Monday, March 15, 2010

Friends Birthdays

So 2 years ago when Steph moved in with me it was the week of her birthday. Her mom insisted that she didn't like to celebrate her birthday. So I figured I wasn't going to push it, you don't want to piss that chica off.

Well a week or so later I find out (from Steph) that she does like to celebrate birthdays. I felt so bad. So this year plenty in advance we planned on dinner on her actual birthday and then Wise Guys comedy the following weekend. Everyone showed up to the night we went to the comedy club. It was so much fun being with everyone! I love my friends. Steph is a true friend. She is a person who I can open entirely to and she won't judge me for one second. She's very good at seeing all sides of situations and giving advice. She does so much for everyone. And she has a sick sense of humor. By sick I mean this girl never stops, she is hilarious!!this was the only pic I took that night. Oops, I just like pics of myself apparently. hahaha

Then a few weeks later we celebrated Dana's birthday (which it was like a week and half early) by doing our tradition of Lava Hot Springs. I don't know why we love to drive all the way up there just for a couple of hours in the hot pots and drive back home, but we do and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm really not much of a Hot Tub person, the heat gets to me too fast and I have to get out. But I still love to go :) Must be the company, ha of course it's the company. Again, I love my friends. This year after being in the pots for a little bit, we were hungry so we headed to the restaurant across the street. My eyes were surely bigger than my tummy. We ordered SO much food and it was delicious! I crashed on the drive home. It was a wonderful night.

Then on Dana's actual birthday I took her to lunch at El Matador. Maria and Little Man joined us....and I'm just noticing that Little Man is wearing the same shirt in nearly every post. I promise he does have other clothes, but obviously this is my favorite. hahaha pathetic. Anyways, Dana is sure a beauty isn't she?!! Look at that hair, and yes it is real! I love Dana, she's the kindest most Christlike person you will meet. She is my inspiration to be a better person. Love you!

Thank you friends for having birthdays! I love getting out and spending time with you:)


Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

I love all these pictures!! It looks so much fun!! Love the pics of the kids too, they are getting to big!! Give them a big smooch from me!! Their favorite aunt Krissie!!

ashley said...

How fun! Way to stay in touch. That is one thing I am so bad at.

And, my blogroll hasn't been telling me when you update your blog for some reason. I just spent the last ten minutes getting caught up. I missed the last four or five posts.

Anyways, I love reading your blog. It's so honest and you write so well. Your kids are getting so big and they are so adorable and so are you.

Dana said...

Thanks Trichelle, we always have so much fun. Love you