Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hell might as well have frozen over

I got a dog!!
Ahh...but she is cute right?

Meet my pitbull/boxer Molly!

Brief history on Trichelle: doesn't like animals,
not friendly to animals (does not mean I'm cruel to animals however),
scared of ALL animals; hence not an animal person in any way shape or form.
Until about the time I got pregnant with Little Man I was so baby hungry, but figured that wasn't going to happen (oh the irony) so I decided that for Little Princesses 3rd birthday she would get a dog. I suppose I just needed something more to care for, don't know what it really was but I was dead set on getting her a puppy. Then I found out I was pregnant and immediately withdrew any feelings for an animal.
We went to our friends Nate and Maggies for dinner Sunday night (July 5th) and they had this adorable little puppy. Turns out she had been found by their friend and when they went to return her to the owners they found many abused dogs in the back yard on chains starving to death practically, so they took Molly to the Vet to get checked out. Maggie then got a call and heard the story, the little animal lover that she is said she'd pick up the puppy and find her a home (they already have 2 dogs who are a handful). Well no one they knew wanted this puppy so they still had her a few weeks later. While they were telling the sad sad story about the shape she was in when they got her, my heart ached for this beautiful dog. I looked at Lover Boy, he looked at me and we asked each other permission to take this puppy home with us.
YIKES!!! Did I just offer to take this dog? Did I just ask Joe for a dog? Something must be going on here, because just the day earlier I'd considered getting Lover Boy a kitty...DON'T even get me started on cats. I will just say that I absolutely HATE cats, they terrify me!
I was so nervous that we were now dog owners. I don't know the first thing about caring for a puppy, kinda like laying in the hospital bed when the dr lays the little miracle of life across your chest and congratulates the new mommy.

Lover Boy informed me that she'd be sleeping in doors with us. GULP. uh...OK.
It worked out ok for about a week, when I woke up to a stench; the most awful stench ever. I glanced around the room with very heavy tired eyes and didn't see anything so I shook Lover Boy and told him Molly pooped!! He assured me that it wasn't her, because he'd just farted. UGH!!!! I tried to sleep but the stink was too much...finally tiredness won and I fell back to sleep. Morning came and Lover Boy discovered a most suprisingly treasure just outside our room. Molly had diarrhea!
I will admit, I was relieved to hear that it was the dog and not his stinky bum producing that smell.
Well after another accident, Lover Boy said that she was going to have to be an outdoor dog. PHEW, relief.
Little Princess has done amazingly well considering just how terrified she has been of dogs. Every time we leave the house she would ask if Molly could come "cuz I wuv her mommy". Somedays she forgets that she likes Molly and that there is nothing to be afraid of (you know after she's been at gramma's or her dad's house), but all in all she's really good with Molly.
Little Man just loves her too. He hasn't learned to be afraid of dogs yet and so hopefully this will help prevent that fear. -crossing fingers-

But seriously isn't she SO cute?!


amity said...

crazy girl what are you thinking? jk. pets are great. puppies are fun but they are like having another baby. just put joe on it. jared is in charge of all non-human living things at our house. good luck you are going to need it.

Shay Voorhees said...

Oh my, you are crazy. lol. j/k. Be sure to get him in puppy classes for training. ;) Idlewire on 12th has a good program and I hear PetsMart is ok. Fun times!

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Seriously so funny!! I thought I'd never see the day you had a dog!! She really is so cute. I too not being a dog lover tried having a dog twice. Neither time worked out as you already know. and now Me and Sotera are very allergic. So I now have the perfect excuse to never give in to Chad's desires of being a dog owner, ever again!! We now just have Lucy Bubbles our fish! Much easier to take care of, dispose of & the house doesn't stink!! (you know I have a sensitive nose to dog smell)!! Lucky for you, with the new improvement of having the dog kicked outside, i did not notice any lingering dog smell in your house!! So there is the positive!! hahaha you know I'm kidding, really am happy for you, if you love her!! :)

Mandy and Nate said...

Man you have your work cut out for ya!! Camden would love a dog. But same thing I'm not much of an animal lover and being allergic to all animals doesn't help either. Best of luck!! She sure looks cute though.