Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today was delightful was it not? I woke to hear pitter patter on the swamp cooler and Little Man cooing in his crib. Quickly got dressed and ran out the door to pick up Little Princess from her daddy's house. I was so excited when I stepped out and saw the puddles filling my broken driveway and sidewalk, the glisten on the grass, and the gray in the sky. I love love LOVE rainy days. Little Princess didn't have school so we were all able to enjoy the day together. Yesterday I had told Little Princess that the weather man predicted snow for today, so as soon as she was in my arms she asked where it was...I told her that it was in Salt Lake so of course she begged me to take her to Salt Lake, I told her maybe another day we could do that when there would be more snow and it'd be funner, like when they do the lights at Temple Square.

We made pancakes for breakfast, which Little Princess did all the work; she measured, stirred and flipped the pancakes. I will hopefully be able to teach her to enjoy cooking. We sure did enjoy eating them:)

Shortly after cleaning up breakfast and the rest of the house, we piled in the car to run a few errands. Our first stop was the credit union. As soon as we pulled in the drive-through Little Man began vomitting. Fortunately for me my children are not really pukers, but also it scares me when they actually do. This was his first time, it was all over so Lover Boy dropped me and the kids off at home so we could clean up while he finished the errands. Little Man had 2 more bouts of throw up:( Poor Little Man.

So for the remainder of the day we had a very lazy day. We watched Disney Channel all together and then a movie while stuffing our faces with candy, except Little Man of course, he just sipped his Pedialyte.

I chickened out on the panty idea...sorry friends. Little Princess just wanted so badly to help me with dinner before her daddy picked her up that I felt it would be quite inappropriate, so instead we wore fun headbands. Panties will have to wait for a special "alone" night, or just another night that she'll be with her dad and won't insist on helping me with dinner.

We decided that with the weather we would do Chicken Noodle Soup. Lover Boy's dad had made fun of me a year ago when I made my first homemade Chicken Noodle Soup...I cooked everything seperately. I didn't want to use the chicken stock because of the nasty foam it gets on it...Since then I've tried to use it but it just disgusts me: WELL, tonight I used it and boy oh boy was it the best batch I've made...guess that is the trick. YUMMY.

PS Little Man is doing much much better. We kept him on the Pedialyte and there were no more incidents with vomit.

PPS: I've been procrastinating at charging my battery for my camera so it is never ready when I'd like to take a picture. Patience with me will be greatly appreciated, I will post pics soon:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nailed it!!!

I nailed it, I'm going to be totally conceited for a minute or two...I made the most delicious dinner tonight. I'm so happy, it was YUMMY. It was easy so you will laugh: Spaghetti and Meatballs. However I made my very own sauce, I chopped my onions, mashed fresh tomatoes from Susie's garden (thank you Susie), pressed my garlic, chopped my parsley...and followed Joe's sisters delicious recipe. I followed the recipe on the back of Kraft Parmesan Cheese for my Parmesan meatballs. And then I steamed some carrots. It was a fabulous dinner:) YAY for ME!!

Tonight I wore a darling apron that I just HAD to have over a year ago that I'd seen on Etsy. I haven't wanted to wear it because it was just too cute to get dirty, but thanks to Cindee's suggestion I wore it and loved it and felt so fun:) Krissie tomorrow I will wear some cute panties and funky jewelry...Now no one had better stop by my house from 4-6 while I'm in the kitchen cooking in my panties:)

Smarty pants

When I was picking up Little Princess from school today, the teacher pulled me aside and informed me that they did evaluations today in the class. They gave the children a test depending on their age.

Teacher LaVonne told me (as if I had no clue) that Little Princess is very smart and advanced for her age. They gave her the test for the year older because she is the biggest child in the class and she's so smart. After the child takes the test they have to put down the child's age, in months, on the test. They noticed that they had given her the wrong test. But when they graded them she had scored the highest even out of the older children.

