Friday, April 2, 2010

Another B-Day

Have I mentioned I love birthdays? I didn't think so ;) Tonight was Dave's birthday! Adam arranged everything, dinner and then a night at Gracie's in Salt Lake. Adam likes to make birthdays special, just like I do, so it's no surprise there were plenty of balloons. Adam called me around 3 that day to see if I knew where to get some "certain" pans for him to make Dave a cake, Adam works til 4ish in West Valley, buy the pans, and then he would have to drive to South Weber to make the cake then drive back to SL for the party. He didn't have enough time and I knew it, so I offered to make the cake, seeing how I had a pan that would "cross our fingers" work.
Kimi (my little sis), my 2 kids, and I ran to the store to get the "decorations" for the cake and started baking. Luckily I made the cake, because I barely had time to get it finished (and I had to 2 extra hours). Kimi and I were quite impressed with ourselves and our cake making abilities.

And hey! don't judge, yes I had my little sister help, she even came up with some of the finishing touches. ;)
We had our car full driving down there. Dana, Amy, and my friend Ryan rode with us. Even though we were packed in there, we had a lot of fun just on the ride.
The bouncer at the door insisted that I go in with no cover charge, just for being such an incredible cake. HAHA, silly boys, but hey I wasn't complaining. The cake was a hit with our group too.
We had so much fun socializing, eating and dancing.
Joe had to buy shots of water for Dana and Ryan so they could have one shot for the night :) He also bought a prairie fart for Dave and his little brother John. I don't know what is in it, but it stinks just like a fart. SO DISGUSTING!!! They were champs though and able to take it, just the smell would've made me vomit.

Amy happened to be sitting in the chair where the balloons were tied so a man from the band came over with his harmonica and was playing for her. Of course none of us told him it wasn't really her birthday, but when he invited her up to the dance floor she grabbed Dave to go with her, and since it was only a day early for John's birthday he had to get up there too. There was another lady celebrating her birthday so she joined our friends and the entire place sang to them. After our musical disaster, they all danced.
At one point, it got a little dull, so what else is there to do then make your own fun. I love my girlfriends because we really can make so much fun for ourselves. We of course all had to go into the potty together, where we ended up taking a lot of pictures. We posed all over the place taking silly pics, our purpose was to make the battery on Adam's camera die...which we succeeded at. (this is the only pic I have from then...I guess I better start talking to mr adam and get the rest of them)

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