Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Daughter of God

As I sit here frustrated and confused, not uncommon in my life, while trying to make sure every base is covered before we leave for our "honeymoon" trip tomorrow I checked my emails. For some reason I scrolled down past quite a few emails that I had already viewed and then saw one that I hadn't yet, it was from Monday. How'd I miss it? I honestly don't know, so I'm just gonna say that someone upstairs knew I needed it today...although I think it would've been so nice to have gotten on Monday because the beginning of this week sure was a rough ROUGH one for me. Anyways the email was from my dear brother Braxton who is on his mission is Mexico City.

(I hope he doesn't mind but I'm pasting the entire email on here)
And it says:
how the heck is ya? hey i dont know if you read the letter i sent to mom, but this week i had an interview with elder tenorio(a member of the quorum of the seventy) and he was asking about each member of our family and a bunch of stuff and as he said the closing prayer he asked for blessings for the family in whole but asked for specific blessing for you and i thought you might want to know that a general authority has offered a prayer in your behalf. i love you a ton, dont worry about struggles in life, just remember your testimony and rely on the Lord to bless you, strive to strenghthen your testimony daily, it has been one of the greatest blessing for me to be able to do that in my life.
i hope all is well, tell joe hi and give him a hug for me. and make sure that my little princess knows i love her as well as little man even though i havent met him yet. take care. remember that i love you and that your a beautiful daughter of God!
farewell for now

WOW huh?! Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I re-read this. It is so comforting to me that people, people who have never met me and likely never will, care. Life is rough for me right now, some days I just want to resign and if this is a game or a job or something. Don't get me wrong, my life is no harder than the next persons and I know that, I know that I am truly blessed and very fortunate in my life; however I just get on these kicks sometimes and let that ugly darkness enter my heart.

My patriarchal blessing tells me that "many times in life you will be discouraged and despondent" and it doesn't tell me just's 8 times. I used to hate those warnings and just thinking about them would make me discouraged and despondent, however now I realize that it's one of those backward blessings. It's comforting to know that someone saw forehand that I will battle those feelings and will now bless me with the right people at those times to help me get through. I see it every time I enter the black hole of depression, there is always a sweet angel reaching out to help me get back to the light.

Thank you to all who have been an angel at one time or another in my life. You are my blessings that I am so grateful for!!


Dawn said...

well tears are streaming down my face as well. You are so wonderful and everyone (including Satan) knows it. I'm glad you recognize the angels that are here to bless you. DOn't give up sweetie!

Melissa said...

Gosh, I'm sorry that you are having a hard time in life right now Trichelle! That's never fun! What a nice little email to get...funny how some times little things like that are just the things we need! ((hugs)) hope things look up for you!

Natalie Ropelato said...

What a beautiful post!!!

Mindy M. said...

I'm reading this too and crying. What a wonderful brother you have to recognize that you are an amazing person and he knows your problems here @ home without even being here. What a priveledge of having a general authourity to pray on your behalf. I think you are amazing and such a wonderful daughter of God.

amity said...

you ARE a beautiful daughter of God. He loves you and He knows what you are in need of. you needed to hear that you are loved and that there are others out there who love you and are looking out for you. you are amazing. i hope you know that.

Brax said...

kinda funny, but reading this post made my day. this week was.....rough. but im glad to hear how good your doing. youve always been such a blessing in my life.

AlexFam said...

I remember when you told me about the "Daughter of God" book. It's now one of my favorite books to read to Kaylee. I'm coming over to read it to you...just kidding. But remember the part that tells of tough times and that during those times we can forget who we really are? If you feel like you have forgotten remember that everyone else can still see it within you. Your crown may be on crooked, but it is still there.