Right after having this discussion with Teacher LaVonne, who is an assistant teacher, Teacher Morgan came in, the actual teacher, and told me the same thing. She let me know that they were very impressed and would work with her according to her capabilities and not according to her age. I'm so glad that she is in this awesome Pre-School. The teachers all have their bachelor's degrees and are very well prepared and know how to teach for children with different capabilities.

Proud moment for me:)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Adventures on becoming a Domestic Diva

After weeks, if not months or years, of feeling somewhat of a failure to the female species I've decided that if I want anything to change, I must take charge. That surge of motivation came to me after having a girls night and watching the wonderful movie Julie & Julia I decided I would take a fun journey as she did. I will not be cooking 524 recipes in 365 days. I am not a cook in the slightest. I would give my...I would say my right arm, however that wouldn't work especially for ME, so I would give my big toe to be a fabulous cook. I've mentioned this many times to my biggest supporter Lover Boy but he insists that I am just fine. Fortunately for me and my lack of determination to conquer becoming a good cook Lover Boy has a single friend who frequents our home with a McDonalds bag, sometimes it's Del Taco. Sergei has mentioned that he would love home cooked meals, but we all know how difficult it is cooking for one. A week or so ago we made a deal that I will cook meals and he will come eat with us. It is nice because I know that ramen noodles or mac & cheese just won't cut it when there is a guest coming for dinner so I have begun cooking.

While starting my journey down the cooking lane, I've realized my biggest enemy in the kitchen the one ingredient that I absolutely despise cooking with is also quickly becoming my favorite. THE ONION. In the past I've just figured that when a recipe calls for onion it should say optional and I opt out of using it. I'm not a fan of that crunchy strong flavor and definately not a fan of crying while trying to chop it. However, that flavor really does add to the dish and when chopped so small and then cooked, it isn't so crunchy and noticeable. I now enjoy the tears streaming down my face, chopping that onion blindly, because I feel that I am sacrificing...I'm sacrificing my vision for a moment, sacrficing a perfectly made up face (well, we'll just pretend it's perfect, lol) while my mascara drips down my cheeks, my nasals burn with the smell of onion, and often the kitchen will smell like onions for a day after. I love cooking with onions:)

Cooking is not my only adventure! I have found myself compeletely slacking on housekeeping duties. Every room in our house has been taken over with clutter and filth. Shelves are full of dust, mirrors covered in splatter marks, floors with sticky messes. Yes I will admit it, we live in horror. Funny thing is I know that if you will just spend 1 hour or less a day the house can remain "clean". I have made myself a routine once again (it really does work for me, maybe not for you, but for me). Monday is the Kitchen. I clean the fridge, throw out old leftovers and wipe spills, I wipe down all the cupboards, appliances, countertops and table. I clean the floors spotless...ok so we all know that's a lie, my floors can never be spotless unless I replaced them, but I do as well as possible. The rest of the week I tackle one room a day(or like on Thursdays I do all the bedrooms). It has been working out quite nicely. I love having a clean house, one that may not look clean because it is old and ragged, but that I know is clean.

Also in my routine I have scheduled set aside time to do certain activities with my children. I find it rather easy to get side tracked and stick them in their playroom (which they really do enjoy) while I venture off on my know catching up on reading everyone's blogs, emails, facebook and browsing the internet for whatever. We have reading time each day (which is my favorite thing to do with the kids because I know it will benefit them later in their lives), we also have art time (I have yet to start this activity with them because I've wanted to get organized personally before creating messes with them...hopefully only a few more days til our house is decorated in one of a kind masterpieces).

Back to the movie Julie & Julia, didn't you just love how she had to wear her pearls?! I loved it. I will not copy her exactly and wear pearls every day, but I am thinking of something. I just thought it was so cute and feminine. I love femininity!! Perhaps when I do yard work I will wear my tallest stilletos, it would serve a double purpose you know, I'd be aerating the lawn while mowing...however that is too dangerous for someone as graceful as I. Back to the drawing board for that perfect idea...what do you think would be fun?

