Monday, May 4, 2009

stolen pics

Friends that I've had from High School: Liz Krissie Dana

I had my camera all ready to go so that hopefully someone would be able to snap a few photos of the wedding for me. However, in the last minute rush I forgot it. Luckily one of my friends had these pictures posted on facebook that I was able to snag from her. THANKS DANA.
Look at my 2 studs!!

More Friends from High School: Amy Emily & Ivy

Ivy and Zaden coming down the aisle.

Hurry up Dad, I wanna get married. LOL!


Joe and all us girls. Lucky boy:)

Now I hate to admit this, but I don't think I made that ugly face on purpose.
Hopefully but I can't remember. LOL

AND FOR YOU AUNT SHARI: since nothing really funny happened, it almost did 2 times. Walking down the aisle, my foot slipped out of my shoe. I tried to hurry and step hard to get my foot back in, but it didn't work. I walked retarded down the rest of the aisle trying so hard not to trip or roll my ankle. I made it safely!

Then when we were able to have our first kiss as husband and wife, Joe dipped me. Remember it had been raining all day so the grass was so slippery. I felt us shift a little, luckily Joe's feet didn't move and we survived what could have been a most embarrassing moment.


Dawn said...

I like the pictures. Yea, thank goodness for friends.

Brax said...

hey trichelle, congradultions, i really am happy for you. im just upset you didnt do it at kaboom, but hey thats the the most important part,........cause i'll do my reception there. haha ya right, what girl would let me? but if i could find one it would be a sure deal. thanks for everything trichelle, i sure do love you

Shari said...

Thanks Trichelle! Your two almost funny things were cute. Made me feel almost like I was there. Pictures are great!! Thnaks for posting!

AlexFam said...

I just viewed your photos on Shay's blog, they are fantastic! You look stunning and Joe looks so happy. She caught some great moments.