Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grandparent's Day/Week/Month!?

The plan: Each Monday we visit one of my grandparents (all of my grandparents are still alive as well as one great-grandma). This way we could see each of them once a month.

The purpose: My children can have memories with their great-grandparents. And the great-grandparents can have relationships with my children.

The follow through: Me being,, I didn't get started quite the first of January like I'd hoped, but we did get started.

Our first visit was to my great-gramma Bernice. I hadn't seen her in almost 2 years! I'm terrible I know, but hey I'm trying to be better. We went to visit Gramma Bernice on a Monday afternoon, and luckily she was home! Little Princess was greeted with hugs and snuggles galore, then cookies, crackers and popsicles. Yes, just the perfect greeting from a gramma! Gramma Bernice couldn't stop being amazed at how she'd grown! I think the last time she'd seen her was when little princess was maybe a year old. Then onto Little Man, "What a handsome little baby". It was so fun to sit in her beautiful house and reminisce about all our memories. I was so glad that we started our visits with Great-Gramma Bernice! I was so bad though, I meant to take my camera to capture this precious moments of my children with their great-great-gramma but I left it at home on the counter. Fortunately Gramma had her camera so she at least got some pictures of all of us together.

Then, me being me again, we missed a few weeks. Now I'll be completely honest, I'm nervous about visiting one of my gramma's. Don't know why for sure, I know that she'd be glad to have us over...but still I'm nervous about it, maybe it's because when I mentioned my plan to her she responded with "well, I'm pretty busy and might not be home" so I tried to arrange a time with her but the conversation was changed to something else and so...
My other gramma, who I just know without a doubt would be thrilled to have us come visit, spends her winters in Arizona. So we have to wait til she returns to visit her.
And then I'd thought that maybe grampa Mutt might think it was funny of us to come visit because we have Sunday dinner with him a few times a month anyways, so I was able to procrastinate in going to visit him. (I just enjoy being lazy lately...actually, I hate being lazy but sometimes it's just easier to stay home than get ready and go out).

Last week we spent every morning with Grampa Mutt. My little sister and brother were staying with him while my parents were out of town, and my little sister needed help doing her hair for school, so every morning we would take Lover Boy to work then go straight to Grampa Mutts to help get Kimi ready. Little Princess loved it. She would sit with Grampa in his big chair and watch cartoons, eat breakfast, and watch more cartoons. When the week was over, Little Princess so sad that we would no longer be going to Papa Mutts in the mornings. Then, I got on a kick that I really should be working out and Papa Mutt has an elliptical machine that I could use, so now this week we've started going over around 8:00 so I can workout for a few minutes on the death machine and she can watch "The Flying Nun" with papa Mutt. I must admit that it is quite a highlight in my day to watch her with him. They are such good friends! Even Little Man enjoys our time spent with Great Papa. Little Man just smiles and coos at him.
Little Princess likes to take her puzzle everywhere and show everyone just how good she is at it:)

Tonight we were just sitting in the living, Little Princess doing a puzzle, Lover Boy on the computer, and I was feeding Little Man his din din when Little Princess looked up and said "Mommy, can I please have a sleep over with great Papa tomorrow because it's Friday?" How sweet is that?! I know great papa would let her, but tomorrow starts her weekend with her daddy.

I hope that my children can have great relationships with their grandparents! I have with mine and I've noticed how fortunate I am to. It makes me sad that both of my children's Grandparents on their daddy's side live out of Utah. But in a week Little Man gets to spend an entire week with his Papa Joe and Gramma Cheryl. I'm glad that they will get to see him at this fun stage. He will also be meeting his Gramma Lauri for the first time, how exciting is that?! Then in a month or so Little Princess will likely be going to Mexico for a month to spend time with her Abuelos. Even if they don't get to see them all the time, I still hope that they will be close to them and have strong relationships with them.


Dawn said...

can I just say "I am so proud of you and your efforts." I wish I would have done better. The kids will have great memories, especially if you remember the camera. :)

Natalie Ropelato said...

What a great idea! It is good for kids to have relationships with their grandparents and great grandparents. I need to start visiting great grandparents more often, after all my kids are so lucky that they still have them around. All of my grandparents on my mom and dads side have passed away, so I am so grateful to have grandpa mutt and grandma donna and that my kids can know them. :)

AlexFam said...

Visits from family can really brighten Grandparents day! You are so kind to think about them.

Starley Family said...

You are making me so homesick! Well I am proud of you for making the efforts because I treasure my grandparent relationships. Don't make yourself guilty over a missed visit. I think I haven't seen Bernice since Clyde's funeral...and Grandma/Grandpa Ropelato since Sept. Lucky for the girls we did get to see both my parent's and Nate's at Christmas and will get to see mine again in a couple weeks, but still every morning for a week!!! You are so rich!