Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Have I mentioned that Halloween is my very favorite holiday? Well, in case you've forgotten, it is! I love it. I was so excited this year, because face it, last year wasn't that great. I was 9 months pregnant (had the little guy Nov. 2nd) and just not comfortable walking, standing, or sitting. Our night ended very early as I crashed in bed around 9:00 p.m.

This year was sure to beat it. Little Man's first Halloween, Little Princess with us this year, and my in-laws here to celebrate with us. I was stoked!!

UNTIL...about 3:00 p.m., after Little Man's party, he started coughing and wheezing. It wasn't like Little Princess's asthma wheezing, but still had me concerned. By 4:00 it was just getting worse. In my head I was contemplating calling the Dr, then my father in law advised me to get him to the Dr Monday if he didn't get any better. You know with this swine flu and all the crap going around you just don't wanna risk anything. Well once he said that it confirmed my fears and I decided that I should probably just call the dr now. We were planning on going trunk or treating at my parents at 6:00, so I had about an hour until we needed to start getting dressed up and ready to head out there. I called the dr. hoping that they would say he was ok and to just enjoy the holiday, but when I mentioned all the symptoms (he had vomited Thursday night, due to teething is what I had thought, but who knew at this point) she said he was border line. I didn't have to take him in because the Motrin was calming his fever. We talked a little bit more and I asked her what she would do if it was her child to which she told me she'd be at the ER right now...Needless to say I told her that's where I was heading then. My heart was hoping that due to a holiday it'd be empty in there and we could be in and out and nothing seriously wrong and we could celebrate this fantabulous holiday...

well, the waiting area was empty, no one was at the stations where you first come in...could I seriously be getting lucky this far? But as soon as the lady who took his info heard him she called for dr's to come right over and they rushed us down the hallways and into a room. My heart crashed and realized that something could be seriously wrong. I didn't want to admit it, but up to that point I had been acting pretty selfish in my know just wanting things to work out so we could celebrate...but not really thinking about what this poor little guy could be going through.

After 3 hours in the ER and tests being done, we were released. He was ok, no swine flu, no pneumonia, just the croup and the rest was from teething. YAY!!

Well, we missed trick or treating...I mean Little Man and I missed it. Lover Boy and his family took Little Princess out to my parents and did the trunk or treating with them. She had a wonderful time and was so happy that they went with her.

Hopefully next year we will all be in good health and be able to celebrate together.


Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

OH Happy Halloween!!! I am so sad that you spent it in the ER....You know I love Halloween like you do, so I feel so sad for you!! I'm glad little man is feeling much better!! Love you guys!! Cutest Morticia & Dracula!!

Dawn said...

just happy everything turned out the way it did. Next year. (fingers crossed)

Mandy and Nate said...

I'm so glad Little man did not have H1N1 I've heard that is no fun. He'll have lots of fun next year when he can eat everything in site.

amity said...

i am so glad everything turned out good for little man!! so sorry you missed out on halloween activities!! cute, cute witch, though.