Friday, August 29, 2008

The sense of a man....

I'm only 30 weeks pregnant. That means I still have 2 1/2 months left. Barely entered my 3rd trimester. I'm bearing a nice round belly, but honestly I don't feel overly huge. With Ivy I carried high and showed a lot more than I am this go-around. I did get comments with her about looking ready to pop and more than once I was told I'd need a C-Section because my belly was so large, but I was slightly farther along than 6 1/2 months.

Just now a man comes in to work and the comment he makes is "Geez, I'd thought you'd have had your baby by the time I came in here again." Uh....Uh....Why thank you mister! All I could say back was "Not unless you weren't planning on coming in til Thanksgiving". (I wasn't offended at this point, just shocked) To which he responds "Oh, there's no way you're serious. You can't go that long."

I just have to chuckle. He obviously has no tact or sense of what's appropriate to say and not to say. LOL. Thank goodness that I'm not offended about that, maybe because I'm not all rounded out everywhere, not retaining water, no swollen extremeties (yet). But I just laugh because some girls really are and how sad if they receive comments like that.

A girl I know saw me a few weeks ago and she'd made a comment about how much weight I'd gained (which at that point I was underweight) and said that it was really showing in my arms and chest (not the part of my chest that would be kinda nice to have grow, but just my chest). I did get a little bit of a complex from her comments...but still I just wait for the day that she experiences pregnancy and the joy of your changing body that you really have no control over.

Silly silly people.

"I told you!"

"I told you" is Ivy's current catch phrase. She's always saying it. It's starting to drive me a bit crazy, it just sounds so bratty. But I'm gonna steal it from her for a minute....

My mom and I were talking the other day, and I told her that I think Ivy thinks that she (my mom) is her (Ivy's) mom. Which in a way she is, gramma's are just as good as moms right? But I thought this because of when she'd made the comment "You finally get to be my mommy". Now, Ivy does understand that Grammy is my mom and that I am her mom, thought was confirmed last night when I tucked Ivy in bed. She was talking and trying to get out of going to bed, like always, but then she made a comment about me being her mom, Martha being her mom, and Grammy being her mom. She has 3 moms. I couldn't correct her. I think I'll just continue to let her think that Grammy is another mom of hers.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My reasons to SMILE

Last night I went to bed feeling very icky. I don't know what happened, I had a very good day and was feeling great! Then all of a sudden around 6:30, right when dinner was ready and remember I don't cook dinner all that often so it was a rare night that we had a homemade meal, I got a terrible tummy ache. Luckily I was able to just lay and relax and when Ivy came home she was already asleep, so Daniel just laid her in her bed. Anyways, this morning I woke up feeling perfectly fine. YAY!! Then I had such a good morning (mornings usually aren't so "good" for me, I just hate getting dressed nothing fits comfortably or looks quite right, it's just discouraging). But I was in a pretty good mood. Then when I came to work I stayed in a good mood, and someone commented on my smile. That's what got me thinking....why do I smile?

All morning I've spent reflecting on the joys in my life. I'm so blessed with so many things to make me smile, so I decided I'd organize my thoughts a little bit....ABC style. Of course there are so many other things that make me smile, but...I'm not going to bore everyone with all that.

