Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come On Over...

come on over baby (imagine me singing it, no wait, don't then you might run in the other direction)

Cuz I'm finally doing another boutique!!! After 2 years in "retirement" I've come out of my "NO CRAFTING" slump.

I've got some things that I'm simply so excited about.

There will be Christmas decor as well as year round treasures.

As I fully understand that everyone around the world is feeling crunched on finances, I've done my very best to keep prices affordable to all.

So, when is this boutique? Dec 5th 9-3. Where? At 311 chimes view dr.
And just a heads up, if you've come to my boutiques before you may have noticed that things tend to go quickly. There are just a few people who have to get here right at opening...and I've received a heads up that it will be happening again. YAY!!!! but, since I'm doing it solo this time I do fear that I don't have enough done :( so due to this fear...and since I know only what I like (and I'm fine with admitting that my favorites, likely won't be yours) and not what everyone else will and what not...I will offer special orders on certain items.

I hope so badly to see you SATURDAY...even if you are pennyless as I am, just come by and say Hi, I'll try not to cough or sneeze on you (I am praying that it will be gone by then).

And if you can't make it, no worries...I'll invite you to my next one in the spring, which I'm already planning some really amazing things for...and if you don't ever come, well then I'm not sure we'll remain friends. hahaha ok so I'm totally joking.

PS. all crafts have been hand-made by our entire family. Little Princess has helped with the painting, and Little Man has drooled on some (I've done my best to sanitize them), and then of course Lover Boy and I have done all the easy things that the other 2 didn't. Even my wonderful mommy helped with some.

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Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Boo!! To you & not having the boutique last week....However I hope you sell everything & special order me all your favorites!!! Love You sooooo much!!!!