AH...KITCHEN MISHAP..I am cooking my favorite meatloaf recipe while blogging. You bake it for 45 min covered, then uncover and pour the topping on and bake another 60 minutes. The timer just went off, I rushed in put the topping on, while placing the pan back in the oven it slid from my hot pads and splattered...This is my life. Should be no surprise, but still a bit of devastation sneaks in:( O-well right?! I'm sure Betty Crocker or Julia Child made mistakes such as that here and there...I sure hope so anyways.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A truly great friend is hard to come have I been to fortunate?

I met Mr. Adam nearly 2 1/2 years ago. I had just finished my marriage to Daniel. He was going through a divorce too. We had children just months apart. Immediately there was a connection with us. We knew exactly what each other was going through and was more than willing to listen, offer advice, and be a crying shoulder for each other. He was so much fun!! Always ready to go out and try something new. I loved it and needed that at that time. It was so nice that he had a son because all of my other friends didn't have children and it was hard for them to understand just how trying it was to hang out, attempt at a social life, yet be a parent at the same time. Adam and I weren't friends for very long (time wise), only about 3 months when our friendship drifted. Our lives parted as he took on a relationship. For some reason guys and girls friendships are frowned on when dating someone else. LOL, I completely understand that. We kept in touch here and there through email. Then I found out he'd moved to San Diego. We still kept in touch and when he realized he deserved to be treated better (and that's just my perspective of it) he ended his relationship of almost 2 years. We started talking much more frequently, I was so glad to have him back in my life. He's one of those friends who keeps it real. He's honest but it the kindest way. He came back for a quick visit and I met up with him. It was so SO good to see him again. And now he's finally moved back and it's awesome to have my friend local; and what's even better is that Lover Boy really likes him too!

Adam, if by chance you read this: Thanks so much for everything!! You helped me get through the hardest time in my life. You helped me realize who I really am. You taught me to accept and love myself. You were patient and understanding with me when I was a confused mess. You're a truly great friend who I'm so lucky to know!!

Missionary discussion #1

Thursday afternoon, Lover Boy and I were taking a break from the house. We were sitting on the front porch while Little Man took his nap and Little Princess was at preschool. We enjoy sitting on the porch and enjoying the scenery. You might laugh at that knowing where we live, but we do enjoy watching the cars pass by, the handicap neighbor across the street get so excited watching "Aaairplaaane" fly by, other neighbors across the street practicing baton twirling (which we recently discovered is a fire stick that he does incredible things with), strangers stopping by next door to check out the house for sale.

Well this particular afternoon, the missionaries were riding their bikes up the hill. They saw us and of course I waved; which I guess was a welcoming gesture for them. They approached us and asked if we had a belief in Jesus Christ. I confirmed my belief and briefly explained that Lover Boy doesn't believe nor does he have the desire. We talked briefly and they asked if they could come by Friday and give a discussion. Lover Boy of course was not interested but told them he would be present so they could talk with me, but he warned them that he would be playing games on his phone or computer while they talked.

I do not need the discussions. I have a testimony, I'm sure I know all that they will teach me, yet I couldn't decline their offer. They are just so sweet and eager to share the gospel. After they set up the appointment they left. I apologized to Lover Boy and assured him that I will not push anything on him and thanked him for being polite to the missionaries.

While talking to the elders, I couldn't help but think of my brother Braxton who is on his mission. One of the elders just reminded me of him so much. He was full of smiles.

Friday came and so did the missionaries. They taught about the restoration of the church. We laughed because Lover Boy had just a few nights earlier watched South Park when he couldn't sleep and the episode was about the restoration. So he's seen South Parks version and "heard" the missionaries brief version.

I felt a little awkward receiving the discussions...I didn't know how to act, I've learned all that they taught and kept trying to bring Lover Boy into the discussion, but then realized that I had promised him not to do that. We scheduled a second meeting for Monday afternoon. I think I will cancel, but counter-offer with Dinner. I don't want to push a religion on Lover Boy. He knows that when he has questions he can ask me or my family.

