Friday, March 20, 2009

Horsin' Around

My mom's neighbors are big into horses. They have the cutest girls who Little Princess just adores. She's been asking if she can ride their pony. Finally we decided that Thursday night would work for all of us. All day long Little Princess was asking when it would be time to ride the pony. We had to wait for the girls to get home from school and their mom to get home from work, which would be around 4:00. They day was too long for Little Princess. About 3:00 I decided that we could get her clothes changed and start getting her ready, you know I can only take so much of "how much longer mom". Little Princess was devastated when she realized that she didn't even have any cowgirl boots to wear. She's outgrown all hers. This could've been cause for a "Princess Break-Down" but I was able to prevent it by promising her that if she had fun tonight riding the pony that we could go get her another pair of cowgirl boots. Phew, it worked.

When we got out to Hodson's house, Little Princess all of a sudden got nervous. She didn't want to even look at Renegade, the pony. We thought that maybe if she watched the girls brush him and get him ready that she'd loosen up and get excited. It didn't work. We even tried to show her that Little Man could ride the pony and that there was nothing to be afraid worked until he started to scream. I'm so glad that Karen is patient and understanding because I was seriously ready to try to knock some sense into Little Princess. She'd been dying all day to ride the pony and now that the opportunity was here, she wouldn't even get near him. Karen suggested that the girls play on the tramp and swing set until Little Princess was ready.

Finally she made it up on the pony. Her face was a scowl the entire time, which made me feel bad because if she really didn't feel comfortable riding the pony maybe I shouldn't force her to stay on him. I offered to let her get off, but she quickly said no and wanted to go around a few more times.

Before we left, she did throw a small tantrum that she wanted to ride the pony some more, but we had to leave because I needed to feed Little Man and didn't figure us being out there so long and didn't pack him a bottle.

Little Princess can't wait to ride Renegade again.


Dawn said...

looks and sounds like you had a good time. Karen is patient, she's awesome! SO when you going boot shopping? :) I guess you'll need to right? Love you!

Mandy and Nate said...

Those pictures where so cute. I'm glad she finally got on the horse. What a fun time you guys had.