A- Air Conditioning. Honestly what is more refreshing, besides some yummy lemonade, on a hot summer day? I love standing in front of my window swamp cooler and I know I smile and sigh while I'm standing there cooling off.
B- Bags. You know me...I love bags. I have quite a collection and when I think I'm good and set and tell myself I've got plenty, I of course see one that I "can't live without". It's so fun for me to get new purses or use old ones that match perfectly with what I'm wearing. Oooh, I just love bags.
C- Compliments. I think this one makes everyone smile. Who doesn't appreciate a heart felt and sincere compliment?
D- DPOTD. My cute friend has been doing "Disneyland Photo of the Day" for over a year now. It's so fun to see the awesome photos she finds online and many times she'll give a little history about each photo. It really is fun to learn some new things and just see the "happiest place on earth" each day.
E- Exercise. I know I know, you're thinking "Trichelle, are you serious? You do not like to exercise". Which is true in a sense. I don't like the thought of exercise, but I do love actually being at the gym, whether it's just walking laps on the track (which is my current lazy routine), sweating my guts out doing body attack, or trying to build some muscle doing body pump. I always leave feeling so much better about myself.
F- Family. Being with my family is always a good time. It's fun watching the little ones terrorize each other one minute and be best friends the next (deja vu from when I was little). We're all growing and going in different directions with our lives and it's fun to see each of our personalities come out more and more. I have a great family that's welcoming and fun to be around, can't help but smile.
G- Girlfriends. I have the best and funnest girlfriends anyone could ask for. They are all so different from each other which is good, because sometimes you need the friend who will just listen, who will offer support, who will make you laugh, who will get you out doing something, who will help you...I have so much fun will all my girlfriends. We always laugh!!
H- Hugs. "The hug. There's just no doubt about it, one could scarcely live without it. A hug delights and warms and charms, it must be why God gave us arms. Hugs are great for fathers and mothers, sweet for sisters, swell for brothers, and chances are your favorite aunt loves them more than potted plants. Kittens crave them, puppies love them, Heads of State are not above them. No need to fret about your store of them, the more you give the more there's more of them. So stretch those arms without delay and give someone a hug today". ( That was my favorite poem from a long time ago so I memorized it for my 8th grade Speech class).
I- Ivy. How can you not smile after being around this kid for a few minutes. She's funny, as are most 3 year olds. She just says some things that you wonder "Where on earth did that come from?". So really I'm gonna kinda cheat on this letter and say it's all little kids, of course I think mine is just the cutest, but that's because she's mine...but all kids are so stinking cute!!
J- Joe. Joe has this unique way of making me smile without doing anything. He probably gets worried alot because I'm smiling, at no effort from him, and wondering what I'm up to. I guess I'll let him stay worried. But in short, he just makes me happy!
K- Kisses. Kisses are wonderful. I love kisses, whether it's eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, lollipop kisses, or just a regular kiss. MUAH!!
L- Love. How can you not smile when you feel loved? C'mon, it's the very best feeling in the world. As the Beatles put it:
All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
All you need is love (all together now)
All you need is love (everybody)
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
M- Ok so I had quite a few things listed here: Motherhood, Money, Mamma Mia, Monkeys, Memories...but then this guy walked into work and I burst out in a huge smile, near laughter. Do you know what he was sporting? A MOHAWK. Seriously do guys/girls/anyone or anything think they are attractive? I think they are so funny. Every time I see one I smile and sometimes giggle at them. I especially like it when they are funny colors, or really long spikes. So funny!
N- New, anything. I smile when I get something new, see a newborn baby, hear a new joke.
O- Outings. Getting out and doing things with friends or family is sure to make me smile. We always have a good time and it's fun to do new things or our favorite things. I like going out and making memories.
P- Pregnancy. Yes, I said it. Pregnancy does make me smile (regardless of what I let on). My friend has a very neat quote from Erma Bombeck "Instead of wishing away 9 months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in a life to assist GOD in a miracle!" That makes me a little less quick to complain and helps me focus on what it really is to be pregnant.
Q- Quiche. Oh I've been craving Quiche. I haven't had it much since being a nanny...there's quite a few things that I miss eating come to think of. Anyways I loved eating quiche for breakfast. I tried making it myself, but, with out the need to mention, it turned out disastrous, I almost forgot what I'd made because it surely didn't resemble quiche in any way.
R- Romance. Candles, flowers, chocolates, love notes, kind words, soft kisses, snuggling....ahhh, just the thought made me smile.
S- Smiles. Smiles are contagious! It's hard to resist smiling when someone smiles at you. I hope to someday be the person who is always smiling first.
T- Tickles. Whether it's me being tickled or anyone else, I'm smiling. Tickles are so fun.
U- Underwear. LOL. This one is funny because even though I get disgusted at times with seeing other peoples underwear, it is funny that it's totally showing. And what's worse than underwear and just crack. Lol. My favorite though is Ivy's. Her little crack is always showing. Do they make onesies for 4T?
V- Vacations. Getting away from real life is always an enjoyment. Vacations take you somewhere fun or new or to relax. Any vacation makes me smile and enjoy the moment.
W- Work. Yes, maybe I am a bit crazy. But having a good job, like I do, makes me proud that I've been able to work my here. I especially love payday, maybe that's when I smile biggest:) Even yard work or house work or any kind of work definately has its rewards. When the job is done, you feel so accomplished.
X- X-96 Boner of the day. Joe and I listen to this every morning. We laugh so hard sometimes at the stupid things that people do. It really is a fun way to start our mornings.
Y- Yesterday. There is something that happens everyday in my life that I look back on the next day and just smile. I love having memories.
Z- Zoloft. God sent, miracle working Zoloft. What would I do without you? Enough said. If you don't know what Zoloft is, google it.

