Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flash back in time

My friend Maria invited me to go to a friend of her's party. They throw parties quite frequent from what I'd heard and often do a theme. The theme for this party was the good ole '80's. It was such a blast. Everyone was totally dressed up!! I love when people are sports and not party poopers. Lover Boy just laughed as I was getting dressed and doing my hair, which by the way I had one heck of time, I tried to make the wings and the big poofy bangs, used half a can of aerosol hairspray had the blowdryer going for at least 20 minutes, and still didn't work!! But anyways Lover Boy asked what I'd do if it were just a joke, and that no one else dressed up...I thought for a half a second and then decided that it wouldn't matter at least I did my part. Walking up to the door, I quickly realized that would definately NOT be the case. There were some amazing costumes. They decorated the entire house in Michael Jackson posters and other 80's icons. 80's music (which is my fave) blasted from the stereo. Needless to say, I had a great night!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little Man's first date with the buzzer

Little Man's hair has grown and was just getting so long. We decided that it'd be cute if we butched it so that we could spike it on him. Butched it is an understatement of what happened. The comb on the buzzers was too small...his hair was all gone. He hated it, Mommy hated it. Daddy did a good job considering Little Man just wouldn't hold still for half a second though. After we got him all bathed and some product in his hair, the cut worked. We took off at least one inch. He looked so cute; however I think we might wait a while before attempting that again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Eyes

My beautiful little Man has the biggest Blue eyes. I love them. And to go along with beautiful eyes, he got some amazingly long and curly eyelashes. Why is it that boys always seem to get such incredibly eyes and lashes?

I'm not sure what these pictures were for. All that I have is the date on them...but if I remember correctly we were going swimming at Aunt Darinda's. Well you know what that is wrong, we went swimming there the week after...hmm...

Oh well, just enjoying my rapidly growing baby with gorgeous eyes.:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A weekend at the Lake

My friends and I had been trying to arrange a fun camping trip for quite some time now. We all have such different lives and schedules that it was much more difficult to plan something than we had thought. One weekend we just planned it though, we were going to head up to Bear Lake, if you weren't able to make it then sorry maybe somet. Fortunately Lover Boy, Little Princess, and I were able to. We are so lucky to have friends who don't mind (and truth be told I think they prefer it) when we bring the kiddos along. We left little Man with my parents because I'm just the trooper mom who knows how to camp with little babes.

I rode up with Sergei, which turned out to be a nice drive with great conversation. Lover Boy, Little Princess, Maria and Steph all rode in the other vehicle. They didn't have as peaceful a ride. Little Princess played "I spy" with all of them the entire way. LOL, what fun!

Right after we arrived at the destination, Dana and Emily stopped by for a little bit. They were going to stay the night at Dana's Families cabin not too far away because they aren't big on camping. It was fun to have them there for a little bit with us.:)

As we were setting up camp, the unavoidable happened...Steph and Maria were trying to set up their tent that was borrowed from our friend, but it had no poles!! We thought of all sorts of different ways we could jimmy rig it; but since town wasn't too far away we ventured to the store for poles. A new tent would be more cost efficient than poles.

Little Princess was just beside herself with excitement to sleep in a tent that she kept asking if it was bed time. Finally I told her that in fact it was time for her to go to bed, and off she went. Simple as that.

The rest of us had a blast laughing around the camp fire. We also attempted a late night swim, but I tell you what, that water was freezing!!! The ground was rocky and it totally was NOT worth it, but it was fun still.

We played at the beach (in still freezing water); I burned the corn on the cob; fought with a mouse that was much too near my tent (it was under my tent)...let me expand on that because it was so funny. Steph was in her tent napping, Maria and I are screaming and pointing (near the point of hyperventilating), Lover Boy and Sergei are laughing and running towards the little creature, and poor little princess was confused with all the ruckus. The mouse ran right under my tent, Lover Boy was able to push it out and Sergei was there waiting for it...The little mouse thought he was all big and bad and could take on Sergei. It was just as hilarious as it was disgusting to watch this tiny thing jump at Sergei's foot. While it jumped it squeeked. It was so funny. Fortunately we didn't see it again; I would've freaked!!

Mom, it's FREEZING!!

Yep, I'm still cold....

Kissing by the Campfire, so romantic

This was so hilarious. Maria got her shirt tangled in her bathing suit. LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The little things....

"Mommy, can we PLEEEEEase go in there?"

"Sure!" mommy replies quite surprised that her little girl is asking to go into a clothing store, a quite bland and rather empty store none-the-less.

The little girl runs straight to the back of the store where there is the tri-fold mirror awaiting. Red Hot Chili Peppers are rocking out in the background.

Up go the arms, head is banging, feet are jumping.

Moms heart smiles first, then her face, next comes a little tear to her eye as she watches her 4 year old daughter jam to the music and watch her reflection. Air guitar!! This little girl knows how to play the air guitar!! She rocks backwards then forwards and then tips the air guitar up all the while strumming her imaginary chords.

Time for banging again. This time she jumps wildly throwing fists this way and that. STOP, check out self in mirror and goes some more.

Mom thinks to herself "Where on earth did this child learn those moves? She's right on beat and looking better than I ever have!!"

Song changes. It's house music now. A little techno. Little girl freezes and stiffens her body. Arms go out while being bent, body leans forward slightly, arms swing. She's doing the robot!

Another small tear of complete happiness forms in the corner of mom's eye. Shoppers have now stopped and are laughing at the Little girl's complete ignorance of their presence.

"What a darling little girl" compliments one woman to the oh-so proud mom.

"You must have your hands full, and if not now you soon will with a girl moving like that" adds another shopper.

Song changes. Little girls moves change to the beat. Air guitar is busted out yet again. Head is spinning wildly, hair is making a lovely circular pattern.

Mommy stands there trying so hard to fight back all the emotion of watching her little girl do her thing. The lump in her throat is becoming harder to fight back.

"Time to go sweetie" mom says trying to beat the emotion that is ready to flow at any given moment.

"ok, but Mommy can we please come back here again, this is my favorite store."

These are the moments I love, watching my children be themselves and not care that everyone is watching!! I wish so badly I had my camera to record her performance, it truly was priceless.