Monday, November 17, 2008

sleepless in the basement

My cute friend had a baby back in June. She has since tried to remind me of the sleepless nights...which I said oh, they can't be worse than now, being pregnant you don't sleep either. Boy oh boy was I wrong. You might wake up all night with aches and not being comfortable...but you can still sneak in a few hours of sleep.
Little man surely doesn't sleep very well! Actually I really think he does better than the little princess did, but we spend the nights wandering through the basement trying to keep the crying to a minimum so daddy and little princess can sleep. In the past 72 hours I've gotten 8 hours of sleep. ugh!! and 4 of those hours are because lover boy stayed home from work so that I could take an uninterrupted nap. Thank you mr. And sorry to you dear friend for not listening or blowing off the warnings you gave me. You were right.
But I remind myself that it's worth it...and that soon enough it'll hopefully be over. We have fun when it's not the middle of the night. He's so precious and would never trade him for a million nights worth of 10 hours of sleep.
Besides, when you aren't able to go to sleep you can get a very nice relaxing hot shower...find new ways to do hair, makeup, etc...give yourself a nice pedicure...take a drive around the city and look at the lights and laugh at how many people already have out their christmas lights...find some new music on the least that's how I try to keep sanity (I love my sleep and get very grouchy when it's disturbed).
Normally I'd be off to bed to a pleasant slumber, but I'm signing off to get myself prepped for this sleepless night. I think it's a pedicure night....yah, that sounds good.:)


Dawn said...

you're right that soon these sleepless nights will be over. Before you know it he'll be big like Ivy. Try to sleep when he does during the day. The dishes can wait, the laundry can too. Be kind to yourself. Love you!

Mandy and Nate said...

Hey!! Don't say I didn't warn ya!! LOL Yes those sleepless nights can be quit tiring!! So glad my little one is sleeping in till 4 or 5 a.m. Amazing what the sleep can do for ya. It's so worth it and they are so precious. Enjoy him while he is so fun and cute. Sleep can wait!! Can't wait to come and see him.

Natalie Ropelato said...

Trichelle, I'm just like you, very grumpy if I don't get my sleep, that is why Lexi sleeps with us. I bought this little bed thing from Walmart that goes in your bed (to prevent you from rolling on the baby) and Lexi sleeps right with us. The first night she was home I tried the crib thing and I just couldn't handle getting up every 2 hours, so I tried this an it worked. When Lexi whimpers I just reach over and stick the binki in her mouth, or when she wants to eat, I just prop myself up and feed her. Now Dave isn't sold on the whole idea, cuz when she whimpers he can hear it, but if it works for me, then that's what I'm going to do :) I need my sleep. Suprisingly Lexi sleeps longer with us than without.

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

Oh man, you are really freaking me out! I don't know if I'm ready to lose my beauty sleep, we all know how much I need it! Let's just cross our fingers that he's a sleeper! LOL! What new baby really is? but lets not jinx it, I'm knocking on plastic right now!That works too right, not just wood? Hang in there, you sure looked cute the other day, you would never guess you had a two week old baby! SO UNFAIR HOPE YOU KNOW!

hadfam5 said...

Girl I feel for you, It has been almost a year since we have had to deal with that. I'm very thankful for the way things are now, They are worth it, and they do grow up fast, so in a short period you will be saying, it seems like yesterday he wasn't sleeping haha. Hopefully sooner than later. You are a great mom, keep up the good work on those beautiful babies of yours. Miss ya

Starley Family said...

It's funny how everyone's kids are so different.
Sarah slept in our room in a bassinet and would wake up at ANY little noise. So we moved her/bassinet to the other bathroom at night. As soon as she started sleeping through the night she started bunking next to Katelyn and they do really well together.

It was only about 5 weeks of craziness with Sarah until she started sleeping through the night (10-6) and around 8 weeks (8:30-8:30). These days it's like (8-6:30) but she will sleep until 8 if we aren't loud in the morning...For what it's worth.

Katelyn was pretty much the same way 6 weeks on the sort- of sleep and then 12 weeks for full sleep. On Katelyn we did the feeding her immediately waking up letting it settle for 30 minutes and then playing hard, sleep, when she wakes up feed. Sarah only went down if she was nursed but she's sort of grown out of that.

What can I say each child does his/her own thing. Hang in there!
Lol, Stace
PS Sorry about the length!