Well there you have it, where my smiles come from.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She is the Dancing Queen!

Last night we had a wonderful "family night" out. LOL...we'll call it that. Ivy experienced her first concert, she had no clue what a concert was and kept asking if it was at a movie theater. I tried my best to explain it to her, but she was still in for a surprise. Joe and I took her to see James Blunt. She knows every word(well minus the one word in the one song....) to every song. Last year, and for a good part of this year, if you asked her who her boyfriend was she was quick to reply "James Blunt". She recognizes his songs on the radio and often begs for us to put in his CD, that is until we scratched it all up. After I went to the show in Denver in February, I searched for tickets (anywhere) to take Ivy to because I knew she'd love it. But every concert was sold out:(. So when we found out he was opening for Sheryl Crow, I had (HAD) to get tickets for me and her, and of course we'd drag Joe along with us.

At the entrance when we gave our tickets, the man assured Ivy that she was the youngest fan he's ever seen. She thought she was pretty cool and just smiled from ear to ear. We got a slushie and a souvenir T-shirt, both for Ivy and I to share, and headed to our seats. We were amazingly close. I had no idea that I got such good seats...YAY for us! I think there was only 5 or 6 rows in front of us. Opening was a Jamaican band, who the crowd didn't really get into, but Ivy sure did. She danced so cute as soon as she heard their music. She can definitely follow a beat, unlike her mommy. She waved her hands and cheered after every song.

We have a James Blunt DVD at home that she likes to watch, it's his 1973 music video, so she's seen him, but I guess she forgot what he looked like because she leaned over and said "Mommy is that big fat black guy James Blunt?" It was hilarious!

They got the stage set up for James and started playing, but where was James?.....then he came out the center and we both got so excited our eyes were open wide and we just yelled. She was so cute. She made friends with the ladies behind us which turned out to be a good thing because then they didn't care if she stood on her chair to see better as long as she danced so they would still have an "entertaining" view. I sang every song, expecting Ivy to join in with me, but she's just learned to be embarrassed or something because she didn't want everyone watching her sing. Finally towards the end of his performance she was singing, the crowd was more into it at that point and I think she realized they weren't just watching her so much. Joe was such a good sport. He carried Ivy up along the stage on his shoulders so she could see Mr James Blunt up close. He danced with Ivy up on his shoulders for the entire Sheryl Crow performance (well, the entire part that we saw, which was about an hour). We got compliment after compliment of what a cute little girl we had. I have to agree!!

I had to laugh too, Joe, Mr. Metalhead and whatever else you want to call him, attending a James Blunt/Sheryl Crow Concert (and it was his 2nd time seeing James Blunt in 6 months), driving a car with a toddler seat in the back, a prego "Mormon" girl next to him, and listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. LOL!! I told him, if only your parents/friends could see what you've become while in Utah. Hahaha, it is funny to me. But we have a good time:)

Oh and another funny thing happened...A lady and her husband started talking to Joe and I about how cute Ivy was and how much fun they had watching her then the lady was talking to me about other things, and then she asked where I went to High School at. So I told her, and she said she hadn't heard of it, so I told her it was up North of Ogden and figured that was why. Then she asked how old I was, so I answered "27". Then she about choked, she couldn't believe I was so young. She was 37, and I guess she thought I was close to her age. I usually get mistaken for much younger than my age, never have I been mistaken for older, let alone that much older. LOL, I just laughed...she did surprise me though, because I would've thought she was around 30-33. Luckily, I haven't gotten a complex from it yet, and hopefully I won't, I just think it's funny.

Friday, August 22, 2008


A few weeks ago Joe asked me what I want from him and then what I expect from him. I had to clear that up and tell him that I've always been kind of spoiled or something because what I want is what I expect. (poor guy, huh?!) One of the things that I said was that I want to be complimented....then I changed it and said actually it's something that I need. The ironic thing about that is, I surely don't handle compliments very well. I get an awkward feeling or something and try to brush it off...but I do appreciate the compliment. I don't understand it.

