Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lover Boys toy

So once we got our taxes back we were able to pay off all our debt (minus the house of course) and get Lover Boy a toy. He has sacrificed so many of his "toys" for us the last few months that this was a no brainer...of course he deserved such a fun toy!

Lover Boy's sister offered him her jeep at a steal of a deal. Honestly a deal that we would be stupid to pass up. We jumped on it and were so excited to get her jeep. We had to take it out for a mudding trip...but since there was still so much snow on the ground in the mountains we just went out to my parents field and tried it out there. It was so much fun. Little Princess was in the back laughing, sometimes it was a nervous laugh as we'd go flying over some bumps. She even got a little nervous for Little Man and reached over to steady his car seat from tipping over. We were having fun til a bull decided to chase us...luckily we made it out without a horn through the side. LOL.

We are dying to go again, but think it might be better to leave the kids where they are sure to be safe.


Shay said...

How Fun!! Lucky you Joe, but how wonderful Trichelle talks about you I'm sure you deserved it!

Brax said...

hey, try not to put ruts in the field, grandpa will still end up blaming me, so always drive the edges of the hay fields, and dont mess up the trenches for irigation, and you should be fine, or i should be fine