Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mickey and Minnie on Ice

A few weeks ago, Lover Boy and I had a date night. Little Princess asked us where we were going and I couldn't tell her that we were going to Crystal Hot Springs because she'd be so sad that she couldn't go with us, so I simply told her we were going on a date. She decided that she would like to have a date night. I misunderstood her because I assumed she meant with just me, but she quickly corrected me and said that she wanted it to be with Lover Boy and me.

I mentioned this to Lover Boy and so we agreed that we should have a special night out with her. We saw the commercial for Disney on Ice, so we got tickets for our date night with Little Princess. This was Mickey and Minnie's safari, so me being the enthusiast that I tend to be decided that it'd be so much fun to have Little Princess wear a Minnie outfit instead of one of her princess dresses. (Maybe I just needed a craft to do.) So I headed to Wal-Mart, spent less than $15.00 and bought all my supplies and the perfect yellow shoes to complete the look of Minnie Mouse. I must admit that I really do enjoy creating unique things. Sometimes they don't turn out quite how I'd imagined, but that's ok because no one will ever know what I actually was trying for. This costume was no exception. It is a little different than I'd hoped, but I still think it turned out cute.

We had so much fun....well those of us who didn't enjoy this date night so well, sure did a great job at faking enthusiasm. Lover Boy was an awesome sport who wore a smile all evening.

I'm really not a big fan of cotton candy, but when it cost so much I figured I'd give this candy "gold" a shot. Little Princess didn't like me stealing a huge chunk.

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Natalie said...

How cute! Her costume turned out really good. Thanks for Mya's.