Anyways, Joe really isn't the type of person to give out compliments, every now and then he does, but I want/need them more (maybe it's being prego and really not feeling very attractive ever or something, but I need them more than I was getting them). So a week went by and really not much changed. But gradually they started coming, I think he gives me compliment every day now...and I really feel like they are sincere, not something he's just trying to come up with just for the sake of giving a compliment. It's nice. I'm eating it up and I'm feeling much better about myself.

Joe and I have such open relationship and talk about everything. Neither one of us is afraid to say something to the other. I've learned that it isn't worth holding it in til I explode, because if something bugs me I can try to push it aside but then it ends up bugging me even worse later (and usually it's not even a big deal, but it's built up into one). We get things out while they are minor things, one thing that I really love about him is that he listens and doesn't get defensive or throw something back at me. I've told him some things (that were just my opinion, my side) and he thinks about it and then he changes or whatever. We both work like that with each other. I've never been in a relationship like this with anyone (girl or boy). It's refreshing and we get along better because we know what the other one wants/expects from us.

More Ivyisms

Yesterday Joe and I went in together to pick up Ivy from Daycare. Joe has never been before but I took him so we could add his name to her file so that he can pick her up when I have to stay at work later. Anyways, one little girl, Maddie told Ivy "someones here to pick you up Ivy". She always lets Ivy know when I arrive. Ivy asked "is it my mommy?". Maddie said no it was someone else. Then she asked "is he your brother?" Ivy started laughing, "NO! Joe's not my brother." To which Maddie asked, "then who is he?". "He's my friend!" Ivy said, in an almost snotty voice. It was so cute. I'm sure that this whole situation is confusing to poor little Ivy. But I think she understands it better than most little kids would. She's referred to Joe as her "other Daddy" and "her friend". She refers to Martha (her step-mom) in the same way. I think it's sweet.

The other night we were at the dr. for my check up. My dr. used to work with my Aunt Shari and they were pretty good friends, from what I gather. Anyways, Ivy was talking and then broke into a big smile. Karen (my dr) looked and then blinked hard and looked again. She said that Ivy is definately a Ropelato, and that she looked just like Shari when she smiled. I had to remind Ivy who Aunt Shari was, and she did remember, Ivy thought it was so neat that she looked like Aunt Shari. Now in the mornings when I'm doing her hair she'll ask me "Do I look like your Aunt?" She also reminds me that I need to call Aunt Shari and tell her that Ivy looks like her. She's just so proud!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi, my name is Trichelle am I'm a spendaholic

Hopefully admittance and confession is the first step to overcoming a major fault. (crossing my fingers)

I went shopping Monday night with my mom, sister, and Ivy. I thought (thought key word) I was doing pretty good and not gonna end up spending too much....til I checked the receipt. I spent $150 (I'm only admitting to the dollar amount because maybe someday, when my posterity is reading this they will just laugh and say "$150 o-that is nothing, what I would give to spend only $150". hee hee wouldn't that be sad if inflation soars that much?) at one store. I did get a lot, but goodness I don't need to spend that much. So I checked through each item, the 2 maternity tops I'd found for me weren't on sale, return those; hm mm....what to return of the cute baby boy clothes?...My favorite outfit is gonna have to go back, it wasn't on sale either, regardless of how cute it is I can't spend that kind of money on a little outfit that won't be worn for very long.

So, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson...Nope. A true shopaholic/spendaholic doesn't learn her lesson after one "oops".

Yesterday some friends and I headed up to Park City to have lunch for my birthday and shop at the outlet stores. When we hit Osh Kosh, I lost all control. There were so many wonderful deals. Everything was at least 40% off. I had to get some overalls, which I ended up getting 2 pairs. The long sleeve thermal onesies were so cute, and at $5 each, I figured I'd better get at least 2. Then there was some other onesies for a great I got a few more....and then there were some darling little jammies, jogger sets, socks, t-shirts....Oh I just couldn't say no, and I knew that I should, but I didn't. Then I figured I'd better get Ivy something, she'd tried to tell me the night before that baby Zaden didn't need anything more. He could just wear the jammies and shirts that we'd gotten him a few days earlier. She thought I should just go shopping for her and only her. So we found a good deal on some long sleeve shirts for her and tights.

