Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girls night in

Maria's boyfriend was going to Vegas for the weekend with his buddies so Maria decided it was the perfect opportunity to have the girls over to her place. I hadn't yet seen her darling apartment so part of the reason was to do just that....sad because she'd lived there like 6 months...hmmm, bad friend moment.
When you get us girls together of course all we do is chit chat, laugh, and sometimes cry to one another. This night was without exception. Dana and I were the first to arrive, then Deb, and Amy got there only minutes later. We just sat around and had a good old time, the conversation seemed to be more on the serious end, until Amy's cousin showed up. He and Amy are quite the team of jokesters. They had us all laughing til tears were streaming down our cheeks....oh and yes, we will still consider this to be a girl's night because he is gay after all. :)
Then right as Amy and her cousin were leaving she was saying "good-bye Deb, good-bye Dana, good-bye Maria, good-bye Trichelle" Eric, her cousin was already half-way out the door, he stopped, and almost shrieked "Trichelle?" We all just sat there like "yah, Trichelle!?" He didn't recognize me at all, you see I used to hang out with them quit a bit before Amy ever moved to Virginia nearly 9 years ago. I guess 9 years is a little bit of time :). Funny thing is though, I just saw him at Christmas; but that would explain why he was so "weird" towards me. hahaha. We all just sat there and laughed. In all fairness, I have changed drastically. Most people don't recognize me at first, so I wasn't too upset with him.

**and yes these pics are me au-natural. No make-up on and hair just pulled back...such a beauty I know, but when it's just the girls it's a-ok.

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