Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Sweet Music

I hear the Little Man stir on the monitor. I glance at the clock and it is that time. Time to feed him. I head upstairs, make the bottle and then another noise catches my attention as I head down the hallway. I stop and peek in Little Princess's room. She's laying on the top of her covers curled in a little ball. She is laughing. Laughing so hard. I step a little closer to the crack in her doorway. Her eyes are closed, but she really is having a good hearty laugh. I smile. Little Man is growing impatient so I hurry to get him before he awakes Little Princess. We sit in the rocking chair while he eats. The laughter still hasn't stopped. I sit there amazed, I'm so glad that she is having such pleasant dreams. I hate when she tells me about how scary her dreams were the night before. I usually have to try so hard to stay awake while feeding Little Man in the middle of the night, but not this time. I was just loving the sweet music of laughter coming from the room across the hall.


Dawn said...

How Cute is that! I've heard her laugh in her sleep and she doesn't hold back. Good Memory@

Lindsay Family said...

I can't believe that you didn't win the photography contest. I kept checking back on it because I figured that it was a no brainer. Yours, by far, was definitely the cutest.

Ben and Ash said...

That is so hilarious! What a little cutie. We don't really have sleep talkers or sleep laughers around here so that is so funny to me! I would have been totally cracking up. Hey what is your email and I can email you my lemon/crack cheesecake recipe. Or I can leave it in a comment if you want.