We were doing great, until..."your total is $191" O-my goodness....did I really purchase THAT much? OUCH! But I didn't know what to put back. So I (hopefully in the fashion of all true spendaholics) didn't put anything back. I figured I'd need some serious help deciding what to return, so I'd check with Joe and see what his opinion was on my finds and then if he wasn't any help (which I doubted he would be, he kinda just lets me make the decisions and just goes along with whatever) then I'd call in my mom to help me. She's practical and would be able to help me sort through this disaster I've put myself in.

But one thing I did learn was I do enjoy shopping and buying for others now. I've always been so selfish that I only liked going if I was getting something for myself (which I still am selfish because of course I did buy myself a few things). I had much more fun picking out clothes for Ivy and baby Zaden and Joe and my brother (for family pics) than going for myself, and I would only buy for me if it was on clearance. Although that could totally be because I'm prego and honestly, what looks good on a big belly...yah, not that much fun.

Anyways, I had a really fun time with my girl friends and I'm glad they all were able to go and spend the afternoon with me. Now I must just decide what to take back.....wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday night, during Family Night, Justin had the family think about what we would want to be said at our funeral. What type of person would I like to be remembered or known as? It took me a minute to think about it, of course the obvious qualities immediately popped into my head: kind, a good mom, a good friend, etc. As I continued with my single word answers I realized that they aren't just the single word that I want to be. What makes someone kind? Or a good mom? Then my list started to become a little more detailed.

I hope to aspire to:
  • the type of person who will do anything for anyone. Not just when it's convenient for me, but when anyone is in need, and even if it's out of my comfort zone or my specific capabilities (where there's a will there's a way).
  • a mom who teaches her children right from wrong. A mom who loves her children and supports them in everything they do. A mom who listens to and tries to understand her child. A mom who spends time playing and enjoying the simple joy of being with her child and takes advantage of that whenever she can.
  • a compassionate person. I would love to be the person who sympathizes with people without passing an ounce of judgement.
  • a person who hates and despises gossip. A person who doesn't participate, and when gossip is occuring will have the courage to stand up, not only for whomever is being discussed, but for the entire negative situation .
  • a warm and welcoming person. I want to have people love to visit me/ my house/ my family. I want to make others feel that they are loved and cared for.
  • an adventurous person. I want to not get so caught up in everything, but to take time to actually enjoy all that there is in this world. I want to be spontaneous without worrying exactly how everything will pan out.
  • an optimist. The glass is always full (maybe just with air, but still it's full with something). I want to be a person who smiles through everything, who realizes that challenges are adventures that make life that much sweeter in the end.
  • a motivated person. Not a person who needs a push, but one who just does things. A person who doesn't waste talents that they've been given.
  • (maybe this one should be sub listed under another category, but...) a person who is always smiling and laughing. Those qualities are contagious and wouldn't it be awesome if you were the one who started it, everytime?


I am going to be very open and honest in my blog. The purpose of this blog is basically going to serve as my journal. My cousin had made hers into a book, and that's when I decided that I really should blog so that my children can read it when they grow.

I've learned many times, that some of the things/feelings that I go through that could be somewhat embarrassing or things that I really don't want others to know about me are the things that they need to know. Many of such experiences are what have made me who I am, they are the ones that teach me and help me grow. I've also learned that by sharing these experiences and feelings with other, helps them to open up about themselves, and we all realize that maybe we aren't such freaks after all.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've fallen in love!

