertaining herself just so and having a fun time. and 3- Little Man wasn't sure what the heck was going on!
Oh, to be a kid again and have such an imagination!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Man

While I'm in a blogging mood, and the house is clean, baby is napping, and Little Princess is with her daddy....

Little Man is such a joy! Seriously. When I had Little Princess I knew I was so lucky to have such an easy baby. Everybody warned me that because she was just so good, that the next one would make up for it.

WRONG!! Although these 2 kids of mine are completely different, I have been so blessed to have 2 amazingly easy and good kids.

Little Man is so funny. He's always wiggling. Since he was in my tummy he just can't hold still. That little guys legs are always kicking and hands are waving. It is so funny to watch him. I dread the day he becomes a crawler, he'll be all over the place. Bath time is a very wet time for anyone within 5 feet. He loves to kick his legs like he's a mad man and splash the water everywhere. At night he lays in his bed and raises both legs and pounds them on the mattress. It is so noisy over the monitor, but then you'll hear him start to laugh and then do it again, and then laugh. It's so entertaining to both him and me.

Little Man is a happy happy kid who loves to laugh. I've noticed he laughs a lot more than the average baby. He's been laughing for months now, and his laughs are from the gut, they are so funny to listen to. He laughs at everything, mostly his big sister and lately his daddy is pretty funny too.

His newest thing, which is funny for now but I'm sure I'll tire of it soon is to fake cry. Seriously, what 7 month old knows how to "FAKE" cry. It's such an obvious fake cry too. It's like "" not "wahh......wahhhhh..." I just sit and laugh at him when he's pretending to be so miserable, which then usually makes him burst out in laughter.

Giddy Up

One Sunday after dinner we were all sitting in my parents living room. Little Man was just laying there and over came cousin Mya. She adores Little Man and is always helping us with him. She's such a little mommy and it's so fun to watch her interact with Little Man.

Little Man was on his tummy and Mya figured he was her pony. She got on his back and started to ride him. She even patted his head as if to say "Giddy up pony". It was so stinking cute. He wasn't too sure what to think about it though, he did alright for a little bit while the entire family was just laughing at how funny this was...Mya is 16 almost 17 months old, Little Man is almost 7 months, Little Man out weighs Mya by a pound or 2 though.

Luckily Aunt Natalie had her camera to capture the hilarious moment.

Like Father Like Son

Lover Boy just absolutely loves being a daddy. And I must admit he's a dang good one! When we found out that we were having a boy, we were both so excited. One of the first things he said was that he gets to dress the boy, since I have Little Princess to make a mini me out of. Lover Boy told me of his plans to tattoo up our little boy. I agreed that as long as it's only rub-on tattoos. So here are some of Little Man's first tattoos.

This one on the bum was so funny because I'd forgotten all about it when I was changing his diaper and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why there was just one spot of poop that I couldn't wipe off. LOL.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a BIG 4 year old is taking over our home!

Little Princess turned 4 today!! Can you believe that my baby girl is now 4? I can't hardly stand it. Last year my friends all took Little Princess to breakfast for her birthday. Little Princess remembered that this year and asked if we could do that again. My friends of course agreed that they would love to go. We had a delicous IHOP breakfast and then had to hurry home so she could open her presents.

This year we opted to not have a traditional birthday party with all her friends. After we'd spent the afternoon at the Gateway playing in the fountain a few weeks ago, Little Princess decided that's what she'd like to do again for her birthday. Sounded spectacular to me. I told her she could invite a friend, immediately she asked for Sotera, I had to remind her yet again that Sotera no longer lived nearby and that she wouldn't be able to. We decided on her little friend from church, Rock. However it was his brothers birthday that same day, so he was spending time with him and his dad. My mom and Kimi were away at girl's camp and so Jared was left home alone during the days. Little Princess was so excited when I told her that Jared should come with us. Because the weather did anything but cooperate with us on her special day, we weren't able to play outside. So, instead we went to the 3D movie "UP". It was so cute, Little Princess kept saying "I think this is maybe too scary for me mom". There are dogs in the show and she's a bit afraid of dogs, now I'm sure she'll be very afraid of dogs. LOL.

We had a nice day and despite a few (and they were very few) 3 year old fits she is going to be an awesome 4 year old.

Since my mom and Kimi were going to be gone to girl's camp over Little Princess's birthday we decided to celebrate the Sunday before with them. Little Princess was just so excited that she didn't even want to eat dinner, we told her that after she ate she could open her presents, I guess she thought if she didn't eat she could open them sooner...
She was so excited to get such fun and cute earrings from Uncle Justin, Aunt Natalie and Mya. She loves changing her earrings each day and now she has a bunch more to choose from. The present that topped all others was the bike from Grammy and Papa. She was so excited and couldn't wait to ride it. What a fun day, if only every day could be a birthday!

Little Man absolutely loved the cake. He ate all of Aunt Natalie's.