Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie Fanatic

My Little Man loves his Disney movies. It amazes me how different my two children are. Little Princess did not care for television one bit until she was about 2, now I can't get her to turn the thing off. But Little Man is mesmerized by the music and colors and everything. When he is fussy and doesn't want to be held, doesn't want to play and is rather unsure of what it is he wants, the movies calm him right down. I know I know I shouldn't be sticking my child in front of the TV every time he fusses...but hey, sometimes ya gotta to keep a little bit of sanity.

The other day I was doing some housework and just getting frustrated with Little Man. Lover Boy came to my rescue. They whisked off into the bedroom...after awhile of complete quiet I thought maybe I should peek in and see what they were up to (usually you only do this when it's only children right? well I was just curious when it is Daddy and baby).

This is what I saw:

Another day when Little Man was just doing his thing:

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