Friday, July 3, 2009

A lazy day at the pool

Thank goodness for friends with sisters who have community pools in their neighborhood...what would we do without them?! Seriously!
I'm not one who thoroughly enjoys the summer. I don't much care for temperatures over 85 degrees so summer in Utah isn't real enjoyable unless you are out on the lake or anywhere near water, so we are so grateful for our friend Emily inviting us to go swimming!
Emily, along with all my other friends, is so good to do activities that my kids would enjoy. I admire my friends for altering their schedules or activities so that I can join along with my kids and husband. Sometimes it is hard to be the only or one of the few mommies in a group of friends, but mine do really well to include us. THANKS GUYS.
Anyways we spent a few hours at the pool. Little Man absolutely loved it. He even took his first steps in the kiddie pool...holding onto my fingers of course. My children had so much fun, both cried when it was time to go. I got them blocked up pretty good, but of course forgot myself...I used to "forget" myself on purpose to get a tan, but now-a-days I avoid the sun and if I'm in the sun I block up with the strongest stuff around! Luckily it never hurt. But, I sure did look like a leper about a week later.

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