Sunday, March 28, 2010


The sun was shining today and we were tired of being trapped indoors, so what more perfect way to relish the sun than by going to the park (ok, so maybe I really could think of some more fun things to do...but this is close to the top of that list).
Little Man gets so excited when we tell him we are going bye-bye...and until he's buckled in and the car is moving, he gets really upset...maybe he thinks we are pranking him or something.

Little Man absolutely loves the park. He loves running around and swinging. He and Gunner (our dog) would race to get whatever it was Lover Boy would throw. Of course Little Man isn't half as fast as Gunner so he often got knocked over by Gunners wind and he raced by. It was so entertaining for me to watch the 3 of them play fetch.
I'm now anxiously awaiting the warmth of summer and being able to relax outdoors on a daily, life is good.

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