Friday, July 24, 2009

Hannah Montana lives at our house

Yes, that's right, I have my very own darling little Hannah Montana living at my house. Either that or she's a darn good impersonator! The lyrics are original to the artist. The most recent one she asked me to write down as she sang it so she'd never forget it.

It's titled Best Friend, Believe in me

Ramo all the way
Ramo all the way
and I love you Mommy

Now I believe that
so I can believe my mom
So I love You
I'd like you to believe in me
Yaaaahhh, I love you both

A pat on the belly button
and I love you both
No more gagaga
No more mamama

Copyright 2009


Trichelle said...

oh my goodness, now you can all see the filthy play room we have. lol. and we had just cleaned it really well a few hours ago, but i guess it only takes seconds in our home to get disgusting again...should've photoshopped those pics. oh-well...welcome to my unedited life.

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Hahahahhaa! She is the cutest thing ever!! I love this stage our girls are in! I'm pretty sure there is a new song for everything we're doing!! I love her!! and I love that you wrote it down!! :)

logan said...

That is the cutest thing ever, I love it! Thanks for the SUPER nice compliment by the way!!! You have some adorable little one's too!

Lindsay Family said...

That really is so stinkin cute! What a great mom you are to write it all down.

Trisha said...

SO trichelle I didn't realize that I was logged in as LOGAN! sorry, hope it didn't freak you out!!!

Dawn said...

that is so cute! She is one talented cookie and the play room is fine! Hey there to play in right?