Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little slaves

I often joke about having kids to be "slaves" like the people back in the day did. And part of that is honest, I can't wait for them to help with some of the little chores, but I'm so nit picky that I'll probably just rather do it myself my way. LOL.

The other day Little Princess walked in the kitchen dragging her chair and asked me if I'd like her to do the dishes. I laughed and said "Absolutely". I was busy on the computer so put her off for a minute. Next thing I know I hear the water running and Lover Boy instructing Little Princess on how to wash the dishes. It was so cute!

Then when I was able to tear myself away from the computer I walked in the kitchen to see this:
Lover Boy cooking dinner and Little Princess scrubbing the dishes.

I felt so spoiled. But they quickly assured me that things were going just fine in the kitchen and to get back to doing what I was doing. So Little Man and I returned to the computers.:)


Dawn said...

now just make sure you never make dishes seem like a job. She'll want to always do them if she doesn't think she's working. :)

AlexFam said...

Zaden is so big!

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

Love your family! Can't believe Zaden is getting so big! Can't wait to see him tomorrow! Ivy is too cute! Sotera loves to help too! She likes to scrub down the stools, chairs & anything in the kitchen.