I've been having an itch to get out of the house...However, I don't really feel like doing much other than sitting on the couch on my days off. Last week I decided that I really wanted to check out IKEA. I had not been there yet, can you believe it?
Joe most definitely isn't a shopper. And since my time off is usually his same time off, I'd rather spend the day with him and hadn't even thought of asking him to go with me. He was going to work Saturday so I figured it was my perfect opportunity. I got all hyped up and excited to make the drive to Draper just to "window shop".
Turned out Joe didn't go to work Saturday so I asked if he'd want to go, and you know what he said yes. I really was shocked outta my socks, but still excited. So Saturday morning we went.
Can I just say "WHAT A STORE?!" My mom had told me about a girl who said she could (or maybe she does) hang out there all day long. Well, obviously we could too! The most wonderful thing was that they have a child care facility. It's free and fun! When we first got there Ivy didnt' want to go to the child care, she'd rather shop. After an hour (and we'd barely made it through the kitchen ware) she decided that she wanted to go to "class" (aka child care). So we went and dropped her off (they can stay for one hour). Well you know what, we barely made it through the rest of the main level in that hour, and sadly we did end up having to kind of hurry to make the time. I have to go back and get some rugs, curtain rods, curtains, picture frames, organizing containers, lights, and hardware....that's just from the bottom level mind you.
We get Ivy, who had a blast, and head up stairs. Right when we got off the elevator there was a deli or whatever, so we decided it was time to eat lunch before we ventured off into the rest of the store. Yummy lunch there too!! They had everything from mac & cheese to spaghetti and meatballs to salmon, I think it was all under $7. I was highly impressed.
Upstairs, we started in the children's play area. Ivy could've spent all day playing on the toys, we eventually worked our way into the nursery bedding....I found 4 or 5 sets that I just wanted oh-so badly for baby Zaden, and they surely were reasonable pricing that I almost regret not getting one...but I want to make him one and so I think I'm really just going to bite the bullet and force myself to do something crafty after taking almost a year off. Ivy loved pretending each room was hers, she'd crawl into the bed and ask for a bed time story, unfortunately all the books were in some language other than english so I couldn't read her those books. We spent another 3 hours up there. Yes folks, I made Joe and Ivy stay in that store for 5 1/2 hours. What troopers!!
Best part of the day, neither of them complained once. It was so much fun pretending what we are going to have in our house someday. I think they both enjoyed it just as much (well maybe not just as much, but...) as I did. It's funny how predictable I must be, Joe walked over to one room ahead of me and said, "Trichelle, this one screams your name, you're gonna love it. It's got you written all over it". Sure enough, It was definately my favorite room. I had to take a few pictures of it so I could figure out if it'd work in the space that I have, I'm sure it will, I will make it. We have totally different tastes, but Joe's so easy going that he says it's up to me. What a nice guy:) So I decided the least I could do is let him design the TV room, since that's his passion, movies and computer. So we will have a very nice TV room with more modern styling...someday!
Once we got home and I was sharing our awesome buys with my mom, I realized that I could go right back tomorrow and go through the entire store again, taking just as much time. How sad is that?
So my favorite store has changed, sorry Home Depot you lost spot number 1.

I had to have this super cute canopy for baby zaden's room. It was the perfect colors....and I just love the atmosphere it will create:)

Ivy just had to have these cute children's dishes, which I agree. These won't break so we should get them:)
Ivy says she can share with baby Zaden because some of the colors are for boys...Perfect. LOL!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joy of being a "MOMMY"

The other night Ivy and I were reading some books as part of our bedtime routine, her current favorite that she has memorized after reading only 2 or 3 times is How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?. Ivy likes to ask questions as we read, sometimes I enjoy her asking and will answer and other times I just want to get the book read. So she's asked one of her questions and I answered her to the best that I could come up with, and bless her little heart she turns to me and says "Mommy you are so smart, you know everything!". Yes, I'm documenting this for future reference.

Another night I was being plain old LAZY! I didn't feel like doing anything. For some reason I said, "Mommy is just lazy". Ivy caught on to that one all too quickly and started repeating it "Mommy is just lazy, Mommy is just lazy". Whoa, wait just one second! I don't want everyone to know that. So I quickly and defensively corrected her "Mommy is a hard worker." Days later this one too backfired on me. I heard Ivy saying "My mommy is hard work". I just laughed, because how true it is!

At 3:47 a.m. Ivy comes into my bedroom and taps my cheek. "Mommy, you forgot to give me Eskimo kisses last night." I did. Silly me, what was I thinking? Joe laughed as she left the room, she had to remember at 3 in the morning huh? But you know, that is what I love. Then, as crazy as I'm gonna sound, I anticipated the call for Mommy to tuck her in bed. Sure enough she comes back in the room and whispers, "Mommy will you put my blanket on me". I just love being her Mommy!

Recipe for DISASTER


1 sufficiently equipped kitchen

1 recipe

1 Trichelle

1 lack of knowledge


Combine recipe and Trichelle, slowly mix in lack of knowledge (=actual ingredients will differ from that on the recipe). Then put them in a sufficiently equipped kitchen and whisk together. Bake at 350 until done. Let cool.

Presto, there you have it....DISASTER IN THE KITCHEN!

Yes, I am the world's most clueless cook. I've ruined frozen pizza....I forgot to turn on the oven, after an hour and it still being doughy, it finally clicked. I started my mom's kitchen on fire while attempting to cook, who knows what. I've mixed up Baking Soda and Baking Powder and then on top of that did Tablespoons instead of Teaspoons. Now maybe you can understand why I'm a fan of 5 buck pizza, Chinese takeout, and mac & cheese (I've yet to screw up that one...knock on wood).

