Tuesday, April 20, 2010

shoot for the moon

You know that saying shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars?

I know I claimed to be on a journey to becoming a domestic diva or something of the sort. And I tell you I honestly thought I could do it....How hard could it be right? Cook dinner, clean house, keep the weeds out of the garden/flower bed/lawn, sew my children's clothing, craft my little heart away, keep up on blogging, and say "yes dear, let me rub your tired feet after a long days work".

Well as you can see from the lack of posts...I gave up. MAN O MAN being a woman is tough work. LOL.

I shot for the moon, missed, missed the stars on my way down and I landed back on the couch. BOO!!! Well....I didn't let that get me down (all the way). I decided to start it up again, . Wahoo. I have cooked a dinner (with side dishes and all the trimmings) every night, I worked on a few fun crafts, started the sewing (read: looked at it and organized fabric into piles), pulled weeds and hand tilled part of the front lawn, forgot about blogging but I did start reading (which I haven't done in years) a really good and BIG book, instead of rubbing my "dears" feet I rub his back and after all that I'm exhausted and getting pudgy.

As I stood and checked myself out this morning, as I do every morning I noticed my clothes are fitting a bit more snug, and there's pouches of cushion were I don't really need it....I understand on the bum (if only I could gain some there and the chest), but c'mon who needs cushion on the belly? NOT I!! So after seeing the results of my cooking efforts, I think I might be ready to go back to eating ramen, spaghetti, and pb&j sandwiches. So much easier!!

I haven't gotten the crafting done fast enough, I wanted to have a boutique oh um last month. LOL, and now the holiday items are passed..might as well give up on that one.

The rest of my goals follow this same pattern...

It is SO completely overwhelming. How do all of you do it?!! Did God short me out on some "oomph" and motivation and skills that it takes to make it from day to day being domestic? Cuz for me I'd rather sit on the couch stalking all these blogs, having lunch with my girlfriends, shopping for some new shoes, and enjoying treatments at the spa. Sounds like I'd make the perfect millionaire huh?! I know right? I totally agree, I would. Wonder what went wrong there?


Perhaps that will be the positive thing of me going back to work. I won't feel so obligated to do all those wonderful chores that could make me feel like a domestic goddess. Until I talk to Cindee, the world's greatest working mom (no kidding either, she's awesome even if she wasn't a working mom, but that makes her job even harder). Works full time but is on top of it all; now that's just depressing. But I could look at it on the bright side: She is human and I know her, tabloids haven't created her perfect image. She's my moon.


amity said...

you are really doing a great job. we can only do our best, right? i just saw you on sunday and there is no way on earth you could be gaining weight. in fact, you are so tiny you could probably stand to gain a few pounds. don't let the "perfect looking" housewives get you down. you know they have a "secret" closet full of misc items and laundry. nobody really has it all together all of the time (except my sil who will really give you a complex if you are looking for one). good luck in the working world.

Melissa said...

How do all of you do it?!! WE DON'T!! LOL

I think if you are trying and getting at least ONE Thing on your list done, you are doing a great job!

They don't say being a mom is the hardest job for no reason! Staying home is hard because 1. you don't have a boss telling you what to do and you don't get paid like a normal job. Right there makes it SO hard to stay motivated. If I had a boss over my head saying "do this or you will be fired" I might be motivated to do just that much more at home. and 2nd...it really is MANY jobs rolled into one! People go to work to: be a maid...be a chef...watch kids...

Okay...you get the point! NO BODY DOES IT PERFECT! It's hard!!! And at the end of the day, your kids wont remember that you were "super house cleaner, chef and craft woman", they will remember you were "super mom"!!

:) just my 2 cents

Justin said...

Hey Trichelle, I love you!

AlexFam said...

That's a really nice post, especially after having a very rough week. You are a sweetheart, and a really great mother and wife!
Count me in at your boutique. I could use some new spring and summer d├ęcor. I can’t lower myself to buy just anything, because I only like your creations. They are the best!