Tuesday, April 20, 2010

shoot for the moon

You know that saying shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars?

I know I claimed to be on a journey to becoming a domestic diva or something of the sort. And I tell you I honestly thought I could do it....How hard could it be right? Cook dinner, clean house, keep the weeds out of the garden/flower bed/lawn, sew my children's clothing, craft my little heart away, keep up on blogging, and say "yes dear, let me rub your tired feet after a long days work".

Well as you can see from the lack of posts...I gave up. MAN O MAN being a woman is tough work. LOL.

I shot for the moon, missed, missed the stars on my way down and I landed back on the couch. BOO!!! Well....I didn't let that get me down (all the way). I decided to start it up again, . Wahoo. I have cooked a dinner (with side dishes and all the trimmings) every night, I worked on a few fun crafts, started the sewing (read: looked at it and organized fabric into piles), pulled weeds and hand tilled part of the front lawn, forgot about blogging but I did start reading (which I haven't done in years) a really good and BIG book, instead of rubbing my "dears" feet I rub his back and after all that I'm exhausted and getting pudgy.

As I stood and checked myself out this morning, as I do every morning I noticed my clothes are fitting a bit more snug, and there's pouches of cushion were I don't really need it....I understand on the bum (if only I could gain some there and the chest), but c'mon who needs cushion on the belly? NOT I!! So after seeing the results of my cooking efforts, I think I might be ready to go back to eating ramen, spaghetti, and pb&j sandwiches. So much easier!!

I haven't gotten the crafting done fast enough, I wanted to have a boutique oh um last month. LOL, and now the holiday items are passed..might as well give up on that one.

The rest of my goals follow this same pattern...

It is SO completely overwhelming. How do all of you do it?!! Did God short me out on some "oomph" and motivation and skills that it takes to make it from day to day being domestic? Cuz for me I'd rather sit on the couch stalking all these blogs, having lunch with my girlfriends, shopping for some new shoes, and enjoying treatments at the spa. Sounds like I'd make the perfect millionaire huh?! I know right? I totally agree, I would. Wonder what went wrong there?


Perhaps that will be the positive thing of me going back to work. I won't feel so obligated to do all those wonderful chores that could make me feel like a domestic goddess. Until I talk to Cindee, the world's greatest working mom (no kidding either, she's awesome even if she wasn't a working mom, but that makes her job even harder). Works full time but is on top of it all; now that's just depressing. But I could look at it on the bright side: She is human and I know her, tabloids haven't created her perfect image. She's my moon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thoughts....and a field trip

So as we've come to the conclusion that we are most definitely PRO homeschooling, I've started to get really terrified at the prospect of doing it. It's such an overwhelming task, I mean if it all works out and we enjoy doing it, my children's education depends all on me!! Can we say pressure?!
I have read book after book after about 10 other books....and I know deep in my heart it is what I truly want to do.
Little Princess is currently wrapping up her preschool year. She loves her school, she loves her teachers, and she loves her friends. Sometimes I feel like she will be deprived of all that, but then I have to remind myself that she will still have an education, I will be the teacher she loves, and she will have many friends through all the groups out there. She is very excited and onboard for the idea of homeschooling. She told her teachers that she can't wait for kindergarten because I will be her teacher. Her sweet teacher pulled me aside one day and asked if I was sure I could do it. She mentioned that her daughter tried to do it and she completely ruined her kids. I have no college education in the field and am really not qualified. I just smiled, winked and gave her hug and said it would all be ok. But regardless of the gestures I made, my head did start spinning. I stood there and watched Little Princess playing with her friends, and I of course doubted myself yet again.
But, regardless of all my doubts, fears, insecurities, and lets face it laziness is definitely up at the top of that list; I can't deny how my heart feels. I keep assuring myself that it's only kindergarten anyways, if I can't do it, if she doesn't like it, if it's too much stress well then I can just send her to first grade next year. Kindergarten isn't required so if she misses it in the Elementary program, she misses it. I am really excited though to see how this next year goes. Wish me luck. :)

I volunteered to help walk Little Princess's class on a field trip to the flower shop. Those kids are so dang cute, and very special. Little Princess had made wonderful friendships and she adores her friends. There are a few in the class who are starving for love. My heart aches when I am around them, but at the same time those little spirits are so sweet that they fill me with an overwhelming amount of happiness. They cling to any smile or kind gesture shown to them. I was able to walk with one little boy who needs the most love. He's so sweet and I just wanted to take him home with us. After that time walking with him, he always gives me the biggest hugs when I walk into and am leaving the class room, he always has a story to tell me and sometimes even a picture for me. I hate to think of what his life must be like at home, because he is a hard child to care for in the classroom and you can tell he just isn't cared for at home.

