Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Babysitting the cutest little Niece

Justin asked me to watch his cutest little girl today while Natalie had an appointment. You know it's just so much easier to get things done without the little ones in tow. I jumped right on the opportunity, it's not everyday we get asked to babysit, and we just love how stinking cute Mya is with Little Man.

Mya always loves to take care of Little Man, she's gonna be such a good little mommy someday. She loves to find his binky and put it in his mouth, share her blankie with him (which if you know her, it really is a big thing that she's sharing with him because she loves her blankie), and just play with him in general. Little Princess was so excited to get to play with her cousin too, but unfortunately she had to leave shortly after Mya arrived, it was her night with her daddy. Mya was so fun to watch, the time just flew right by. We played in the toy room with crayons, babies, puzzles, stuffed animals, and dishes. Then we headed up stairs and had a tea party with Mya's new dishes (Little Princess has so many dishes that we thought we should share some with Mya), Mya loves her uncle Joe. She was so funny, anytime he'd leave the room she'd raise her one little hand and grunt, it was as if she was asking "where'd he go". So that turned into a little game of hide-and-seek. Uncle Joe thought it'd be fun to give Mya a little tattoo, she loved it!! Actually I think she was more intrigued with the spray bottle of water to get the tattoo to stick than with the actual bird on her arm. She loved eating a delicious popsicle that to our surprise she devoured so quickly for such a little thing. Uncle Joe also showed her that it's much better and funner to eat crackers dunked in milk than plain, so they had fun splashing in the milk.

We love you cute little Mya. You were so much fun to play with.


Dawn said...

Mya really did love her tatoo. She showed me the next day! I love that you guys spent time together and help each other out. That makes me truly happy! :)
I really have the best kids ever!

Natalie said...

Thanks for watching her! (I'm a little slow reading this). She loved that tatoo and we kept it on for days until it started to rub off. I love how she is with Zaden, too! Thanks for taking care of her!

Natalie said...

Oh, and she loves her dishes! Thanks!