Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Day at the Zoo

In my homeschooling group they send emails daily about activities to do with your children. I guess the Hogle Zoo offers during the winter months a free day on the last Wednesday of the month. When I heard about it I figured that it'd be perfect to take the kids to, Wednesday is Little Princess's day off from preschool. I called Natalie to see if she and Mya would like to go with us and luckily Justin had the day off work so their family joined us.

It was very cold, so many of the animals were inside. We missed out on seeing most of my favorites, but the kids still had a fun time...well mostly. Little Princess has learned that "outings" mean treats and toys. All the little shops with food were closed. The train was closed too. That put quite a damper on her trip to the zoo. Fortunately Aunt Natalie was prepared with yummy Cheetos for the kids to munch on.

Little Princess was in control of the camera.

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