Anyways, back to the field trip....I hate when I get side-tracked, which happens frequently.
The girl at the flower shop was so cute with her presentation, she took the children on a tour of the retail part and explained what every little thing was and she went into a lot of detail; the kids loved it. When she took them in the back Little Man started acting up and so we didn't stay back there for fear of him grabbing a vase and throwing it.
The kids had so much fun, but we're completely exhausted after their outing. We arrived to the school with only 30 minutes left of class so I opted to take Little Princess home with me. She was quite upset with me, so I had to bribe her with an ice cream cone. Thank goodness McD's is right on our way home. Anyways, we had a fun field day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My innocent daughter

Teacher:"today we'll learn the differences between letters, words, sentences and punctuation.... ...at the end of a sentence is a period."

MY DAUGHTER: "ew, a period? a period? why a period at the end of a sentence? Teacher just exactly what is a period?"

Apparently in our home I've only taught my daughter about one type of period. LOL!! Poor child was completely disturbed learning about punctuation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ is Risen

I asked Little Princess why we celebrate Easter. Of course for a 4 year old her answer was right on....because that's when the Easter Bunny comes. I did laugh, but part of me was sad to realize that I sure haven't been doing my job at teaching my children the real meaning of these holidays that we celebrate. So, that is my new goal...to teach my children more about Christ and how his life has affected them and who HE is. I know He is my older brother, I know that He loves me unconditionally, that I am of worth and importance to Him. I am grateful to His life and the love he showed and the lessons he taught. I am most grateful for his atonement and his rising from the dead. I cannot even start to understand all that it signifies but, I do appreciate it as I know it was out of selflessness and for the rest of us. I will teach my children these things.

Little Princess woke up and couldn't believe her eyes, she came running down the stairs to tell us the Easter Bunny had stopped by. We all gathered in the living room to find what special treats he left for her. O-my-Goodness, Little Princess and Little Man sure got spoiled this year, must've been extra good or something. They got a cute little patio set for them, plus an extra chair for a special guest. Little Princess designated it right away for her friend Sotera. They also got gardening supplies (which I honestly don't know the first thing about gardening so we will all have to learn together) and then of course I had to put out their Easter outfits for them.

The kids were so cute playing at their new table. Little Man quickly realized he could put his feet up on it to rest. We had a very nice morning just lounging around. Daddy Joe went outside and spotted a few eggs, he rushed in to tell the kids that the Easter Bunny left them some eggs to hunt for.

Later in the afternoon we went to my parents for the big hunt there. It really is a fun hunt because every year it's done slightly different. This year the real eggs had symbols on them and signified a "winning"; however we didn't know about this before the hunt. The grandkids got an outfit with their eggs. Among the other prizes were: a new pair of shoes, a new dress, part of tuition paid for, a dinner out, a tank of gas, 4 packs of diapers, and I can't remember what else (see what happens when I delay blogging, I forget half of what happens). We all had so much fun. I love the holidays and spending them with family.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

our first hunt of the holiday

Justin called and invited me and the kids to join Natalie and Mya at an Easter Egg hunt at an elderly care facility. I love doing things like that with the kids, because they just love it. This Easter egg hunt blew me outta the water though, it was not what I had expected at all. There were so many eggs, SO MANY!! And even though there were plenty of kids, there were still 100 times more eggs and treats. Kimi was great and took Little Princess to her age group so I could be with Little Man on his first egg hunt. He was so funny, not quite sure of what to do, but he did love picking up the eggs and throwing them back down. The kids most definitely made out like little bandits, which is fun for them, but not so fun for momma....that is just a lot of temptation for me to deal with cuz we all know I LOVE sugar!

After the hunt they offered us a very yummy breakfast. There were eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, fruit, yogurt, donuts, and honestly I can't remember what else, but I know I left with a very full tummy!!

Thanks Natalie for taking us with you.