I fear pushing it will ruin our marriage and relationship. Someday it will become an issue, of that I am sure. We have discussed this many times. When I first found out I was pregnant we sat down and really talked about everything. I assured him that one day I will NEED to return to church and that I will have the desire to take my family with me. Lover Boy is so wonderful because he understands that and supports it. He said he will draw the line however when our children are old enough to decide for themselves and request to not go; he said I cannot force it upon them. I agreed that was fair in our circumstances, and a generally good idea for anyone to follow. So....prayer will be the means by which I will know how to handle everything.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My new favorite thing...

So I have loved loved loved scrapbooking in the past, however when life gets busy it's hard for me to have the desire to get everything out, think about how I'd like to do a page, then spend the time doing it and then having to clean it up. You know though, once I just get in the mood I completely enjoy myself. It's relaxing and rewarding to me. I know everyone is big into digital scrapbooking, but since I'm so far behind on technology things I haven't yet ventured in that direction. For now, I just like cutting, cropping, pasting, punching, stamping and all the "dirty" work. hahaha the irony in that statement because I just said how it's hard for me to get motivated due to the "dirty" work. LOL.
But because scrapbooking can seem so overwhelming to me; I'm so far behind; I've decided that I prefer making cards. It's so fun. So here's just some pictures of the Thank You's that I made for the wedding. I had them sitting around finished for like 3 months (yes I know that's as long as I've been married) and finally got around to sticking them in the mail. Have I ever mentioned I'm a professional procrastinator; if it were a job I would be at the top of the pay scale....Now, how can I try to convince somebody that being a procrastinator is a good quality?! LOL

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zing Zang ZOOM!

I really enjoy taking my children to activities that I loved as a child. I remember my parents taking us to the circus a few times so when I received the email informing me that Barnum and Bailey were coming to town again I got the discounted tickets for opening night for our family. We've learned to not tell Little Princess about things, but to surprise her.

Surprise it was! She kept asking while we were walking in the doors what it was, then she saw the pony souvenir cups, elephant toys, and all the other paraphernalia and guessed they'd brought the zoo to the stadium. Good guess huh?! Seeing how she'd never been to a circus before, how was she to know? She loved it. Little Man sat so still in amazement at all the activity going on below us. Lover Boy isn't such a fan of silly things like that, but he's such a good sport because he always goes and never complains. It turned out to be a pretty long night. Little Man usually goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. So being out passed 9 was a bit rough on him towards the end. We ended up buying a light toy that spins, the ones that you'd think were made of gold because of the price tag for that quality toy. But sometimes it is worth it. It kept Little Man entertained and able to sit for the remainder of the show, and Little Princess was so excited just to get something/anything. I remember being that way too. When you go out you of course want a souvenir especially when they are being offered every which way you look.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Play time

Do you remember when you were so excited to go to the park? Well, I'm there again. I love it because the kids love it.

Little Princess would love to play all day at a park. I'm sure Little Man would too.

Lover Boy suggested that we take the kids to a park today. Heck yah! Let's get out of this house and get some fresh air. We took Molly with us because how could we live with ourselves if we didn't?!

Little Princess loves to pretend. The entire time you'd hear "Mom, pretend like this is...." Little Man kept busy crawling all over in the grass and trying to find yummy treats to eat. EWWW. Sometimes the park isn't so enjoyable when I'm trying to keep one eye on Little Princess and the other on Little Man, but it's worth it.

Molly enjoyed eating leftovers from someones lunch.

The simple things in life are the moments that make life all worth it!

Friday, September 18, 2009


this kid of mine just completely cracks me up sometimes:

scene: Mani/Pedi night in the basement while watching none-other-than Hannah Montana, Little Princess had a few mess ups on her nails that I painted, then as she is painting mine the dialog went like this

Mom: wow princess you sure are good at painting my nails aren't you?
Little Princess: Mom, I'm way better at this than you are huh? You wanna know why? Cuz I was born to do this. (her head cocked a circle and everything.

