Monday, July 28, 2008


So for the past few months....before I finally decided to start an actual blog, I'd been keeping notes of funny things that Ivy says. It's just been saved here on my work computer (so I won't lose it at home on a piece of paper) anyways, let me just share with you the silly, sweet, and "where on earth did that come from" sayings from princesses mouth.

I picked up Ivy from daycare (4/2008) and she just started jabbering about her day…”Mommy, I went potty in the toilet and not in my panties. I was like teacher I need to go potty and like she took me and so I went. Then when I was done, I was like teacher I need to wash my hands. And my teacher was like no you don’t its ok, and then mommy I was like, you’ve gotta be kidding me…my mommy always makes me wash my hands after going potty.” Hilarious!! Like, like, like, and you’ve gotta be kidding me….too much!!

Ivy was “doing her homework” which means she was writing in her coloring book that has activities (crossword puzzles and such) with a pencil. Homework is done in a pencil. After she was “finished” she brought the paper over for me to write her name. So I wrote “IVY” however, the way that I write my I’s is just a single line. Ivy informed me that I needed to put the line underneath, so I made it look like IVY. She quickly corrected me once again and said “no mommy, there are TWO lines.” I caught onto what she was trying to get me to do…I put the little line at the top and bottom of the letter “I”. As soon as I did it she started clapping for me and said “that’s the way mommy, good job mommy.” My 2 year old is teaching me how to write!!

So for the past few weeks, Ivy has been putting me on a guilt trip “mommy you always go to work. You never spend time with me.” It worked; I cut my hours back at Victoria’s Secret to be strictly when Ivy is with Daniel. I’m down to only Sundays til 3 (so that I can always do dinner and family home evening with her) and then Tuesday nights (when she’s with Daniel) and every other Friday night (again when she’s with Daniel). Well, this morning I woke her up to get her ready for daycare and told her how fun it was going to be because today was picture day!! Yay! How fun to get a picture with all her friends. She didn’t think so. She rolled over and looked in my eyes, brushing her wild hair away from her face, and said “mommy, I’d rather spend the day with you.” How can I not just feel torn? So I assured her that I would much rather spend the day with her than send her to school and me to work. But I explained that our house costs money; as well as food, toys, clothes, and anything fun to do and in order to get money I have to go to work and she has to go to school so that I can work. She pulled the blankets over her head and said “we have enough money, and mommy Joe wants you to stay home with me.” If only it were that simple. How sweet and sad that my two year old understands; because then she told me….we can move in with gamma and papa and eat their food and gamma and daddy can just buy my toys and clothes. See mommy, you don’t have to go to work anymore.” Oh I wish!! Someday little princess….someday!

Driving to Mesquite NV from California, Ivy informs me and Joe that she is hungry. We were planning to eat dinner once we reached Mesquite, so both Joe and I tell her to eat the goldfish or crackers or any of our other numerous snacks…to which she responds; “No, I want real food, real food mommy!” How funny, what kid (especially her) asks for real food?

Ivy had a few one liners for me today, and funny thing about that is that I only had her from about 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. when she went to bed. Anyways, my 2 favorite things she said that just made me laugh were right as I was getting her ready for bed. Every night when she goes to bed she asks where she’s going in the morning. I can usually flop the question and ask her smart little pants where she’s going and she gets it right, well maybe 95% of the time. So last night, as in normal routine she asked where she was going but this time I couldn’t ask her because she’s been out of her normal schedule for a few weeks, vacations with daddy and then with mommy, so I told her... school. As usual she fussed for a minute (she’d much rather just spend everyday with Gamma), but then I explained to her that once baby Zaden is born, she’ll get to spend every day with mommy and her baby brother. She immediately brightened right up. So I continued to explain to her that Joe said mommy will only have to go work 2 days a week, so that will be the days she can go to Preschool. Her eyes instantly lit up, jaw dropped a bit, and then her little arms opened wide. She gave me a huge bear hug burying her face in my shoulder then lifted her sweet face for a second and said “Mommy, I’m so proud of you! You finally get to be my mommy.” (Yes, go ahead and wipe your tears…lol, probably only gets to me)
So we went on with bedtime routine…jammies on, stories read, songs sang, I’m a child of God bear, Pinky bear, and Care Bear Zebra (isn’t my little one so creative in naming her stuffed animals?) in place under her arms, then our same exchange of night time goodbyes “I love you, good night, sweet dreams, see you in the morning, don’t let the bed bugs bite”, and then I tucked her in and as I turned around to leave she said “Mommy, and if the bad guys come for us, we’ll be safe huh, cuz Joe will just fart in their faces and then he can shoot them with his gun”. O-my goodness I about peed my pants. How funny! Joe doesn’t have a gun, but his rear end sure is a weapon and Ivy can definitely testify to that!


Starley Family said...

Ivy is so stinkin' cute!!! Really what kid asks for real food? Katelyn would have juice all day long!

Dawn said...

Oh I love all the Ivyisms. I could add a few more! I cried when you did.:)