Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleep over, it's worth a shot

Some nights Little Princess has trouble going to sleep. She'll come downstairs about every 5 minutes for one more hug and kiss until I'm ready for bed and tell her no more hugs and kisses. The other night she was doing this, but she started to cry because she really just couldn't go to sleep. I suggested that she read a bedtime story to all her stuffed animals. Minutes later I could hear her little feet running across the hardwood floor above my head, then I heard "Mommy, can I have just one more hug and kiss?" She then informed me that reading to her animals didn't make her tired. So I suggested she sing to them til she falls asleep. 5 minutes later pitter-patter feet running above my head.
By this point I was just exhausted and ready for my head to rest on the pillow, close my eyes and be out! Trying to think of something that would surely work this time, without giving in and letting her watch TV or a movie (she doesn't EVER fall asleep, but stays awake all night watching movies), I came up with a brilliant idea, however I didn't realize just how brilliant it was at the time.
"Why don't you go get all your stuffed animals and take them and have a sleep over?"
~confused look on her face, with a hint of excitement.
"Go grab Pinky Bear, I'm a Child of God Bear, Care Bear Zebra, Pink Tigger, and all the other ones and take them in the living room and have a sleep over with them on the couch!"
Full of excitement she ran upstairs, I once again heard her feet above my head but could tell she was in the living room.
Morning came and the cutie was sleeping on the hardwood floor, NOPE not on the rug but right next to it. I looked at the 2 couches, one was empty and the other had all her animals on it. I woke Little Princess and asked her why on earth she would sleep on the awfully hard floor and not the soft couch. "Well Mommy, there just wasn't room with all my stuffed animals, so I had to sleep on the floor!" How cute?!

Ivy and her stuffed animals that she sleeps with each night

So here I sit in the same place Little Princess slept, on the hard hardwood at 5 minutes to 4 a.m....hmmm, Little Man should've woke up about 30 minutes ago for his feeding, o-well...I woke at 12:30 a.m. to feed my baby, about 1 a.m. I headed back downstairs to return to dreamland. But I couldn't. I wasn't even tired! O-my-heck I couldn't believe this, for about the last 3 1/2 years (since becoming a Mom) I haven't had a problem going to sleep. My eyes just have to catch a glimpse of the pillow and my mind is done thinking and ready for sleep. I always brag about never laying in bed with my thoughts racing or being tired but unable to drift off into sweet slumber. But now it's here. I'm going crazy! I've read blog after blog, got tons of ideas for projects that I want to start, checked all my emails, checked my online banking, searched no sleep taking over my eyes.
I'm going to go kidnap Little Princess's animals and see if they will work their sleeping magic on me. Perhaps if I lay them all around me on the couch it'll work just like with Little Princess....However, If there isn't room for all of us on the couch, it will NOT be me sleeping or laying on the hardwood floor, it will be the cotton filled bears, zebra, and bunnies!
{YAWN!} Maybe it will work, just the thought brought on a yawn.

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Marcistar said...

Trichelle you always have the best stories about your kids! I love it! That sleepover idea is genius!