Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday= Grandparents Day

Not only was today the day I decided to do Grandparents Day (Monday), but it was also my Gramma Ruthie's birthday. Little Princess and I were going to make Great Gramma Ruthie a birthday cake and meet my mom at her house, however our power kept flickering in and out and I figured I would hate to be in the middle of baking the cake and have the power go out. (Lover boy later reminded me that the oven in the basement is So instead we opted to hit Albertsons and buy a cake already made. Ivy picked out the Snickers cake, which was a delicious decision.

We went to Great Gramma's and had a lot of fun visiting with her and Great Grampa John. Little Princess did an entire puzzle by herself, and it was a "real" puzzle, you know the kind with 100 small pieces. She did really well and had fun learning that Great Gramma Ruthie loves to do puzzles too! Great Gramma said we'll have to go visit more often or even just schedule a play date for her and Little Princess.

Little Man was so good, he just ate his lunch and had tons of smiles for everyone.


Brittney said...

HOLY SMOKES!! PHOTOS! hahaha I love it when you have photos. These pics are so cute. I can't believe how big your little Princess is getting.

Dawn said...

it was a fun day. Course everyday I get to spend with you and the kids is a fun day for me. Sure do love you! :)

AlexFam said...

Ivy did an awesome job on that puzzle!

Fun photos of a Fun day.