Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ is Risen

I asked Little Princess why we celebrate Easter. Of course for a 4 year old her answer was right on....because that's when the Easter Bunny comes. I did laugh, but part of me was sad to realize that I sure haven't been doing my job at teaching my children the real meaning of these holidays that we celebrate. So, that is my new teach my children more about Christ and how his life has affected them and who HE is. I know He is my older brother, I know that He loves me unconditionally, that I am of worth and importance to Him. I am grateful to His life and the love he showed and the lessons he taught. I am most grateful for his atonement and his rising from the dead. I cannot even start to understand all that it signifies but, I do appreciate it as I know it was out of selflessness and for the rest of us. I will teach my children these things.

Little Princess woke up and couldn't believe her eyes, she came running down the stairs to tell us the Easter Bunny had stopped by. We all gathered in the living room to find what special treats he left for her. O-my-Goodness, Little Princess and Little Man sure got spoiled this year, must've been extra good or something. They got a cute little patio set for them, plus an extra chair for a special guest. Little Princess designated it right away for her friend Sotera. They also got gardening supplies (which I honestly don't know the first thing about gardening so we will all have to learn together) and then of course I had to put out their Easter outfits for them.

The kids were so cute playing at their new table. Little Man quickly realized he could put his feet up on it to rest. We had a very nice morning just lounging around. Daddy Joe went outside and spotted a few eggs, he rushed in to tell the kids that the Easter Bunny left them some eggs to hunt for.

Later in the afternoon we went to my parents for the big hunt there. It really is a fun hunt because every year it's done slightly different. This year the real eggs had symbols on them and signified a "winning"; however we didn't know about this before the hunt. The grandkids got an outfit with their eggs. Among the other prizes were: a new pair of shoes, a new dress, part of tuition paid for, a dinner out, a tank of gas, 4 packs of diapers, and I can't remember what else (see what happens when I delay blogging, I forget half of what happens). We all had so much fun. I love the holidays and spending them with family.

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