Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the latest from little princess's mouth

Yesterday while in the hospital I was talking with someone...I think it was my Sister in law, but apparently little princess wanted to tell me something. Usually she'll say "Excuse me mama" and that will get my attention. But when I wasn't acknowledging her she said "Don't you have any ears?"

When we got home today little princess must've realized that things were going to be different. She started to threaten me by telling me that if little man is sleeping in my room then she isn't. And if little man goes with me anywhere then she won't go.... Oh my! So I had to sit her down, have lover boy take the baby, and have a little chat with the little Princess on what it means to have a baby in the house and that we are all now best friends. Luckily it made sense to her (or so she claims) and she said that it is great to have a baby and that she will share mommy and lover boy with little man.

One of the most common things out of little princess's mouth lately is "Of course" and "Of course not" It's so funny because she says it as if we are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

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Dawn said...

Oh my, isn't life great! Everything will work out and it sounds like you handled it perfectly! Love you!