Last year, my good friend Adam made the most delicious beef enchilada's ever. They were seriously to die for. I've been craving them since. He'd told me when he made them how easy they were, so gullible little me believed him. Last week at my trip to the grocery store, I finally remember to buy a roast. I was so excited to make these yummy enchilada's. Anyways I put the roast in my slow cooker with jalapenos and the juice from the jalapenos (according to the instructions Adam had given me last year) before I went to work. I came home, and the house smelled yummy....anticipation to a very yummy dinner......until I walked in the kitchen and saw my roast! Ugh, it looked awful! Awful, awful, awful. I bought the wrong kind of roast. I don't know what kind I bought, but it was obviously the wrong kind. Honestly, I didn't know there was different kinds of Roast. (I'm gonna have to pull out my favorite cookbook...."Joy of cooking" which explains all of that for us amateur chefs) Anyways, I was devastated. I'd built up not only my hopes for a delicious break from ramen noodles and spaghetti but Joe's too. (shedding a tear or 2 for myself) But Joe, being the perfect optimist that he is, stood and shredded that unshreddable roast. Ivy loved the "chicken" (side note: every meat has to be called chicken in order for Ivy to eat it) though, so that was a plus, in fact she ate 3 or 4 pieces while Joe was shredding and I was wallowing in my failure. But with Joe's encouragement, I continued to finish the enchilada's as if I was using the most delicious shredded beef. We sat down to dinner, and you know what they weren't SO bad. The meat was tough, but the flavoring was right. Joe humored me and said they were the best enchilada's he'd ever had. What a trooper. LOL! I'll post more of my kitchen mishaps as they happen...I've set a goal to cook at least 4 meals a week (not including spaghetti or ramen noodles) so we'll have plenty of good laughs ahead. (I made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup last week....Even Joe's dad clear in CO made fun of the way I was making did turn out, but I know how to do it better and easier next time).

Friday, August 8, 2008

time to whine

OK, so I've been very much a complainer with this I'm sure I was with Ivy, I'm just a complainer in general.:( Anyways, I've really been trying so hard to do better. I have so much to be thankful for that I've really been trying to focus on that and not on the little things that maybe inconvenience me in my life.

But, I really need to just whine for a minute. I'm not sure how this little boy is positioned, but goodness gracious he's killing me. My hips are already moving (which didn't happen last time until about the last month) and have been for 3-4 weeks. This is where I'm certain the "Pregnant waddle" comes from. It hurts! I do walk funny, waddle like I've got a stick up my bum. Sleeping....ah sleep, what I would give for a good nights rest!! I can't little baby boy just seems to get a surge of energy that last every night from about 10:00p.m. to 1:00 a.m. And I wish so badly that I was one of those mommies that loves to feel her baby moving, but to be honest, I'm not. I hate it. It grosses me out. I can feel my insides move around as he's stretching or playing or whatever he is doing. Honestly I do feel for the little lad, I'm so short waisted that he really doesn't have much room to get a good stretch. I constantly sit with poor posture, which he helps remind me to sit nice and tall by giving me a nudge up in the ribs.

I was on the phone with Joe's dad the other night and he was asking me if I was getting fat and happy. I bursted out laughing, fat and happy in the same sentence being connected to each other! Now that was pure humor to me. I assured him I was definitely growing...however I have been quite lucky in my pregnancies (the whole 2) and really not gained much weight, mostly just belly. In fact this time I'm a few lbs underweight, which as sick and disturbing as it might sound I was excited to hear. Anyways, back to my conversation with Joe Sr...I then informed him, or reminded him, that I haven't been too happy. I've had major hormone issues. Unlike ever before. I now totally feel sorry for people who suffer from depression, bipolar, or any disorder in which you feel such extremities. One day I'm on cloud 9, the next I think of how if it weren't for this little blessing in my belly I'd rather be dead! It's awful!! If you ever feel like this, it so isn't normal!! But at the time you are feeling it, it is completely real and you can't convince yourself that there are happy times and that life is worth living. So at my last visit, I informed my Dr. that I was really struggling with some issues. She told me I could start medication now just have to ween off the last 3 weeks. I looked it up online, and the warnings there scared me to death...all the side effects that it can have on your child. So when I talked to her about those, she informed me that is better for the baby than all the stress and anger and frustration and hate and well all the negative feelings that I'm pushing on him. She told me to just take half a pill instead of the full dosage, so I did for about a week...the side effects (nauseau, tiredness, icky poop) weren't fun at all and I felt like I was fine so I got off...not smart at all! I had another episode and so I'm back on those things! Hooray for medicine! Joe Sr. informed me that his favorite times were when "mama" was pregnant. He loved watching that miracle develop and watching her nurture the babies inside of her....It hit me. I felt the guilt. I needed to have the same attitude.

