Friday, July 25, 2008

"Family" Vacation Time

So we have FINALLY taken our "family" vacation!! It's been in the planning for months now, and the dates have been bumped around a bit, but it was finally time to go; and we had a blast....or I did anyways! (Joe was a good sport and never complained once, but Disneyland and SeaWorld really aren't his idea of a great vacation...but he just said it was the heat that he didn't care for)
Here's a brief look at what our vacation was: potty stops galore, swimming at the pool (which entailed a brave rescue by "Hero" Kimi for our little princess Ivy), "Tower of Terror" aka our hotel, sunburns from SeaWorld, delicious dinners, a very minor rear-end bump (not by us, someone bumped us on the freeway), buried in sand at Newport beach, smiles in the happiest place on earth (Disneyland), jumping on hotel beds, driving around forever in search of dinner, and the million dollar question "are we there yet?".
I must say, I quite enjoyed favorite noise (Ivy laughing) was in abundance. She was silly and really handled not being able to take her naps quite well. I was the one who needed a nap daily.
Thank you Joe, Kimi, and Ivy for sharing in my much needed vacation!!

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