Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Think. Think. Think

Sometimes I catch myself acting like Winnie-the-Pooh. You know when he goes to do something, but just can't seem to remember what is was he was going to do. Over the last few days there are so many times that I've caught myself thinking "I need to blog that" you know those little things that you just don't want to forget. But now that I have a minute, most of them have gone out from my memory.

However there is one little story that is too funny for me to forget just yet.
Last week we were finally able to have a play date with our most favorite friends. We've been trying to get together for a few months, but have been unsuccessful, somebody has always been sick between our 2 families. Anyways, our cute friends came over. The girls had a wonderful time downstairs in the "new" playroom. After about an hour or so someone got hungry, I'm not sure if it was me or the kiddos. So I was in the kitchen throwing some Mickey chicken nuggets in the oven, when Sotera came to me and said "Tichelle I'm thirsty". Little Princess standing right there immediately opened the fridge, "Well all there is to drink is my Soy Milk that you can't have or Joe's beer. Would you like a beer Sotera?"
I quickly jumped in this little conversation while I was laughing hysterically inside, and offered orange juice.
My 3 yr old asked her little4 yr old friend if she would like a beer. That might be a record for the youngest age of peer pressure drinking. Luckily her mom was there too and heard the entire thing.
Some of you may not find this story funny. You may think it's irresponsible of me to have beer in the fridge. However if you can just put it all aside, it truly is funny. Little Princess knows the rules, we've actually fudged the rules and told her when she's at least 25 if she would like to try it, that's when she can. She is always quick to remind everyone that beer is yucky, as she pulls her little disgusted face with her tongue out.

Oh yes, another little thing I've been simply amazed by is children. For those of you with your own children or children that you are close to know what I'm talking about.
I sit stunned watching my little angels grow and develop in ways that blow my mind.
Little man is just so darn strong. He has been holding his head up practically since birth. Of course he was a little wobbly at first, but he'd still be able to hold that big head up. (You know the proportion of an infants head to the rest of his body...I'm not insulting my children). Then he rolled over, which turned out to be a fluke/mistake, at 2 weeks. At about 4 1/2 months he's been standing holding his weight. Of course we have to keep our hands holding him from tipping over because he's yet to figure out how to balance, but those little things to me are completely amazing. I've not worked with him to try and push him to do these things, he has just figured out so much on his own. Watching him eat is a hole other adventure. His little mouth and tongue know just how to move his food to the back of his mouth and swallow it down. WOW!
I love playing in the mirror with him. He glances in and gets so excited to see "beautiful mommy" ( I can give myself that title and try to brainwash my children to believe it, LOL) then he looks at the handsome little guy I'm holding, eyes wander back up to mommy, then he'll turn his head and stare at the real me. A smile will break out across his face and then he tries to touch the mirror. I think he's figured it out that there really aren't 2 of me. He loves to just stare at himself. And while he's busy admiring his handsome self, I sit in wonderment over this creature I call my baby.
I'm sure I sound like a complete freak, but c'mon it is awesome!

Then there is little Princess who is just too smart. I am completely shocked at how much she has taught herself. Yesterday she was playing on the computer. I looked over at her to see what she was doing, actually to make sure she wasn't screwing up anything, and she was reading. Of course not big full out reading, but she was sounding out words to find. The word I saw her read was KEY. The voice on the computer said to find the word "KEY", and she sounded it out "ka-E". Then she looked at the list of words and found the one that started with the letter "K" and that had an "E" in it. She's only 3!! How does she learn this?? I surely do NOT work with her on things like that. I feel it's too advanced for her little being and I just want her to stay my little baby girl. She also loves mathematics. She's always asking what's this number times this number. Or what times this number makes this number. She's a thinker that's for sure. All I can say is thank you to patient people who spend time with Little Princess and don't blow her off but take the time to explain things and answer her questions, thank you disney channel and PBS for the cartoons that teach her to think and solve problems and use her genious little brain (ie Tigger and Pooh, Super Why, Imagination Movers, Sid the Science Kid, Handy Many, Mickey Mouse, Agent Oso, Little Einstiens) .

Little Princess's most recent blurt from her mouth that made us laugh.
Driving in the car to Gramma's house.
Little Princess is counting by 10's, then suddenly Lover Boy jumped in to tease her and counted the last few sets really fast and loud.
In complete disgust, Little Princess pronounces "Now that's just NOT polite!"


Dawn said...

oh the joys of being a mommy. Kids are amazing, I think that's why they are so fun. They really are smart. Oh, and you are a beautiful mommy so it's okay to reassure that! Love You!

Brooke and Aaron said...

I think the beer story is hilarious! I was laughing out loud. :)

Shay said...

Ivy is such a little smartie! I love reading your stories about her because she is so darn funny, especially for a 3 year old! I agree with your are definitely a beautiful mommy! In fact, the comment you left on my fitness blog was so nice, but you must know that you are what I want to look like, so thanks for motivating me!!

Shari said...

Beer story is too funny....oh, the memories your stories bring to my mind!!! Thanks.