Monday, May 11, 2009


Can I just say that you are never NEVER too old to have a sleep over with your friends. I guess I thought that you just kinda grow out of that, however when my friend invited me and Little Princess to sleep over with her and her cute little girl at her mom's house we jumped at the chance and I realized that it must be something I'll never outgrow.

My friend is moving this week and I'd promised the little girls a sleep over before the big move. So when I reminded Krissie about this, she suggested that we sleep over with them at her mom's house. We planned it for Monday night. I felt a little selfish and sorry for Lover Boy because I had to work all day Monday while he stayed home with the kids and then I'd come home, shovel in some dinner and take Little Princess for our girl's slumber party. But he, being the wonderful supportive guy that he his, assured me that he and Little Man would be just fine and that we should go and have we did.

We drove all the way to Perry, Little Princess thought that was just the farthest drive ever. I had to laugh because I remember being little and going in the car somewhere that I was just so excited to be did take forever. Finally we made it. The girls immediately went into the basement and played and played and played. Krissie and I sat upstairs in an attempt to watch a movie, however we just have to much to chit chat about the movie never got started. The girls played so well, usually we will little interruptions like "mom, she's not sharing....." or "mom, I want to do ....and she doesn't" but not tonight, they just played forever. However eventually we did hear the "mom, I really want to wear the Cheetah girl shoes and she won't let me." I just laughed. Such little girls!

Around 10:30 Krissie and I decided that it was time for bed (man, I don't remember ever considering that late enough to go to bed at our previous sleep overs, we might not be too old but we are definately older). I was sleeping in the family room with the girls while Krissie slept in the guest room with her sweet little baby. The girls were so funny, they were watching Beauty and the Beast. I passed out once my head hit the pillow (oh and a side note, Krissie's dad was so cute and went and bought an air mattress for me to sleep on, I guess it's apparent that I am getting older because years ago it was "sleep on the floor".). Then I heard the girls start talking again and so I opened my eyes and the movie was over, so I put in another movie for them to fall asleep to, I assume it worked!

In the morning, "Nanny Peg" made me and Krissie a delicious pancake breakfast. The girls slept in quite a while after us, and then they ate their pancakes. They played some more while the girls over 20 visited some more.

We had so much fun and hated leaving!! I love sleepovers!


Dawn said...

have them when ever you get the chance. I still love sleep overs too. That's why I love ed week. :)
(don't tell)

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

That was so fun! Thanks for coming all the way to perry! Sotera and I had a blast, it was the funnest thing I did before leaving!! We love you guys!! We'll have to do it again when we come in for a visit!!