I do love my baby. I am so excited for him to join the family. I can't wait to have him in my arms. Even through all the exhaustion (I went to bed last night at 5:40 a.m and woke at 6:30 a.m for work), mood swings, aches, and movement I am grateful that I am able to experience it, that I have the opportunity (unlike so many) to carry my baby.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New baby = New toys (for

So earlier this year I thought it'd be forever until I could have another little baby, so I got rid of a lot of my baby things. I've been slacking off at work today surfing the web and entertaining my imagination with all the fun things to get. Lol...actually we've been really dead so it's ok (I'm justifying my actions). Well I ran across this adorable diaper bag. What do you think? Cute?!! I loved it as soon as I saw it. (Maybe it's because from my marriage counseling sessions, we determined I'm most like an I'm fascinated with them). The bonus about this is that I'd probably use it as a purse after it's done serving as a diaper bag...if I'm not sick of it by then, but how could I be? Oh and mine would be slightly bigger. I contacted the girl who makes them and told her I want it for a diaper bag, and would need special little pockets and wanted to see what sizes it could come in. Now I just need to save up some pennies for my fabulous find.

Monday, August 4, 2008


ok ok, so I've tried posting pics, however Joe's laptop won't read my memory card and I can't upload them at I'll have to find another way. But there will be pictures soon.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Rabbits Foot

To be quite honest, the idea of carrying around a rabbits foot for good luck seems disgusting to me. Those of you who know me, know I'm terrified of animals, yes even cute little bunnies. I wouldn't ever knowingly carry a rabbits foot with me, however someone must have hidden one....I know where, it's probably in my purse that's so hard to find anything in. Anyways to the point already, huh!

I am one lucky girl!!

Let me just tell you....OK, so Friday's are Joe's day off. I will usually go home on my lunch break to spend you know 15-20 minutes with him chowing down some quick lunch. So today, being Friday, I head home for lunch....really it's just to see him and today I got extra lucky because Ivy was home with him. The front door was wide open, a common occurrence at our house with all this heat, the stereo blaring, and this wonderful odor seeping out. At first glance it was obvious what was going on. Carpets vacuumed, wood polished, glass shined, clutter gone!! My heart was so excited. I had to think for a second if it was my birthday or something....nope, not yet. Then I slowly (I had to take in the cleanness of my usually cluttered and very dusty home) walked to the kitchen doorway. There stood Joe, scrub sponge in hand, sweat sliding down his forehead and the 409 on the stove next to him, scrubbing the stove and not just the stove, but he'd removed the knobs and was scrubbing them and the back part. O-my goodness, was I dreaming (my dream last night was no where near this pleasant)? The rug was removed (which means I know what he'll be doing next) from the kitchen. I grabbed my food from the fridge (after a kiss or two with this dream angel) and hurried to the other room to eat. Not long after, Joe is guiding Ivy into the room (she'd been napping). She's got her eyes covered, and is expecting a big surprise....and you know what (yes, I'll be conceited and say it) she was excited and surprised to see me. oh oh oh and wait I didn't mention, my bedroom was cleaned too. All clutter off the floor, bed made, and everything dusted and shining (which seriously never NEVER happens).

Then to make everything even better, right as I was getting ready to leave Joe started cleaning the top of the refrigerator (one of my least favorite jobs, maybe because of my height so it's not very easy for me to reach up there) He hollered to me, so I went in there and there he is standing holding an envelope. Not just any envelope, but one that I've lost a few times before and that I had searched and searched for the past couple days....MY JAMES BLUNT TICKETS!! YAY! He found them!! My clean sink and countertops:)
The stove was completely cleaned off and the backsplash too!
I am so lucky:)
Joe even dusted, polished and organized my night stand.