Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh what a Parade!! I really do love parades, and I did love this one too. We ended up at the Hooper parade this year and were in for a special treat.
First off there was the REDNECK, the guy who built his fence or whatever with cars and tractors and what not to make a point to his neighbors that he lives in the country and can do whatever he'd like on his property or somthing like that (he really is famous...afterall he was on Jay Leno for this); then they had the Dukes of Hazard car (of course not the real one) which scared Little Man right out of my arms when it revved the engine up; following those were many flatbed trailers with primary children or families on them; THEN there was a garbage truck, yes a real life garbage truck!!

Finally an actual float passed by us, a marching band (whom were all off step, didn't even look uniform at all), some cheerleaders and student government for the local jr. high and high schools, the Rodeo Royalty and other people on horses (LOL, I didn't even get a picture of the horses, just the pooper scoopers) a few cars with random people in them; and then last but not least A SCHOOL BUS
(and the best part of this, there was no one inside it, just one person waving a flag,
not even an american flag)!! What an amazing parade!! Really it was fun to be at and poke fun at the "floats" or whatever you'd like to call them.
Oh, yes and there was this cutest little girl, she went crazy over everything that passed in front of her, you so can't see it in the pictures but she was waving and squeeling and just getting so excited over everything, that was priceless to watch.

And then it was over...and off to Willard for a day of boating. Hoorah!

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