After threatening Little Princess about cleaning up her toys because if she doesn't then mommy will and mommy throws toys out when she has to pick them up...She stormed to her room, so I took it upon myself to clean up her toys in a garbage bag (truth be told, there is no way I would actually throw them in the garbage because I paid for them, but they would disappear for a while in the garage). When I came upstairs she was upset and said "This thing sure doesn't feel like a family, nope I don't think we're a family anymore. Moms are NOT supposed to act like that and throw away little girls' toys."

"Mom, I really need you to get Zaden so I can practice my break-dancing moves."

"I'm serious, no really I am!"

On Little Princess's first day of preschool I told her to have fun and be nice. Then she said "Mom, you forgot something....MAKE FRIENDS"

Little Princess: Mommy? You know Beau? Well he doesn't like anything.
Mom: Who?
Little Princess: You know mom, my cute little friend Beau, the cutest little friend at church?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to get out and have some fun

Deb's birthday was over Labor Day weekend so we missed celebrating it with her at a Sushi Dinner. I was so sad because she is the friend who will always do anything for you. Lover Boy suggested that we take her out for a fun night at the batting cages and hitting a bucket of balls.

And I have to show off my fabulous shoes that I chose to wear.
Bad mistake, but why risk fashion for comfort?

We had so much fun, but Deb and I decided that we much prefer batting cages to golf. Next time we will opt for batting only. Little Princess did the batting cages too. She was so cute standing in there, she hit more than 1/2 the balls with my help. Little Man just chilled in his car seat. He was such a good boy!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Face lift

Our home is hidden by some wonderful trees. I actually love my trees and that is one thing that drew me to this house. However they must be trimmed. We have a few branches that reach clear to our front porch and you have to dodge them walking up the stairs. In the fall the leaves make a beautiful mess of our yard, but raking them is no fun chore. Today Lover Boy decided would be a great day to trim so of the trees when I said that I was going out to mow the lawn. He cut and cut and cut some more. Little Princess enjoyed dragging the branches to the drive way to be thrown in the garbage. I wish so badly I'd have taken a before and after picture, but I did not. But take my word, it looks amazingly better. We will be planting more grass seed in early October to help thicken the grass and get some grass where cars are trampled it and no longer grows along the driveway. Perhaps next year we will have a beautiful yard...perhaps.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Last year and then again this year my family has gone up to Bear Lake for Labor Day. This year they got a condo and we all went up. Justin and his family didn't make it because they go camping with Natalie's family that weekend; and I'll be a brat here for a minute, thank goodness they didn't go cuz we had a full house:) But really we wish they could've been there with us, just would've made them sleep outside. lol.

We had fun riding on the boat, playing at the beach, playing on the playground, riding wave runners, swimming in the pool, and attempting to play tennis. I quickly learned that I am definitely not a tennis player. I somehow hurt my thumb, my knee, and toe. The racket just wouldn't go where I thought in my head I was sending it.

We had a nice time relaxing...Little Man didn't do so good sleeping up there. He'd wake up, which is just what he does every night, and fuss for longer Monday night, I was done. He'd gotten allergies or something Monday while we were out on the boat and was miserable. He couldn't sleep at all. I was up pretty much the entire night trying to cuddle with him and help him get comfortable...but about 5:00 a.m. I was exhausted (it is exhausting worrying about if everyone else in the place is waking up from my fussy baby, and then just being up all night wore me right out). I nudged Lover Boy and told him to get up and that we needed to go home. We quickly and quietly got our things and children loaded into the car and drove home. be home felt so good. Baby slept great, mommy slept great. Funny thing is, I knew we'd left a few things behind so I called my dad around 8 or 9 to let him know and thank him for the super fun weekend and he didn't even know we had left. HA, our prescence is so impacting!

It was a great weekend and a fun time with the family:) I love family time.