Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beautiful little Miracle!

Yesterday I went and had my Target Ultra Sound at 25 weeks. Technology is truly amazing. We were able to see his little face. So awesome, although a bit freaky!! The bones and skin still look lumpy, but it's fun to see how he is growing. Ivy was funny, the technician was measuring the top of the head, so all you could see was a round circle, and Ivy said "Oh he's cute". Lol yes a round circle is quite cute. (let me just give you a quick background...Ivy found out she was having a brother and cried and cried, she even had to call gramma to cry to her. She told me to tell God to take him back and give her a sister. But she's been coming around and getting excited, even placing bets that he'll have pink hair. However, right before we were leaving for the appointment she asked if today she could trade him for a sister when we went to the dr.) When when we were able to see the face, Ivy blurted out "Look he's sleeping, but he's still cute huh?" I'm so glad that she went with me. I think she said he was "so cute" at least half a dozen times, if not more. She's a very proud big sister!! And hopefully now she's ok with the fact that he's a BOY!

One more thing, Monday night we were talking and it got brought up that Joe is Zaden's Daddy. Ivy had this funny look on her face...Think about it though, a 3 year old surely does not comprehend how a baby is made, and that she will have a different daddy than her little brother. She just looked at us for a minute and then started laughing "Joe, you're going to be a daddy?!" It was hilarious! She couldn't believe that Joe was going to be a daddy, like Daniel is her daddy. I love the pure innocence of a child. We all had a good laugh. :)


Mandy Thorsted said...

Love your blog!! so glad I can keep up to date on your life, maybe one day I will have a blog of my own. Glad to hear everything is going great!! Soon that little baby will be here and then the fun begins.
Mandy Thorsted

Dawn said...

I can't wait to meet Zaden. He truly is a blessing!

Dawn said...

Oh, and I wanted to thank you for asking me to go with you. What a treat!

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

Umm stinkin cute story!! I love Ivy! I can't wait until I can meet this little guy! Just think our two little people up in heaven lookin down & saying what have we gotten ourselves into!! Think of the excitement going on! Hee HEe oh well at least they'll have each other! Oh & I think Zaden is a really cute name!! Love him already!! :)