Friday, August 1, 2008

My Rabbits Foot

To be quite honest, the idea of carrying around a rabbits foot for good luck seems disgusting to me. Those of you who know me, know I'm terrified of animals, yes even cute little bunnies. I wouldn't ever knowingly carry a rabbits foot with me, however someone must have hidden one....I know where, it's probably in my purse that's so hard to find anything in. Anyways to the point already, huh!

I am one lucky girl!!

Let me just tell you....OK, so Friday's are Joe's day off. I will usually go home on my lunch break to spend you know 15-20 minutes with him chowing down some quick lunch. So today, being Friday, I head home for lunch....really it's just to see him and today I got extra lucky because Ivy was home with him. The front door was wide open, a common occurrence at our house with all this heat, the stereo blaring, and this wonderful odor seeping out. At first glance it was obvious what was going on. Carpets vacuumed, wood polished, glass shined, clutter gone!! My heart was so excited. I had to think for a second if it was my birthday or something....nope, not yet. Then I slowly (I had to take in the cleanness of my usually cluttered and very dusty home) walked to the kitchen doorway. There stood Joe, scrub sponge in hand, sweat sliding down his forehead and the 409 on the stove next to him, scrubbing the stove and not just the stove, but he'd removed the knobs and was scrubbing them and the back part. O-my goodness, was I dreaming (my dream last night was no where near this pleasant)? The rug was removed (which means I know what he'll be doing next) from the kitchen. I grabbed my food from the fridge (after a kiss or two with this dream angel) and hurried to the other room to eat. Not long after, Joe is guiding Ivy into the room (she'd been napping). She's got her eyes covered, and is expecting a big surprise....and you know what (yes, I'll be conceited and say it) she was excited and surprised to see me. oh oh oh and wait I didn't mention, my bedroom was cleaned too. All clutter off the floor, bed made, and everything dusted and shining (which seriously never NEVER happens).

Then to make everything even better, right as I was getting ready to leave Joe started cleaning the top of the refrigerator (one of my least favorite jobs, maybe because of my height so it's not very easy for me to reach up there) He hollered to me, so I went in there and there he is standing holding an envelope. Not just any envelope, but one that I've lost a few times before and that I had searched and searched for the past couple days....MY JAMES BLUNT TICKETS!! YAY! He found them!! My clean sink and countertops:)
The stove was completely cleaned off and the backsplash too!
I am so lucky:)
Joe even dusted, polished and organized my night stand.


Dawn said...

Miracles really do happen! What a good guy that Joe is! I'm glad he makes you happy. :)

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

Can I borrow Joe? Seriously, Chad has a hard enough time picking up after himself, let alone picking up my junk!!! Tell Joe I don't pay very well, but if he's bored he's more than welcome to come clean out my clutter (because we all know I have ALOT of that around here!) LOL! Lucky woman!

Starley Family said...

I am so jealous. I want to go to a James Blunt concert (and have my whole house scrubbed from end to end). Couldn't go to a more deserving girl.