Sunday, December 6, 2009

what a month...

I refuse to apologize, I would like to but I'm gonna just say it was all worth it!!

Have I lost you yet? I have not blogged very faithfully for at least the last month. I love (really honestly) blogging, you know it's a release for me, a place for me to get out my feelings and emotions judgement free (lol, i know readers will judge me, but i don't see facial expressions or hear tones of voices) and a place for me to relish in what will soon be my memories.

I often catch myself needing to blog...but lately I've distracted myself with other things, and that is what I refuse to apologize for. Much has been going on in our life. We have been very busy and when I'm very busy and going in different directions I feel a large amount of emotions which I would like to express on here, yet didn't and I'm ok with that.

After Halloween, our little family started making crafts for a boutique. We decided that since no actual work-for-a-paycheck jobs were coming through, that we HAD to do something. We have a garage and basement full of supplies that we felt would be substantial to do a boutique with...and guess what, it was! Lover Boy cut all of the wood, Little Princess and I painted and dressed up everything and Little Man just played.

During this time I realized just how lazy I've become. Each day I would see more and more accomplished and at virtually no out of pocket cost. I enjoyed spending that time with my husband and my daughter. Now of course there were stressful moments, times that I just couldn't have a little body in my way or knocking things over or playing with things and misplacing the kiddos did spend quite a bit of time alone watching movies or playing in their bedrooms. Those are the moments that I realize just how blessed I am with my kids. They are so good. I can put them in their rooms, close the door, and disappear for an hour or so and they don't get into things, they don't climb (yet, knock on wood), they just play and play well together. YAY!!

Mid November Lover Boy and I took our "Honeymoon" finally. We went with 3 of our friends and some other people whom we've become friends with now:) He took a cruise to Catalina Island and Ensanada Mexico. It is a very small 4 day cruise to nowhere spectacular, but that doesn't make it any less fun. We had a blast. I'll blog more about that seperately because I have so many pictures and fun memories to share.

When we came home we jumped right back on our crafting frenzy. Every day seemed to be crafts from the time we woke til way passed my bed time.

During my time crafting, I did a lot of thinking and analyzing. I realized that I'm so blessed. What a perfect time to realize that we have much to be thankful for, right as Thanksgiving approached.
Blessings in my life include:
  • my darling little family who make each day worth getting out of bed for.
  • my family that raised me and help me raise my family. They teach me so much and are always willing to help me whenever I need it.
  • my home. I'm truly lucky to have this home and have a place that fits our family comfortably (of course I'm dying for a slightly bigger home, but that's just cuz I have so much "crap") and that we are able to use it as a supplemental income (renter).
  • love. I'm a very loving person and I'm so thankful for that. I love everyone (although I can honestly say there is one person that I really do NOT care for, but I'm working on that, really I do try). I'm so glad that I love people, and all kinds of people, I really try not to judge and when you can put everything aside how can you not love people?
  • the town i live in. for those of you who know where I live might question why I love living here, but just know that I do. Everything is practically within arms reach. I can walk to the grocery, I could walk just about anywhere that I need to go. And for me that is a blessing...for you it might be a big turn-off, but I love being so close to everything.
  • friends, I've been so blessed with such amazing and caring friends. I have friends from all walks of life and they teach me so much. My friends are always there for me.
  • hugs...I simply love hugs. There truly isn't much a hug can't help fix.
  • my talents-this one is very hard for me to recognize, I always look at others and see how truly amazing they are and compare myself and see how I don't quite add up...but while I was crafting I thought well this is at least one talent that I do have, and I'm not saying that anyone isn't better than I, because the way I craft is simple (obviously if I have my 4 yr old helping me do every step) and I think most people are just afraid to try it, because I know anyone could do it.
  • My life. My life is such a blessing, each day I learn something new. Whether it's through a great experience or through sorrow I'm constantly learning new sometimes I might not take the time to focus on what is meant to be learn, but eventually it broadsides me and I learn at least a little.

I am blessed, even though there are many times that I struggle and think I'd like to throw in the towel I have so much to be thankful for.

