Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disney on Ice

Months ago when I first got the email about Disney on Ice, Lover Boy and I decided that we were going to take the kids. We get to purchase them before they actually went on sale for a very discounted price so we decided to invite all of the family. Well, since you know how I LOVE to procrastinate, the day I invited everyone was a day past getting the discounted tickets. So Justin and his family decided not to go and we thought the same thing.

Then a month or so later I got a call from my dad asking if I had plans on Thursday and if I'd like to go to Disney on Ice. I assumed he'd gotten confused and reminded him that I didn't end up getting the tickets. Apparently it was I who was confused. He'd bought tickets for our entire family to all go. And when Dad buys the tickets, he doesn't mess around. We were so close I could almost feel the ice shavings, ok so that might be exaggerating a little but seriously we were so close. When we go we always buy the nose bleed tickets, so this was truly a treat for us.

If you went early you could meet Princess Tiana, who is now a favorite at our house. Little Princess was so excited to go and she wanted to wear her Cinderella costume. To our surprise Cinderella was also there. She got to meet both of them (they stood on the stage and waved to all the eager little princess out there). Little Man did awesome. He loves cars and they were first out there. He sat and stared....which is amazing considering the show started one hour past his bedtime. Towards the end he was getting fussy and antsy, but all-in-all he did awesome. Little Princess loved it all, but mostly she loved her million dollar snow cone! A show in the Energy Solutions Arena isn't complete without that golden snow cone.

Thanks Dad so much for a fun family night!!

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