Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flash back in time

My friend Maria invited me to go to a friend of her's party. They throw parties quite frequent from what I'd heard and often do a theme. The theme for this party was the good ole '80's. It was such a blast. Everyone was totally dressed up!! I love when people are sports and not party poopers. Lover Boy just laughed as I was getting dressed and doing my hair, which by the way I had one heck of time, I tried to make the wings and the big poofy bangs, used half a can of aerosol hairspray had the blowdryer going for at least 20 minutes, and still didn't work!! But anyways Lover Boy asked what I'd do if it were just a joke, and that no one else dressed up...I thought for a half a second and then decided that it wouldn't matter at least I did my part. Walking up to the door, I quickly realized that would definately NOT be the case. There were some amazing costumes. They decorated the entire house in Michael Jackson posters and other 80's icons. 80's music (which is my fave) blasted from the stereo. Needless to say, I had a great night!!

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