Monday, January 19, 2009

My Little Princess

So for the past few months Little Princess has been hitting the terrible 2's. She's just a year late (as I hear a lot of kids are). She has been terribly whiny and just bratty. But then the last week or two, by complete surprise she has been simply wonderful. She hasn't been fussy or whiny or snotty. She's been so willing to help with her little brother, help clean her room, eating her dinner and the biggest one was leaving grammy's house last night. Usually leaving grammy's house is a big chore that we dread on Sunday nights. But yesterday she just got her shoes, searched for her sweater, all without whining once. Lover Boy was the one who pointed out the most excellent behavior to me after we'd left. He was right, she was perfect while we were getting ready to leave.

Little Princess is full of funny sayings. Her latest is "of course". If I ask her to use the potty before we leave she says "of course I don't need to". That was just seems so funny, usually I hear "of course" when it's going to be used positively not with a negative term.
Today we went out with Grammy to a few stores and in the first one she asked for a treat. I really don't like to give her treats in the first store that we visit, but today she really was being so good that I would've given in, however I was on the phone with her daddy and didn't want to go wait in line because we were in the middle of an important conversation. She was so good and didn't cry and beg (like her normal behavior) and then according to my mom she just went and stood with Grammy in line and said "I can't have a treat, my mom said no and that's ok, I don't need one". What a little sweet heart!! I almost feel like I need to shake her and demand my daughter back, but I kinda like this clone with a much better attitude.


Mindy M. said...

Hi Trichelle! Just had to let you know that I have a new favorite in my Primary class...your daughter!! She was the best little thing yesterday and I can't believe how smart she is!! Love her so much!! Wish she could be there every week with me ~ she makes me smile!!

Mandy and Nate said...

Man can Ivy come and teach Camden how to be nicer. He's been pretty crazy latley too. I think not being able to go outside and play all the time gets him going. Glad to hear you guys are doing good.

Lindsay Family said...

I love it when they grow out of those early "harder" stages. Ivy seems to be a lit better than the norm. I guess you just enjoy it while you've got it.

Shay said...

Ivy is so funny and so gosh darn cute! I love it when you post all the cute little things she says and does because you just wouldn't expect to hear some of them from a three year old! I'm so afraid of the terrible twos and what's to come, but I'm sure it makes you extremely proud when they turn around and do something better than you expected! So cute!