Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reality Bites!

Little Princess has spent this last week with her dad. He had time off of work and asked if he could spend his time off with her. Of course, how could I say NO? I've said this before, she loves her daddy and looks forward to her time with him. She was so excited. She asked if I'd miss her, of course I would! She then went through and asked if basically every person in our family would miss her....Yes!!
And you know what I have totally missed her. The days have been nice because I'm able to just enjoy my Little Man and get his birth announcements made. But you know each day there is a moment that I think about her and miss her. I really try hard to push those thoughts from my mind because I know that she's having fun. But when Saturday came around I could hardly wait to get her back. I called her dad to see what time (to make sure I'd be home) he'd be bringing her back to me, he had thought I said to keep her til Sunday. Once again we had a minor communication error. So I told him if he wanted to keep her til Sunday that would be fine (but secretly I was hoping he'd just bring her home) or if he wanted to bring her back after they were done in Salt Lake that would be just fine too. He called me when they were on their way home and said that he was just going to bring her home to me.
About an hour later there was a knock on the door. I looked out the window to make sure it was my Little Princess, and it was. Hooray! I really was so excited to see her and hold her. I opened the door to see her perched up on her daddy's shoulder all snuggled in. I assumed she was sleeping. But nope, she just didn't want to be at my house. She cried and said that she wanted to back to her daddy's. My heart broke. It had been since Tuesday that I'd seen her. She wouldn't hug me or even look at me. Her dad then asked if it was alright if he just take her one more day. I told Little Princess the only way she could go with him was if she'd give me a big fat hug, no a squeeze and a kiss. She hurried to give them then with a huge smile on her cute little face jumped right back up into her daddy's arms. I said goodbye, closed the door, then plopped my butt on the couch. I was crushed. I picked up Little Man and told him he had better stay a Mommy's boy forever. I can't handle both of my little kiddo's preferring their fathers over me. Tears made their way to my eyes...I couldn't fight it anymore, I let them stream down my cheeks.
I just will keep my fingers crossed that Daniel never fights me for custody. I would hate to have the choice be left to Little Princess. Of course she'd choose her Daddy, which is good that she loves him so much and that he takes such awesome care of her, but I wouldn't be able to handle it.
I'm now anxiously waiting for her to come back to me...and there the door is, she's home!


hadfam5 said...

Girl, that almost made me cry. Sorry for all that you have to deal with. I couldn't imagine having to deal with that. You are a strong person. She loves you so much, you can see it in her eyes.


Dawn said...

Hang in there. I'm sorry that you have to go through so much. You are a strong person though and I admire how you always try to be positive.

mom said...

ps I was thinking that is another good reason that Zaden came to you!He was just meant to be!

Starley Family said...

On a positive note I am grateful so many people love Ivy. What a blessing for her that you are keeping notes for those horrendous teenage years when she can't believe that anyone does. Unfortunately our kids can break our hearts sometimes but there is no doubt that Ivy adores you! Just ask Grandpa...