Thursday, January 29, 2009

More from Little Princesses Mouth

This girl cracks me up! She's such a sassy little thing.

"Ivy will you please put that in the garbage?!"
"Ivy will you please get ____ for the baby?!"
"Ivy will you please..."

After an hour (or well a lifetime for her) she turns in her most sweetest voice and responds, "Well, I'm not the mommy so I don't HAVE to do everything!"

I've tried to teach little princess manners. When she feels the need to interrupt I've asked her to say "Excuse me please". She usually remembers and does it very well. Well one day I must've just been ignoring her or something because I failed to acknowledge her, but I did hear her. The she yells out, "HELLO, Don't you have ears?"


Shay said...

Your header is so incredibly adorable! Did you make it yourself?

hadfam5 said...

that is cute, Jerica my 6 year old is always being asked to please help us with stuff, and she said a few months ago, Why do I always have to do everything, your the one who had kids not me. I about died, love the blog.

Melissa said...

lol, sweet little kids...........:)

Dawn said...

so cute! I love your header, it is so perfect for you.