Oh and one blessing that I didn't mention is having a truly brilliant daughter. This little girl is so smart and understands just so much she amazes me. This is for my memories, don't feel obligated to read. Mid November (2 days before we left on our cruise) I found out that my unemployment was going to be reevaluated and they were putting me on a 2 week hold. I am about to admit just how white trash we are (and believe me this is a complete embarrassement to me but...) we live on my unemployment and our savings. Lover Boy is collecting too, but his seems like pennies and couldn't ever support us. So a 2 week hold (effective immediately) killed us. We had just barely depleted our savings account so we couldn't even rely on that to get us by. Fortunately I was able to make some visits to my car lender and make arrangements with them to hold my car payment this month and we decided that our flexible spending would just have to be drastically cut down and basically eliminated as well as a few other payments would just have to be late, until I did the boutique and could get everything hopefully caught up. Anyways my children have problems with milk. Little Princess can ONLY have Soy Milk. 1/2 a gal is $4.00. She drinks a lot of milk which ends up costing us quite a bit each month, which honestly I'm not complaining about because I'm so happy that she loves milk and will pay whatever to have her drink it, however during this time that we couldn't go to the grocery store or what not, she had only a little bit of milk left. When she was thirsty through out the day I asked her to only drink water, I explained to her that she needed to save her milk for breakfast and dinner because it was nearly gone, and once it was gone I couldn't just run to the store and replace it for a week or so. A day after explaining this to her, she came up to me and said that she was ready to paint a lot of things because she really wanted a glass of milk for her snack but she knew that she had to work hard so she could help mommy make some money for her milk. Bless this child's sweet heart. I'm thankful for our financial struggles because it is teaching my daughter that money doesn't just come everytime you put your debit card in the ATM, and that you have to work for money. So i guess this struggle that I absolutely despise is worth it as long as my children learn from it and remember it when they are older.

Ok here's pictures of the finished projects from the boutique: If you want to order anything I will of course do special orders on certain items that i've listed with pricing below, just email me: or call 801-458-9867

The long Magnet Board is $25, It is only the magnet board no magnets, i just put some of my own and pictures on there for show:)

The Post with Hangers : $45
Knock and it shall be opened: $25

Key to Happiness is Smiling: $25
Spring birdie: $15
Candy Cane: $20
Snowman: $20
Knock and it shall be opened: $25
Happy Birthday Clown: $20
Sewing Bird: $25
Key to happiness is Smiling board: $25

Pedestal Magnet Board (it's in the far right corner): $20
Snowman: $20
Sewing Bird: $25
Happy Birthday Clown: $20

Post with Hangers: $45
Snowman: $20
Christ was born magnet board: $45
Merry and Bright Magnet Board: $45
Picket Fence Bench: $40
Spring Bird: $15
Spring Bird: $15
Candy Cane: $20


Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

OK I want one of everything please, thank you!!! Email me prices for the things you will be making me!! I for sure need to have a 3 of those birdie sewing equipment holders!! One for me & one for bobbie & one for my cousin!! Seriously email me prices please of everything!!!

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh & your blog feed, says I have gotten on & off your blog about 12 times & that is not accurate!! I am a stalker, but not on that level!! LOL!!!

Natalie Ropelato said...

Oh my Gosh Trichelle, I am soooo bummed I missed it. Everything is so cute. Although maybe Dave will be glad I missed it because by the looks of everything, I probably would have spent way too much money.:) Question though, how much was the craft in the first picture? I have the perfect place for that? And is that something you are doing special orders for? And I was looking but couldn't tell what was in the middle, Is is a picture? and also do magnets come with it or not? I know if I would have jsut been there, I would know :) Everything is so cute, can't wait for your next boutique in March.

Shay & Kalie said...
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Shay said...

Hey Trichelle - I am so sorry I missed your boutique! I had every intention of coming and had to work that day and by the time I was done it was waaaay too late. Are you taking any special orders? I would love a couple of your birdie holders too. They are so cute and I have so many different ways I could use them. Sorry again I missed, I've been meaning to call or email. Love ya!

Dana said...

LOVE all my stuff! You are so talented! Cant wait for the next one.

Mindy M. said...

Thank you so very much for my cute candy cane! You are so talented ~ I told your mother you get it from her and she completely denied that! I would love to see all your stuff ~ if you have any left I would love to buy some. Let me know.

Mandy and Nate said...

So sorry we missed the wonderful items. The weather was horriable that day and just couldn't get myself to take the kids out. Sorry we missed it and can't wait for the next one.