Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new look for a new chapter

My adorable Little Princess is off to school...well pre-school anyways.

After months and months of debate and hesitation, I finally agreed to let her chop off her long hair. She hates it to be done, but I informed her that just because we cut it doesn't mean I'm not going to have to do. In fact, with short hair she'll have to let me blow dry it and straighten it. She said that was ok because she just wanted her hair short like mine.

It was Monday, the day before school would start so I took her out to get it cut...Salon's are closed on Mondays, beauty schools are closed on Mondays...finally we found a place that was open and would cut her hair. The lady left it a few inches longer than Little Princess and I had asked her to, but I figured it would be just fine...It was fun to see her love it and get so excited over her new look. I on the other hand wasn't so thrilled. Maybe it was the way the it was styled, but I hated it. I was close to crying about her new look, but realized that wouldn't be good for her self-esteem. I fought the tears back for days, actually probably an entire week.

Well the first day of school came. You know having had my child in Day Care for so long, I figured her going to PreSchool wouldn't be a big deal. She was beside herself with excitement. We waited in a very long line to get in the school; parents have to sign in and get a name tag before you are allowed through the doors to the school. The line was unusually long because on the first day of school they don't run the buses so everyone was there dropping their children off. As we were waiting in line a loud voice from behind me boomed "Oh my ___, these people are all such white trash and ghetto." Um excuse me?!!! Did you seriously just say that THAT loud?! I turned around to see who could be so uppity on themself and feel the need to degrade all those around her. Do you know what I saw? I'm going to be very rude her and normally I probably wouldn't have even thought anything of her, but she had to go and draw attention to herself that she was better than the rest of us...so, here I go (acting as badly as she did) she was White Trash!! I don't know if she owned a comb, but if she did she surely didn't know how to use it. She should really visit a dentist because I think she was missing half her teeth. Her clothing was dirty, very dirty and her child's was no better. Her mom was with her (looking just as lovely). The ignorance of some people just blows my mind! I'm not one who cares about outward appearances, other than my own so I really don't feel good about myself trash talking her, but I don't know what made her look at the rest of us in line and feel the urge to be so derogatory to us.

Once we were inside Little Princess informed me that I wouldn't need to help her because she knew how to do everything, like hang up her back pack and wash her hands...I stood there and watched her do her thing. It was so cute, but then I realized she was becoming so much more independent...what happens when she doesn't want my help with anything? I tried so hard to fight back my emotion, I tried to escape through the door before anyone noticed, but was stopped in my tracks by our family advocate (she makes sure all is well in the home, and offers all sorts of advice for us looking for jobs, parenting classes, finance classes, etc) She just had a few things to present to me about some classes. She must've noticed my emotion because she gave me a hug and assured me they would take special care of my little one. Funny thing about her is, she's half my size. She's a darling girl and so nice, but it just felt funny getting a hug and assurance from someone so tiny. I rushed out the door and to the car and just sat there. I let the tears roll. Then I wondered what the heck was going on? I've been through this with her enough that it should just be routine...

Little Princess informed me that the "cool' way to wear a back pack is only on one shoulder, and that really for her fashion she shouldn't have that kind of back pack, she needs the kind that slings over one shoulder, like the mail carrier bags. LOL, seriously? How do you know this, you're only 4?!

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Stephanie said...

I can’t believe how long Ivy’s hair was! Honestly, I love her shorter cut and I think it suits her because it has attitude and Ivy is at the spunky stage, like all four year olds, that it suits her perfectly.