Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mother

The greatest title in my life that I could ever be given is MOM (or any of the synonyms).

My greatest joy in my entire life has been the moments spent with my beautiful children. I remember the feelings of unconditional love in amounts I was completely unaware a human being could experience the moment each of their sweet bodies were laid on my chest for that very first time. It amazes me how in that instant you would give your life for this tiny creature you met only moments ago. The love is unreal.

As they grow and develop their little personalities I can't help but love them more. They are what brings pure joy to my life. We may have our differences and get frustrated with each other from time to time, yet they have this ability to take away all the pain. Nothing heals like the sweet laughter of a child, the slobbery kiss of your baby, or the tender words of "momma, i'll protect you, it'll be alright".

I never thought being a mom would be such a rewarding and coveted job. I can't imagine my life without my children. I thank the heavens each day for blessing me with my two little angels.

Also, since becoming a mom you suddenly realize all that your own mother has gone through for you. I have a new respect for my mom and all other moms out there. You are a miraculous being. Often times I know my mom feels like she didn't do things quite right or questions her abilities as a mom...MOM, you are the best!! God sent us to you for specific reasons. Each mom has her strengths and weaknesses, but the ability to love her children and care for them is definitely among the greatest of her strengths. I love you mom!! Thank you for teaching me all that you have, for being an example of the type of mom I hope to be.


Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Awwww!! I think we all feel this incredible love when our gifts from Heaven are placed in our arms!! It really is truly amazing!!
I also think you & I have been truly blessed with mothers that are exceptional at loving & caring for us & who have always been good examples of what a great mother should be!! We are lucky girls!!
I also think You are one of the best mommy's to your two little angels!! Happy Mommy's Day!!! Love You!

Dawn said...

You are a wonderful mother and daughter Trichelle. I am so glad it was you who came into my world to call me mommy first! You are my angel and I couldn't love you more! I love watching you as a mom...you are incredible! (so much better than me) I LOVE YOU!